Episode 314- Phillipalooza 11

Over the weekend I stopped by The Scandaleros band practice to talk with Phil Wright, Joe Capan, Carson Mann & special guest Jack Wright. We talk all about Phillipalooza, The Scandaleros, their other band Alligator Wine, how amazing our friends are and so much more.

On this episode you'll hear 3 live songs from The Scandaleros recorded at a live set at 2720 Cherokee. Keep an eye out for a full length album coming soon! Be sure to follow The Scandaleros & Alligator Wine on Facebook for more dates.

See them LIVE

The Scandaleros at Stagger Inn Nov 26

Alligator Wine at Venice Cafe Dec 2

The Scandaleros at Phillipalooza at Old Rock House Dec 3

The Scandaleros at Venice Cafe Dec 9

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