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Episode 282- Conquer As They Come

Last weekend I took a trip out to Washington, MO to the Sand Bar to record with St.Louis rockers Conquer As They Come. These guys have quickly been making a name for themselves in the local scene. The hard work is paying off as they earned the opportunity to share the stage with Sevendust!!

In this episode we get into talking about their new single & the video for "Make Believe", we also talk about the origin of the group and how they band has evolved, and answer some questions from the fans.

See them LIVE

9/28 at Pop's with Sevendust, Crobot & Wilson

10/29 at The Firebird wiith Sky Burnt White, Apollo's Daughter, Discrepancies, OATM & New Lingo. Hosted by Shane Presley of Rock Paper Podcast. Come dressed up in your Halloween costumes.

Closing out the show you'll hear their new single "Make Believe" produced Matt Amelung at Encapsulated Studios. Be sure to check out their music video from the song, filmed by Juan Ibanez.

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Episode 281- Kenny Williamson

The other night I had the opportunity to sit and talk with one of my favorite concert photographers Kenny Williamson of RKNPHOTO. If you don't know the name, I guarantee you've see some of his work. He's been working the last 10 years as a photographer for LiveNation at the now Hollywood Casino Amphitheater.

Kenny had some great stories to how he landed that job, being a self taught photographer, and swap some favorite concert memories.

Find all things RKNPHOTO at You can even purchase a copy of some of your favorite images. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.


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Episode 280- Guerrilla Street Food

The other day I caught up with Joel Crespo & Brian Hardesty of Guerrilla Street Food. We recorded this episode inside of Civil Life Brewing so you'll hear quite a bit of background noise along with a killer soundtrack.

If you haven't made it out to Guerrilla Street Food yet, I would highly encourage you to take a trip over there and grab some lunch or dinner. They are open 6 days a week at their location on the corner of Arsenal & Grand in St.Louis, or catch the food truck coming to a neighborhood near you.

We talk about how they started in the food truck industry, choosing to serve Filipino food and what's next for Guerrilla Street Food.

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Episode 279- Waiting For Flynn

The other night I met up with St.Louis rockers Waiting For Flynn to talk about how they formed, when to expect new music, Flynn having his guitars stolen, and a bunch of other stuff. Just a great conversation with these four guys.

Come see them at Off Broadway with Melodime in St.Louis, MO on 9/15/16

On this episode you'll hear 2 tracks from their upcoming album "Anyway" & "Whats the Point"

Follow the group on Facebook to keep up with them.

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On this episode I caught up with owner of the Blues City Deli, Vinnie Valenza, to get to know him better, talk about opening the Deli, his love music, 12th anniversary celebration, and talk Melo's Pizza with special guest Joey Valenza.

If you haven't been out to Blues City Deli yet, put October 1st on your calendar! This will be the 12th anniversary of the Blues City Deli and they are celebrating with Streetfest. This will be a day you won't want to miss.

Live music from:

The Boudin Brothers

Elliot Sowell & Aaron Griffin

Mat Wilson & Felix Reyes with Little Rachel & Paul Linden

John McVey Band

Big Mike Aguirre and The Blu City All Stars with special guest Marquise Knox

Roland Johnson and his full band with Renee Smith


Keep up with Blues City Deli on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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Episode 277- Prairie Rehab

Stopped by to meet Prairie Rehab the other night to get to know them and talk about their new double album coming out. We talked about how the band formed, some of the sounds of this record, tell some of the stories behind the songs and a lot more.

You can pick up their new double album CONFORMATEUR/IDIOMATIC on Oct 22 at The Schlafly Tap Room for Prairie Rehab's Release Party with special guests Letter To Memphis.

On this episode you'll hear clips of

-Not That Strong

-Tropical Depression


-Point of View

Be sure to follow the band on Facebook to keep up with them, everything else is at

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Episode 276- OddsLane

The other night I sat down with Doug Byrkit & Zielie better known together as OddsLane. We had a lot of laughs talking about some of their history together, early band names, working with Mike Zito, their new record, new music video and even play some live acoustic.

On this episode you'll hear "This Is What It's Like" & "Bottom of The Sea" from their new record LAST NIGHT ON CHEROKEE. They played a live acoustic version of "Take It Slow."

Check out their video for "Take It Slow" on YouTube. Follow the band on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Everything else at

See them LIVE

9/8 at BB's Jazz, Blues & Soups St.Louis, MO

9/10 at Peel Brewing Company Edwardsville, IL

9/15 at AB Beergarden St.Louis, MO

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Episode 275- The Few 2

The other day I caught up with The Few for their return to the show. We had a great time talking about their new full length album Sleep Tight: When You Wake We'll Be Gone. Now available at

On this episode you'll hear "Agent A" & "The Sweetest Part is the End" from SLEEP TIGHT. We also talk about their upcoming East Coast tour, some of favorite comedy moments, music videos and so much more.

Be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Keep an eye out for details on their annual Christmas show closer to the holidays.

Listen on ITunes, Stitcher, Google Play Music apps or

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Episode 274- Daryl Hance

Last night Daryl Hance & Cameron Weeks were passing through on tour and asked them to stop by my house to talk about the new album, life on the road, starting a band with JJ Grey, and play some live acoustic.

Don't miss them 8/31 Wednesday at San Loo in St.Louis, MO. Full tour dates at

On this episode you'll hear:

"With The Tide"

"Here She Comes (live acoustic)"

"I Don't Know (live acoustic)"

"Vibrational Reprise"

The live acoustic tunes are currently unreleased but expected to appear on Daryl's next album. The studio tracks are from Daryl's latest release WILD BLUE IRIS available about everywhere including

Be sure to follow him on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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Epiose 273- Chad Daniels

A while back I was able to catch up with one of my favorite Comedians, Chad Daniels, at the St.Louis Funny Bone. I had a great time talking comedy, his family, the road and everything in between.

Follow Chad on Facebook & Twitter. Find out when Chad is coming to your town at



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