Episode 264- Pickin' on the Huzzah Festival

I met up with my friends Ryan Kemp (Oak Steel & Lightning), Jesse Irwin (Dock Ellis Band) & Wayne Imboden (Son of Illrepute) to talk all about the Pickin' on the Huzzah Festival coming up Spetember 9th & 10th.

This episode was recorded in the back of Ryan Kemp's van outside of Kicker's Corner on Steak Night.

Music from:

Split Lip Rayfield           Grass Fed Mule

Old Salt Union               Jimbo Darville and the Truckadours

The Hooten Hallers               Jesse Irwin

The Mighty Pines               Leah Osborne

Clusterpluck                      Hillary Fitz

Oak Steel & Lightning             Dead Soldiers

Falling Fences                       Woodshine

River Kittens                         Son of Illrepute

Tickets are only $60 for 2 day pass (includes camping) til 9/1

Get tickets at PICKINFESTIVAL.com TODAY!

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