Episode 341- Suzie Cue

Last weekend I went to visit my friend Suzie Cue to talk about her new music she's working on. Suzie had been on the show once before with Robin Wheeler when they co-hosted their podcast Ridin' Wit St.Louis (RidinWithStlouis.com). This time we focused on her new EP she's finishing up, her side project Red Scare Blacklist, her birthday show, opening for Mu330 and more!


See Suzie Cue LIVE

First Thursday of every Month at Venice Cafe

Feb 2 at Venice 3 Bands 3 bucks

Feb 10 Full Band at The Way Out Club

On this episode you'll hear a single "Typewrite To Me" and a live acoustic version of "Going Down" both songs appearing on her upcoming So It Goes EP. Closing out the show you'll hear Red Scare Blacklist's "I Like Boys" available on RedScareBlacklist.Bandcamp.com.

Follow Suzie Cue on Facebook for more dates. Also follow Red Scare Blacklist on Facebook. Pick up some tunes at SuzieCueMusic.bandcamp.com.

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Epiosde 340- Only Sound

The night I caught up with new St.Louis rock band Only Sound to talk about their debut album, some upcoming gigs, early influences, songwriting and more.

One this episode you'll hear:

  • Derby Car
  • Bad Dog
  • Invisible Man
  • Janelle
  • Only Lights

Their album DERBY CAR is now available in physical copies at shows, Vintage Vinyl, Euclid Records & Music Record Shop. Online digitally at OnlySound.Bandcamp.com

See Only Sound LIVE

Jan 27 at The Firebird with Slushwave, Vya & Ramona Deflowered

Feb 25 at The Way Out Club with Rabble Rouser Thing Band & Irie Sound Company

Follow them on Facebook for more dates coming soon!

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Episode 339- Cara Louise Band

Last weekend I stopped in at Cara's home to hang out with 3/5 of the Cara Louise Band. Cara Louise (Vocals), Adam Donald (Guitar) & Scotti Iman (Drums). We talked about how things got started for Cara, songwriting, their new album & answer some questions from the fans.

On this episode you'll hear:

  • "South City Anthem" now available for purchase at CaraLouiseBand.Bandcamp.com
  • "Settle In" (Live acoustic)
  • "Past My Prime" (Live acoustic)
  • "Fires Out" (Live acoustic)

All appearing on the new album due out 2017.

See Cara Louise Band LIVE

1/18 at Old Rock House with JR Brown

1/27 at Stagger Inn with Old Capital & Nick Gusman

2/4 at EMAP Event at The Kranzberg

Follow them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram for more dates & info.

Pick up their EP on Bandcamp.com or stream it on Spotify to hold you over til the new album is finished.

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The other night I caught up with friend of the show, making his 2nd appearance on the show, St.Louis singer songwriter Joe Bizelli. We got to catch up a bit and talk about some of his plans for 2017. He played 4 songs live acoustic on the show including

  • When It Comes To You
  • That Dress
  • Abby Set The Bar Too High
  • Float Trip

You can see Joe Bizelli LIVE

1/14 at Bemo's with Courtland Zelle 8-11

1/15 at Gaslight Songwriters Night

1/25 at Focal Point for Songbird Cafe with Aprille Goodman, Hope Dunbar & Kenny Lee Hall  Tickets at Www.songbird-STL.com

Follow Joe on Facebook for more dates. Keep a look out for an album in 2017!

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Episode 337- Candy Coated Evil

The other night I stopped in at Coffee Cartel to hang out with Lexy & Syd Schlemer of Candy Coated Evil & Hess Van Schlemer Metalworks. I had a great time meeting them. We discussed their music, their business & more. These two are a lot of laughs.

Follow Candy Coated Evil & Hess Van Schlemer Metalworks on Facebook. HVSMetalworksart.com

Keep an eye out soon for a benefit for Syd to help raise some money & kick cancer's ass!

