Episode 263- John McVey

Stopped by Steve's Hot Dogs in Tower Grove a while ago to meet up with John McVey over some hot dogs. Turned out none other than Steve Ewing himself was putting on a show the room next door at Tick Tock Tavern. So you'll hear a bit of that show in the background of this show.

I had such a great time talking with John. He just recently moved to St.Louis and quickly made a name for himself in our music scene. He shares some amazing stories of playing with legends like Albert King, Johnnie Johnson and others. Talks about his life on the road, and getting started in music, to how things are now that he's 60 years old.

On this episode you'll hear "Thief" & "I Don't Stutter" from John's latest release MEET ME IN HOUSTON. Available on ITunes, Spotify, Amazon.com or JohnMcVeyBlues.com

See John and his band LIVE

Every Wednesday at Hammerstone's in Soulard

8/18 at Blues City Deli

9/3 at Big Muddy Blues Festival

10/1 at Blues City Deli's Streetfest

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