Episode 335- That Rat Danny

Stopped by Atomic Cowboy the other day to talk with my friend Danny Blaies of Brother Lee & The Leather Jackals. We talk about him booking shows now at Atomic Cowboy as That Rat Productions, That Rat Fest, That Rat Mondays, and a talk about a bunch of our dirtbag friends.

Don't miss That Rat Fest on Jan 6th at The Ready Room! Live performances from

  • Bruiser Queen
  • Brother Lee & The Leather Jackals
  • The Old Souls Revival
  • Rover

This show is Death to 2016 so be sure to dress in best funeral clothes. $10 18+

Tickets available here!

On this episode you'll also hear a song from each band featured at That Rat Fest

Be sure to follow all 4 bands & That Rat Productions on Facebook for more info.


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