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The other day I stopped in to visit with Jack Grelle to talk about his new album GOT DRESSED UP TO BE LET DOWN, his involvement with Lavender Country and just catch up.

On this episode you'll hear a few songs from GOT DRESSED UP TO BE LET DOWN including

  • Got Dressed Up To Be Let Down
  • When To Run
  • Hilltop of Sand
  • Changes Never Made

All of these songs are available for purchase on Itunes, Amazon & JackGrelle.com. Vinyl copies available through Big Muddy Records.

Check out Lavender Country and keep an eye for shows in your town.

Follow Jack on Facebook & Instagram. All tour dates at JackGrelle.com



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Episode 335- That Rat Danny

Stopped by Atomic Cowboy the other day to talk with my friend Danny Blaies of Brother Lee & The Leather Jackals. We talk about him booking shows now at Atomic Cowboy as That Rat Productions, That Rat Fest, That Rat Mondays, and a talk about a bunch of our dirtbag friends.

Don't miss That Rat Fest on Jan 6th at The Ready Room! Live performances from

  • Bruiser Queen
  • Brother Lee & The Leather Jackals
  • The Old Souls Revival
  • Rover

This show is Death to 2016 so be sure to dress in best funeral clothes. $10 18+

Tickets available here!

On this episode you'll also hear a song from each band featured at That Rat Fest

Be sure to follow all 4 bands & That Rat Productions on Facebook for more info.


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Episode 334- FarFetched

Over the weekend I stopped by the FarFetched headquarters to talk with Damon Davis, Darian Wigfall, Charles Purnell & Mathias James of the FarFetched collective about their new album, release party and what all is in store for 2017.

On this episode you'll hear Supreme Sol's "Afrosam" & Mathias & The Pirates "Altered Beast" from the PROLOGUE VI which is available on Friday Jan 6.

We also mention several other friends of the FarFetched collective that'll appear on the PROLOGUE VI like

  • CaveofswordS
  • Centipede
  • 18andCounting
  • Scrub
  • Hands & Feet
  • & many more!

Check out the entire lineup at WeAreFarFetched.net

Join them Jan 6th 8pm at The Firebird in St.Louis, MO for the Release Party! Live performances from:

  • Rick Maun (Kansas City, MO)
  • Blank Generation
  • Mathias & The Pirates
  • CaveofswordS
  • 18andCounting
  • Abnormal/Centipede (Duo set)

Pre-Order the PROLOGUE VI on ITunes today! WeAreFarFetched.bandcamp.com



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Episode 333- The Grooveliner 2

This episode I went to meet up with The Grooveliner at their practice space in Toby's Basement to talk about their new album, release party, some stories behind the songs, recording at the MIDI Room and so much more!

This episode is a lot of laughs!

You'll get to hear "D'Nost" & "3LT" from their debut album Toby's Basement. Currently available for pre-order on ITunes. Physical copies available at the party!

See The Grooveliner LIVE

1/7 at The Ready Room with Southern Exposure & Jackson Howard

Don't forget to check out their TuneSpeak deal on their Facebook page for a chance at some free tickets!! Also be sure to set your DVR to watch the Grooveliner on Fox 2 Friday 1/6 at 9am.

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Episode 332- Joe Meyer

Earlier this week I met up with Joe Meyer in a Einstein Bagels in St.Louis, MO to talk about his work. We talk about his learning to drum, some of the groups he's played in, moving to Nashville, playing the Grand Ole Opry with Craig Campbell and more.

See Joe Meyer LIVE

12/30 in Nashville with Javier Mendoza

12/31 in Atlanta with Craig Campbell

On this episode you'll hear a few tracks that Joe has drummed on including

  • The Incurables "Gravedance"
  • Amy Petty "Skeleton Key"
  • Building Rome "Nightmare"

Also check out Craig Campbell's latest single "Outskirts of Heaven" on ITunes & Spotify. Call your local radio station and request it!

Listen to Rock Paper Podcast on ITunes, Stitcher, Google Play Music apps or ROCKPAPERPODCAST.com

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