Adam Gaffney & Kendell Scott of Adam Gaffney & The Highway Saints join me for today's episode. We had a lot of fun hanging out talking about growing up in small town Illinois, Adam's time in the Navy, stories from the road, Opening for an Elvis tribute, songwriting & played some live acoustic.

On this episode you'll hear"

  • Nomad (Live acoustic)

Find more Adam Gaffney & The Highway Saints on Spotify & ITunes. New music on the way!!

Follow them on Facebook & Instagram.

See them LIVE

Every Tuesday at Livery Company with Hunter Peebles

Last Saturday of each month at Canton Inn

3/22 Heavy Anchor with Bobby Stevens & Andrew Ryan

3/23 Gaslight with Old Capital & Blackwater 64

4/25 Naked Vine

6/14-15 Beesonstock


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Rockers Man The Helm join me on today's episode to talk about some of the groups history, their debut HOLD STRONG EP, stories behind some of the songs, recording with Matt Amelung, Road To Pointfest and much more. 

On this episode you'll hear:

  • Six Feet Under
  • Crows
  • Change

Check out the HOLD STRONG EP wherever you get your digital music!

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See them LIVE

3/16 Road To Pointfest at Pop's with Disguise The Limit, Current Year, After Alberta & more


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The other night I was fortunate enough to hang out with my new friends and 2019 Blues Music Awards Best Emerging Artist Album Nominee, Amanda Fish and Glen James. I just recently saw Amanda Fish Band live for the first time with past guests of the show Jeremiah Johnson Band & Jackson Stokes at The Bootleg in St.Louis. It was unreal! That evening I learned that Amanda had moved to St.Louis area, so I reached out to get on the show.

We talked about her start in Kansas City, BBQ, her album FREE, played some live acoustic, recording, upcoming shows, tour and so much more.

On this episode you'll hear:

  • Free 
  • Going Down (Live Acoustic)
  • Blessed (Live Acoustic)

Find Amanda Fish music wherever you get digital music or

See her LIVE

2/15 BB's Lawnside Kansas City, MO

2/16 The Bottleneck Lawrence, KS

3/17 National Blues Museum St.Louis, MO

Full calendar at Follow her on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Subscribe to her YouTube channel.

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The other night I stopped in to visit Singer Songwriter Stephanie Stewart at her home. We talked about her new FAMILY TREE EP, some of her and her family's background in music, stories behind some of the song and play a new one live acoustic.  

On this episode you'll hear:

  • Little Man
  • Warrior
  • Caroline
  • Say You Will (Live)

See her LIVE

Every Saturday 12-2 at Fiddlehead Fern Cafe

2//23 at Alpha Brewing Co

Follow her on Facebook & Instagram for more information. Pick up FAMILY TREE wherever you download music!

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Last weekend I stopped in to visit my new friend Mother Stutter at her home. I had such a good time talking with her. We talked about her music, did some live jams from the living room, her upcoming music video & release party, pizza, mental health, tour & much more. 

On this episode you'll hear:

  • Love on Purpose
  • Sweeter Skin
  • I'm Not Clean Anymore (Live)

Follow Mother Stutter on Facebook & Instagram.

See her and her band LIVE

2/14 at The Monocle with Bounce House. Don't miss the premiere of her "Sweeter Skin" music video!

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The other day I stopped in to visit my longtime friends Franki Cambeletta & Jeremy King of Shift Films and their new adventure Graveyard Shift Podcast. We talk about their start of the podcast, some of the favorite ghost stories, some of their film work, upcoming Benton Park Film Festival and other speaking engagements.

Be sure to click subscribe today to their Graveyard Shift Podcast wherever you listen to podcasts! Follow them on Facebook & Instagram!

See them LIVE

Feb 27 Shift Speaks at Middendorf-Kredell Library in O'Fallon, MO

Mar 29-30 Benton Park Film Festival

April 11 Shift Speaks TBD

Visit for more information

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Justin Mills of Mills Custom Music Company joins me to discuss moving to St.Louis, starting his company, building amps, cabinets and more. We also talk about his work as a musician like in the band Bounce House.

Find more information or contact Justin for a custom order through Mills Custom Music Company on Facebook & Instagram.

Listen to Rock Paper Podcast on Spotify, Itunes, Stitcher, Google Play Music apps or click PLAY

Thanks to my wonderful friends at Naked Vine for their support of the show. Swing by and visit them for a glass of wine or whiskey and around for the show. Full listing of wines, whiskey & beers along with their music calendar at Follow them on Facebook Twitter & Instagram!

I am very excited to start 2019 with a brand new sponsor Joseph Meyer Club. Check out there awesome after shave! Mention RPPJMC20 during check out at for 20% off. Always FREE shipping!! For more information, follow them on Facebook.

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The other day I caught up with my friend Llmanny at her home. We got it in to talking about her start in music like singing in the church choir to growing as a Hip Hop artist. We also talk music videos, producing beats, upcoming shows and her passion in fitness. 

On this episode you'll hear:

  • Issa Bop
  • 11:17
  • Vibe On
  • VNF (Live) 

Find all Llmanny on Spotify, ITunes & YouTube. 

See her LIVE

2/2 at Fubar for FemFest

2/23 at The Bootleg at SLUM Awards

Follow her on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter for more dates

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Over the weekend I had the chance to meet and chat with Chan Muarice Evans of YOUPEOPL. We hung out before his shift at School of Rock in Ballwin, MO to discuss his new music with YOUPEOPL, some of his start in music, his work at School of Rock and much more. 

On this episode you'll hear 3 live songs:

  • Youpeopl
  • Seashine
  • Tiny Cloud

Pick up the YOUPEOPL EP today wherever you get your digital music!

You have an opportunity to hang out with YOUPEOPLE & Sorry, Scout this FRIDAY January 25th at Tick Tock Tavern and listen to their new EPs. Join the party 7-9! Hear some new music, grab a cold beverage and enjoy some Steve's Hot Dogs next door!

Find more information about School of Rock at

Follow YOUPEOPL on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.



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Chris Helmick returns to the show to discuss some of his work with Giant Steps of St.Louis: School For Austism, the upcoming benefit show he helped organize, his work in music therapy and his current musical project. 

On this episode you'll hear:

  • Cree Rider "Popppies & The Marigolds"
  • Al Holiday & The East Side Rhythm Band "Ain't No Got A Good Thing"
  • Bottoms Up Blues Gang "South Broadway Blues"
  • Chris Helmick "Atom Bomb" (Unreleased, Exclusive!)

Join at OFF BROADWAY in St.Louis on Jan 26th Saturday Night to help raise some money for Giant Steps of St.Louis and dance to the music of Al Holiday & The East Side Rhythm Band, Cree Rider, Bottoms Up Blues Gang & School of Rock House Band. $20 All Ages!


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