Episode 182- Ruth Acuff

A few months ago I went down to Off Broadway for a show with Letter To Memphis, The Good Deeds & Ruth Acuff. It was an incredible show from beginning to end. That was that first time I saw Ruth & Jeff play. I was blown away. I've been to many shows, but that was the first time there was someone playing a Harp on stage. Naturally, I was intrigued and after the show I mentioned the show to her and asked if we could record an episode together soon....here's that episode.

It was a real treat to not only get to hang out and talk with Ruth and Drew Lance, but they play also played three songs live for for the show. Hear live versions of "We Do", "Right Now" & "Cocoon". "Right Now" & "Cocoon" are available for purchase on her album This Is The Dream which is available for purchase at RuthAcuff.com or RuthAcuff.bandcamp.com.

We get into talking about how Ruth started on the Harp, some of the stories behind the songs, coming from a musical family and more. Listen on ITunes, Stitcher or Rockpaperpodcast.com

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