Episode 214- Ramona Deflowered

I sat with Ramona Deflowered in Elaine's on Cherokee to get to know the band and talk about their upcoming release of their debut album. We also talked a lot about their band mascot Jenny Noarms, rehearsing at the Brewhouse, and so much more.

On this episode you'll hear "Polyamory" from their album I Hate Your Face. You can pick up the album at one of their two CD Release Parties:

June 11th at The Way Out Club with Dangerpussy & Suzie Cue

June 13th at Off Broadway Acorns To Oaks & Johnny Saint and The Princess of Hell

Find more dates and information on their Facebook page & RamonaDeflowered.com

Closing out the show, Ramona Deflowered did some acoustic jamming for the show, so stick around to hear that.

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