The other night I had the opportunity to sit with my friends Egan's Rats and talk about how their group formed, their new mixtape, upcoming shows, answer some questions from the fans & more. 

On this episode you'll hear:

  • Rat Hole
  • Stay Free
  • Snakes

See them LIVE

3/23 The HardHop & Soul Show at The Firebird with Frost Money, Big Lou, MVRQS, Thrush, Sliq MC, Dramatik & J-Rebel

4/20 Comedy from Jon Maddy, Nicholas Cuvar, Travis Corley & Holly Laws. Music from Egan's Rats, SmileyBoy, Travis Spade & DJ Dizzy at Sonny's Bar

6/1 Agitate The Airwaves Birthday Debauchery 2 at Fubar 

Follow them on Facebook for more dates!


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Last night I took a trip to Waterloo, IL to hang out with the guys of Scrambled at band practice. We get into talking about their new album, tour, upcoming shows, do some live jams and share some stories around these songs.

On this episode you'll hear 3 live songs from the living room:

  • Bad Habits
  • Don't Drink & Drive
  • Tait's Breakdown

See them LIVE

3/16 at Atomic Cowboy with The Kay Brothers

4/12 at Hairy Cow Brewing

4/13 at Mackie's Hideaway

4/14 at River's Edge Bar & Grill

4/19 at Rhone Rum Bar

5/17-19 at Back Alley Grass Festival

Find more Scrambled information on Facebook & Instagram!

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My new friend Typewriter Tim Jordan is a musician, massage therapist, healer, sculptor & more. The other day I caught up with Tim at his home, surrounded by his typewriters and his artwork, and talked about some of his adventures, new music & much more. 

On this episode you'll hear a clip of his new throat singing project Cave In The Mountain & a track from Length.

See Tim LIVE:

3/16 Length at Heavy Anchor

6/8 Length at Schlafly Tap Room with Eric Hall & Tory Z Starbuck

You can also pick up some of Tim's art:

4/27 Sunset Hills Makers Market

Follow Typewriter Tim on Facebook & Instagram for more information or

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I took a drive out to Washington, MO to meet up with The Volunteers. I had a great time meeting these guys and talking about their new album DALMATIAN, some of the group's history, stories behind some of the songs, answer questions from the fans and more. 

On this episode you'll hear:

  • Glasses
  • Frostbite
  • I Think A Lot

Pick up your copy today on or stream on Spotify. Physical copies available at Vintage Vinyl & River City Music. 

Follow The Volunteers on Facebook & Instagram.

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The other day I stopped in to visit Bounce House to discuss how the group formed, new album, recording with Ryan Wasoba, upcoming shows, tour and more!

On this episode you'll hear:

  • Teenager Issues
  • Underwater (snippet)

Follow Bounce House on Facebook & Instagram. 

See them LIVE

3/11 City Museum 

3/14 CBGB

3/31 Foam with Kill Vargas & Bucko Toby

4/12 Off Broadway with The Free Years, Jesus Christ Supercar & North By North

4/13 Vintage Vinyl for Record Store Day/Album Release Party

Download "Teenager Issues" TODAY at

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A bit ago I sat down with my Kenny Lee Hall to talk about his songwriting. We get into some of the stories behind the songs and play a few live acoustic. 

On this episode you'll hear:

  • Wrong Thing at The Right Time
  • Your Phone
  • Jesus, How's Your Mom?
  • Dawgz

Find more Kenny Lee Hall songs on or

See him LIVE

4/18 Joe's Cafe

4/25 The Abbey with Chris Griffith & Chris Lozano

5/4 Webster Groves Garden Cafe

6/8 Lake St.Louis Farmer's Market

Follow him on Facebook at Kenny Lee Hall Songs


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The other night I caught up with Patrick & Emilio of Nothing Still after their big Delmar Hall show with Stabbing Westward. They helped fill me in on some of the bands history, getting back together and starting to write new music. 

We talk about everything from Mississippi Nights, influences, recording with Jason McEntire & everything in between.

Follow Nothing Still on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Download their music wherever you get digital music! 

On this episode you'll hear:

  • Dance Floor Radio
  • Love Sick
  • Streets On Fire
  • Babydoll

Keep an eye out for more shows and new music coming soon!

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On Tuesday 2/12/19 I invited my friends Gabe Stroup, Ryan Cheney & Matt Hall out to Naked Vine for my monthly Singer Songwriter Storytelling Showcase. This is the live audio recorded that evening!

Be sure to support these guys. Follow Sky Burnt White, STEEPLES & Inner Outlines on social media, listen on Spotify, download on ITunes, wherever you're getting music.

Thanks again to everyone that came out to the show. Join us for the next one 3/12/19 with Jenny Roques, Brad Noe & Andrew Ryan at Naked Vine. $5 7pm

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Adam Gaffney & Kendell Scott of Adam Gaffney & The Highway Saints join me for today's episode. We had a lot of fun hanging out talking about growing up in small town Illinois, Adam's time in the Navy, stories from the road, Opening for an Elvis tribute, songwriting & played some live acoustic.

On this episode you'll hear"

  • Nomad (Live acoustic)

Find more Adam Gaffney & The Highway Saints on Spotify & ITunes. New music on the way!!

Follow them on Facebook & Instagram.

See them LIVE

Every Tuesday at Livery Company with Hunter Peebles

Last Saturday of each month at Canton Inn

3/22 Heavy Anchor with Bobby Stevens & Andrew Ryan

3/23 Gaslight with Old Capital & Blackwater 64

4/25 Naked Vine

6/14-15 Beesonstock


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Rockers Man The Helm join me on today's episode to talk about some of the groups history, their debut HOLD STRONG EP, stories behind some of the songs, recording with Matt Amelung, Road To Pointfest and much more. 

On this episode you'll hear:

  • Six Feet Under
  • Crows
  • Change

Check out the HOLD STRONG EP wherever you get your digital music!

Follow Man The Helm on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

See them LIVE

3/16 Road To Pointfest at Pop's with Disguise The Limit, Current Year, After Alberta & more


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