Rock Paper Podcast (Mini Episode) - Paul Stanley

With the surfacing of the great Paul Stanley Folgers commercial, we uncovered a lost Rock Paper Podcast mini episode that features an interview with KISS guitarist Paul Stanley. 


*DISCLAIMER* This is not actually Paul Stanley, our good friend Frankie Chubb was having some fun after an episode and we decided to do a mock interview. Enjoy, we love you Paul! 

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Episode 37 - Nick Vatterott

Comedian Nick Vatterott hung out this week on the Rock Paper Podcast as we discuss his album For Amusement Only, performing on both Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Conan and his podcast the Nick Vatterott Show. You can catch Nick Saturday December 28th at Shameless Grounds. 

You can follow Nick on Twitter @NickVatterott and you can pick up his new album For Amusement Only on iTunes

Finally, we would like to wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, and we look forward to 2015 and bringing you more great episodes of the Rock Paper Podcast with more amazing guests. Thank you for everyone who has made this inaugural year for the show an awesome one! We really do appreciate all of your support! 

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Episode 36 - David Butler

On this week's episode of Rock Paper Podcast, musician David Butler joins Chris and Shane to discuss his 2013 album Arrivals and Departures, his venture in to learning music production as well as how he has taught himself how to play a variety of instruments. You can pick up Arrivals and Departures on all digital music outlets including iTunes


Listen to this episode to find out how you can score yourself a free copy of Clockwork's new album Not Meant for the Dark


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On this episode of the Rock Paper Podcast, Chris and Shane discuss some of the shows they recently went to including the Story of the Year shows in Columbia and St. Louis. They compare their experience at the two shows, as well as Shane seeing The Urge and Garth Brooks and Chris taking his son to Yo Gabba Gabba and the Fresh Beat Band. 

Leave us a comment letting us know what some of your favorite concerts you have been to recently, and if you went to any of the Story of the Year shows, let us know what you thought. 

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Episode 34 - Clockwork Returns

Jordan, Logan and Logan from Clockwork return on this week's episode and discuss their new album Not Meant for the Dark which comes out December 13. We also discussed their cd release show that day at Duck Room, and them recently performing at over 30 different Starbucks in St. Louis in a single day. 

Follow Clockwork on Facebook and Twitter for all of their latest updates, videos and news!

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On this week's episode Jonathan and Evan of the band Made In Waves joined Shane and our guest host Emily Gillardi as they discuss why they changed the band's name and their album Self-Titled which can be purchased on iTunes and at CDBaby. Also make sure to check them out on December 19th at the Mission in Jefferson City, Missouri.

If you enjoy the show, then please subscribe to it on iTunes, follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook, and thank you again to Emily for helping us out this week while Chris was out of town. 


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Episode 32 - Zach Michael

Zach Michael joins us this week on the Rock Paper Podcast to discuss his record Chapter 2, the cystic fibrosis fundraiser night on December 19th at the Babylon in St. Louis, and his decision to leave St. Louis and move to Nashville to continue his music career. Zach also was nice enough to play a song off of his record Chapter 2, as well as a brand new song called "Go On."  You can follow Zach on Facebook and Twitter. 

To learn more about how you can donate to help the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, check out their website, and again see Zach on December 17th in St. Peter's at the Babylon for the fundraiser night.

From Chris and Shane, we want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

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Episode 31 - Hollow Point Heroes

On this episode of the Rock Paper Podcast, we talk to the guys of the band Hollow Point Heroes who have a show November 21st at Pop's to earn a spot to play at Pointfest. The guys also discuss their live show, Dumb and Dumber and how the band formed. They also played an acoustic song for us which you can catch at the end of the show. 

You can like Hollow Point Hereos on Facebook and follow them on Twitter, and make sure you get your tickets for the show on November 21st at Pop's. 

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Episode 30 - Fivefold

The guys of Fivefold joined us on this epic Episode 30 of the Rock Paper Podcast. On the episode the guys explain how the band formed, their experience recording in the studio and in some unique locations and how passionate they are as musicians. You can find the guys on Facebook and Twitter. 

You can also pick up their record and EP's on iTunes HERE. Stay tuned at the end of the podcast and hear their song Hold On off of their EP Hold On. 


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Episode 29 - Wil Hanke and Brandon Parham (Veteran's Day Special)

Wil and Brandon came on the show for our Veteran's Day show and we talk a little football including their heated Eagles and Cowboys rivalry, guys at the gym. We definitely want to thank them for their service for our country as well. 

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