Episode 213- Chris Denman & Casey Reeves

Over the weekend I met up with Chris Denman of We Are Live. Onthe way over to meet him he tells me he has a surprise for me. WhenI arrive, I realize that the surprise was our mutual friend CaseyReeves. Chris & Casey go way back and had some fun stories oftheir adventures together. We also talked about each of their showscoming up this weekend. We also discuss requesting "Wagon Wheel"& million dollar ideas.

You can see Chris & his co-host Travis at The Ready Roomrecording a live show of We Are Live 5/7 Saturday night. Special guest (and friend of the show) Libbie Higgins will bethere. Grab tickets today!

Listen to We Are Live Monday-Friday at 7pm on CBS 920 AM, 105.7HD2, InsideSTL.com or WeAreLiveRadio.com. Follow the show onFacebook, Instagram & Twitter.

You can catch Casey Reeves at Element on Carrol Street inSt.Louis Saturday 5/7. Find more information about Element atElementSTL.com. Follow him on Facebook. Buy some of his music onITunes, CdBaby, Spotify, or at shows.

Closing out this episode you can hear "Drive All Day" from CaseyReeves.

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