On this week's episode of Rock Paper Podcast, comedian Sean O'Brien comes on to discuss his career in stand-up, his enjoyment of Coldplay and some other funny stories. He was a lot of fun to chat with, and brought a ton of energy. As the show reaches double-digits, we bring our longest episode yet. 

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On this mini episode of Rock Paper Podcast, musician Patricky Sweany sat down with Shane in Colubmia, Missouri and discussed his most recen talbum Close to the Floor as well as the take off of the song "Them Shoes" with Pandora radio. You can follow Patrick Sweany on Twitter to keep up with all of his music and tour dates. 

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On this week's episode we welcome Colby and Jeremy of the Paranormal Task Force. On the show we discuss how the team was formed, what they do on investigations and some of the most interesting moments they have had during an investigation. You can learn more about the Paranormal Task Force by visiting their website www.paranormaltaskforce.com. We would like to thank Alyson Barth Agency with Farmers Insurance for sponsoring this episode. Contact Alyson Barth to get a quick, easy and free quote for all types of insurances (Life, Auto, Homeowners, and Renters). If you enjoy the show, then please subscribe to the show on iTunes and Stitcher and make sure you follow and Like us on Facebook and Twitter.
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Shows this week: 7/21-7/26


1) Patrick Sweany Music at Off Broadway 
2) Gary Clark Jr at The Pageant with Nick Moss Band
3) Denver Wade Trent at Everything Wine and Cigars / The Barrel Bar

1) The Jeremiah Johnson Band at Moonshine Blues Bar
2) Lunar Levitation at Sunset Hills Pool Party 
3) Denver Wade Trent at Rendezvous Cafe & Wine Bar
4) Joe Marlotti Thursday- Sunday at Funny Bone Valley Park

1) Denver Wade Trent at 370 Park 
2) The Chris Casello Trio at Beale on Broadway

1) Unifyah w/ Tasi at Jefferson Barracks Amphitheater
2) Patrick Sweany at The Bridge w/ David Dearnley
3) Brian Curran at Focal Point Traditional Arts Center in Maplewood
4) Denver Wade Trent at The Barrel Bar 
5) Jeremiah Johnson band at The Beale on Broadway

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Comedian Bobby Jaycox stops by the Rock Paper Podcast this week as we discuss his comedy career, Story of the Year, and the surprise appearance of Jurassic Park dinosaurs to the podcast. 

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Some shows this week that I recommend:

Tonight Monday:
1) Matt Wynn Music at R.T. Weiler's
2) Bare Knuckle Comedy 5 year celebration at Duck Room at Blueberry Hill w/ Aaron BrooksKevin O'BrienKevin White and more! S5 21+
3) Joe Marlotti at Funny Bone St Louis Westpo rt 
1) Sean Patton at Foam S5

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Friday 7/11
1) Denver Wade Trent at Everything Wine and Cigars / The Barrel Bar
2) Steven Woolley at Cottleville Wine Seller
3) SOJA w/ Trevor Hall at The Pageant
4) Marquise Knox at The Beale on Broadway
5) Ryan Waked and Tom 'Papa' Ray at BBQ Blues Smoke House
6) The HillBenders at The Ready Room

7) Pixie and the Playthings at Maggie Malone's 


Saturday 7/12
1) Funky Butt Brass Band and more at Old Rock House
2) Danielle Bradbery from the Voice w/ Kellie Pickler at Lincoln County Fair
3) Craig Morgan at Franklin County Fair 
4) Ying Yang Twins at The Ready Room
5) The Hush List w/ Clockwork and Spacetrain at The Mad Magician
6) Nick Vatterott at Blueberry Hill (Elvis Room) 
7) Steven Woolley at Nick's Pub

8) Jeremiah Johnson Band at Trainwreck Saloon

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Episode 7 - Alex "Birdman" Bird

Alex Bird joins the guys on episode 7 as he discusses his wrestling fandom, 311, and movies. He also takes the widely popular "bitch test" from Facebook. Check Alex on on facebook at Facebook.com/bird16 for more information on his DJ business.

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Episode 6 - Jeff Nations

Episode 6 features the singer/guitarist for the band Various Hands, Jeff Nations. Jeff discusses his band's music writing process, his influences, and we close the podcast out with the first single from their EP Hypuluxo titled "Memphis Decisions". 

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After a busy July 5th of concerts, you should go check out Driving Wheel tonight at Dog Day. 



Driving Wheel    at Dog Day- Osage Beach

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