A bit ago I sat down with Bassist/Multi-instrumentalist Andrea Morse. We get into talking about her start in music in NYC playing CBGB's & sharing the stage with groups like The Shirts & The Ramones. We talk about her current projects like Forever Dreams, The Belles & Tony Hall and The Saints. Along with all the music, Andrea has also been working towards being a motivational speaker and has a great story to share. I had such a great time recording this one!

On this episode you'll hear

  • Forever Dreams "A New Direction Home"
  • The Belles "You're A Mystery"
  • The Belles "Temptation"

Pick up some music on ForeverDreams.net, every purchase will benefit Support Dogs charity. Find The Belles on CDBaby! All things Andrea Morse at AndreaMorse.net

Follow Forever Dreams, The Belles & Tony Hall and The Saints on Facebook for more dates!

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A bit ago I caught up with Thieves To Kings at band practice to talk about how they formed, their debut ASCENSION EP, recording, release party, upcoming shows, playing in a haunted house and even jammed some live acoustic!

Thieves To Kings is (Left to Right): Bob (Keys), Coty (Bass), John (Guitar), Keith (Drums), Cory (Guitar) & Mike (Vocals)

On this episode you'll hear

  • I Wonder
  • The Calling (live acoustic)
  • Unity


See Thieves To Kings LIVE

10/7 at Red Fish Blue Fish

10/14 at Pop's ASCENSION EP Release Party with Hollow Point Heroes, Silent Hollow, Robbing Jon, Seventh Sword & Project Ermira

10/16 at Fubar with Deathcrown

10/20 & 21 at Phobeius Haunted House

11/8 at The Firebird with Powermann 5000

Follow Thieves to Kings on Facebook for more dates! Be sure to check out ThievesToKings.com

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This week I caught up with One Way Traffic in studio at Encapsulated Studios recording their debut EP with Gabe Usery. We also talk about some of their big shows coming up, Elephant Revival, how this band formed, touring, bluegrass & jammed some live acoustic!

On this episode you'll hear

  • Fall Classic (Live acoustic)
  • Birds & Stars (Elephant Revival cover)

See One Way Traffic LIVE

10/5 at Marvin's House with Grass Fed Mule & Hillary Fitz

10/14 It's A String Thing at Old Rock House with Keller Williams, Infamous String Dusters, Leftover Salmon and Twiddle

11/5 Voodoo Mama Fest 2 at Broadway Oyster Bar with Heather Manley, Tonina Saputo, Cara Louise Band, Bottoms Up Blues Gang, Chrysta Lynn & The Fam Damily, River Kittens, Funky Butt Brass Band with Kari Liston & Hillary Fitz, Naked Rock Fight & Hillary Fitz Band

Find more information by following One Way Traffic & Leah Osborne Music on Facebook!

Keep an eye out for new music coming soon.

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Matt & Tim make their 3rd appearance on the show! Matt has been down in Nashville working hard writing and recording new music and recently returned home with a brand new EP. I caught up with him while he was in town to talk about the Flint Hill EP, recording with Dennis Dearing, stories behind the songs, writing with Ashley Taylor, new music, Nashville & even play some live acoustic!

On this episode you'll hear

  • American Gold
  • Dear Johnny Cash
  • Hey God
  • My Favorite Love Songs (Live Acoustic)

Follow Matt on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. MattWynnMusic.com

See Matt & Tim LIVE

Oct 14 at Forrest Park for Autism Speaks

Pick up the Flint Hill EP at any shows. It will be available online shortly. Keep an eye for a big announcement regarding that.

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The Potomac Accord join me for a new episode of Rock Paper Podcast to discuss their new album BEAMS, their release party, recording with Jason McEntire at Sawhorse Studios and stories behind some of the songs.

On this episode you'll get a sneak peek at 3 new songs

  • This Is War!
  • The Rendering
  • Reset

Head over to Bandcamp to purchase the album right now!

See them LIVE

10/15 at Vintage Vinyl

10/19 ALBUM RELEASE PARTY at St.Louis Central Library Downtown Auditorium FREE

10/27 at Schlafly Tap Room with LifeWithout & Estevan

Follow The Potomac Accord on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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The other night I caught up with Zack Logan Band while they were in town for a some shows. I had a great time catching up with the guys talking about new music, recording the new album, working with Neil Mason of The Cadillac Three and jam some live acoustic tunes.

