Episode 237- Mikey Manker

Last week Comedian Mikey Manker came back home to St.Louis from Chicago. I invited him to come on the show and hang out for a bit. We sat at the Backstreet Jazz & Blues bar connected to the St.Louis Funny Bone.

We talked about how Mikey started in comedy, moving to Chicago, Oasis, hockey and much more. Check out Mikey's 2 albums "Beg, Borrow & Steal" & "Voyageur" on ITunes, Amazon and StandUpRecords.com

Follow Mikey on Twitter & Facebook.

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Episode 236- Orphan Welles

The other night I sat down with Brandon Creath of Orphan Welles to talk about songwriting, becoming a producer, his start in music & influences, and jammed a few live acoustic.

On this episode you can hear his originals "Shattered Love" & "Classic Soma" live acoustic. Closing out the show you can hear the studio version of "Paint It Back." 

Follow Orphan Welles on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Check out OrphanWelles.Bandcamp.com to listen to some demos of new songs.

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Episode 235- Scott James

I sat with Scott James to talk comedy, his start, growing up in a small town, and some fun stories.

See Scott LIVE

6/25 at Bombshell Bar & Grill in St.Charles, MO

He's also a regular at the St.Louis Funny Bone in Westport Plaza.

Follow Scott on Twitter!


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Episode 234- Slow Down Scarlett

Last week I took a drive to O'Fallon, IL to visit with Slow Down Scarlett. I had a great time getting to know the band. We talked about some of their backgrounds in music, influences, how they get their sound and even play some live acoustic.

On this episode you'll hear a live acoustic version of "Wake Up and Smell The Coffee". Also, opening the show you'll hear "Dead Man Walking" and closing the show "Droppin Beats Not Bombs." All three songs can be found on their debut album THE GREATEST HITS. Available on SlowDownScarlett.com & ITunes.

Courtney & Andy are involved in a television show called Song Stage on PBS (Channel 9). Their episode airs TONIGHT 6/23 10pm in St.Louis, MO. Set your DVR!

You can also see the band LIVE this weekend

6/25 Acoustic at Peel Brewing Company in O'Fallon, IL

6/26 at Bethalto Fireworks at the St.Louis Regional Airport in Alton, IL

9/24 at The Chapel in St.Louis, MO

Find more information on their Facebook, Twitter & Instagram pages. Everything else at SlowDownScarlett.com



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Episode 233- Carson Mann

Last Sunday I stopped in at Music Record Shop for a live in-store performance from Carson Mann and brought along my microphone. We sat inside Music Record Shop and played a few acoustic, talked about his new Oak, Steel & Lightning EP and just get to know Carson a little better. Oh, and of course, what would an interview with Carson be without some talk of aliens, ya'll!

On this episode hear live acoustic versions of "Freeway" & "Make up Some Friends." Closing out the show you can hear "Lil Dab" from the new TINY ACORN EP from Oak, Steel & Lightning.

See Carson LIVE:

with The Scandaleros  6/15 at Broadway Oyster Bar

with Oak, Steel & Lightning 6/25 at Old Rock House with Dock Ellis Band, Woodshine and Alsop, Grossi & Halley.

with Oak, Steel & Lightning at Pickin on the Huzzah 9/9 & 9/10 with Splitlip Rayfield, Old Salt Union, Hillary Fitz, Clusterpluck, Leah Osborne and many more

Follow his bands on Facebook to keep up with more show announcements

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Episode 232- New Lingo

A bit ago I took a drive to Washington, MO to hang out at New Lingo's band practice. I invited along friend of the show Korey Smith of Apollo's Daughter to sit in on this one. We had a lot of laughs talking about New Lingo's new Best Friends EP, the success of "Violent Shakes", making music videos, answer questions from the fans and lots of filth sprinkled through out. 

See New Lingo LIVE

6/25 at Pop's for their Best Friend EP Release Party with Sky Burnt White, Isabella, My Legacy My Ghost & City of Parks.

8/27 at The Firebird with Ava, Wait, Last Nights Vice, and City Of Parks

Follow the band on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube. Check out their 3 music videos and keep an eye out for their brand new one.

Grab some older songs on Bandcamp.com or NewLingoSTL.com

Listen on ITunes, Stitcher, Google Play Music apps or ROCKPAPERPODCAST.com

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Episode 231- Richie Kihlken

Last Monday I stopped by Sasha's On Shaw to talk with Richie Kihlken. I had a great time getting to talk about his background, influences, songwriting, house shows and more. He played a few live acoustic tunes for the show including "Blue Love" & "Working on the Same Piece"

Pick up one of Richie's CDs at a live show.

See Richie every Monday at Sasha's On Show then

6/16 at KOAH Media Presents Live In The Living Room

6/25 at Benton Park's 150th Year celebration 1pm

Follow Richie & his band on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

Listen on ITunes, Stitcher, Google Play Apps or ROCKPAPERPODCAST.com

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Episosde 230- Roland Johnson

Last week I went by Blue Lotus studios in St.Louis, MO to talk with Roland Johnson and Paul Niehaus. I had an incredible time with these two talking about their new album IMAGINE THIS, how they started working together, some stories from the studio and when we can get a copy of the new record.

See Roland Johnson and his 8 piece band

6/23 at Blues City Deli 6-8p

6/24 at Beale on Broadway 8-10p

8/14 at Casa Loma Ballroom

Pick up a copy of IMAGINE THIS at these shows. On this episode you'll hear the first track "Can't Get Enough" opening the show and a special live acoustic version of my favorite track on the album "Someone To Love."

Follow Roland on Facebook for updates and shows.

Listen on ITunes, Stitcher, Google Play Music or ROCKPAPERPODCAST.com

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Episode 229- Calvin Tiger

Last week I went by Calvin Tiger's home to sit and talk with about Ursa Major, rapping & the art of rap, Barnfest, and a lot more!

Check out Calvin's band Ursa Major at UrsaMajor.bandcamp.com. They have a music video for "Bridges" filmed by Cavlin.

See them LIVE

6/12 - The Paramount, OKC, OK
6/13 - The Fur Shop, Tulsa, OK
6/14 - The Jackpot Music Hall, Lawrence, KS
6/15 - The Rats Nest, Mt. Olive, IL
6/16 - The House Cafe, DeKalb, IL
6/17 - Broke Haus, Minneapolis, MN
6/18 - The Barn, Rochester, IN

7/16 at Barnfest in Troy, MO

Follow the band on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

Thanks to Music Record Shop for sponsoring the show!

Listen to Rock Paper Podcast on ITunes, Stitcher, Google Play Music or ROCKPAPERPODCAST.com


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Episode 228- Jeremy Bohannon

Last week I stopped by to hang out with friends of the show The Random Ass Podcast aka The R.A.P for a crossover event. They had me on their show to promote all things Rock Paper Podcast, then afterwards we flipped the mic around and did another hour for Rock Paper Podcast.

Find all things Random Ass Podcast related at TheRapcast.com. Follow them on Facebook & Twitter. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE! Listen to myself on The RAP here!

Had a great time getting to know Jeremy and talking about his start in podcasting, his love of beer & comics, Kevin Smith and much more.

Listen to Rock Paper Podcast (& the RAP) on ITunes, Stitcher, Google Play Music apps on ROCKPAPERPODCAST.com

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