Episode 242- Daniel Johnanning

Last week I stopped by 4 Hands Brewery in St.Louis, MO to hang out with my friend Daniel Johanning. If you're playing along at home, this is Dan's 2nd appearance on the show. He sat in on the Brother Lee & the Leather Jackals episode back in December. I wanted to give him his on proper episode to talk about some of his solo music coming out, the Wilderness and everything else he's involved in.

On this episode you'll hear a live acoustic version of "Alright" and closing out the show "Airstream Dreams." Both songs available on Bandcamp.com

See Dan LIVE

7/8 at House Show with Carter Hulsey in St.Louis, MO

7/9 at The Demo with The Wilderness, Brother Leee & The Leather Jackals, Rover, Blackwater '64, Everything Went Black, Bastard and The Crows, DJ Mahf & more.

7/30 at The Bootleg (Atomic Cowboy) for Jackal Fest with The Wilderness, The Maness Brothers, Miss Molly Simms, The Free Years, The Langaleers, Search Parties, 4th Ciyt Rag, Old Souls Revival, Brother Lee & The Leather Jackals and more!

8/20 at South Broadway Athletic Club for 5th Annual Whiskey War Festival

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