Zack Logan Band is (Left to Right): Lance Brunk (Dobro/Guitar), Zack Logan (Vocals/Guitar) & Dan Emmett (Fiddle)

On this episode you'll hear:

  • Draw Me Nearer
  • Slow Saturday Night
  • Wrecking Machine

Keep an eye for Zack Logan's new album coming soon! Find more details at ZackLogan.net

Follow Zack on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!

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Oh yeah! Bruiser Queen returns! I caught up with Morgan & Jason of Bruiser Queen the other night at band practice to discuss their new album HEAVY HIGH that is due out soon. We talk about their Release Party, vinyl, recording the album, Crushed Out, tour life and so much more.

Head over to PledgeMusic.com/BruiserQueen to pre-order your copy of HEAVY HIGH today! You can also get Jason to wash your dishes, or Morgan to babysit or order a copy of the vinyl!

On this episode you'll hear

  • Here Lies My Heart
  • Have Fun (Live Acoustic)
  • Sugar High (Live Acoustic)
  • The Way I Love You

See Bruiser Queen on their HEAVY HIGH TOUR now all dates at BruiserQueen.com

See them in St.Louis

11/22 at Off Broadway for their Release Party with The Fuck Off & Dies, Hounds & Brian McClelland

Follow the band on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to keep up with them on tour! SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube channel for more of their music videos.

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The other day I stopped in at Steve's Hot Dogs on The Hill to meet up with some friends Gary Johnston Jr, Tom Williams & Brett Taylor. They are all helping in put on the 1st Annual IKANDU Acoustic Charity Show.

Left to Right: Gary Johnston Jr (OATM & Verba Stellae), Tom Williams (OATM) & Brett Taylor (Verba Stellae)

We talk about IKANDU and their services they've been providing for autistic children around Mascoutah, and all of the bands appearing such as...

  • Sky Burnt White
  • System Slave
  • Divide The Empire
  • Verba Stellae
  • OATM
  • Robby Kallery

On this episode you'll hear

  • System Slave "Road Less Traveled On"
  • Robby Kallery "Texas or Tennessee" (Lucero cover)
  • Divide The Empire "Carnival Ride"
  • Sky Burnt White "Parades"
  • OATM "Watching the Embers Fade (Live Acoustic)"
  • Verba Stellae "This Skin (Live Acoustic)"

See all of them LIVE

10/7 at Mascoutah Vistors Center

Buy your tickets TODAY! Tickets include drinks & appetizers.  Click HERE! 

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Today I took a little road trip to Columbia, MO to visit with my new friend Jenny Teator. She's in town from Nashville for a big show and was kind enough to take some time out to record this episode.

We had fun talking about her move to Nashville, some of what she's already learned there, songwriting & more. Jenny played some live acoustic as well as give us a sneak peek at a unreleased demo she's working on.

On this episode you'll hear

  • Infatuation (Acoustic) (Written by Jenny Teator & Sheridan Gates)
  • Hurts So Good (Demo)

See Jenny LIVE

9/28 at The Industry in Columbia, MO

Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & SUBSCRIBE to her YouTube for more dates, videos & information. Everything at JennyTeator.com


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The other night I went by to visit with Hitchcock & The Hitmen featuring Amy Armstrong. I had a great time meeting them, sharing some of their stories of how they formed & their live shows, choosing songs to cover, how they arrange some songs, working on originals and possible recording an album.

Hitchcock & The Hitmen are (Left to Right): Tom Conway, Amy Armstrong, Phil Russo & Matthew Hitchcock

We play some live acoustic songs for you. On this episode you'll hear:

  • Come Together (The Beatles)
  • Harvest Moon (Neil Young)
  • Mourning Bird's Lament (Original)
  • Royals (Lorde)

See Hitchcock & The Hitmen with Amy Armstrong at Chase Club Plaza 8-11 Friday 9/28. For more dates be sure to follow them on Facebook.

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