Episode 355-Michael Bivens

A little while ago I caught up with Michael Bivens Guitarist/Producer/Audio Engineer and more. We talk about his work with his band Connibal Road, recording other bands like Forgetting January & The Vondrukes, working on a solo project called Macaroni Tree, touring with Lynyrd Skynyrd and ZZ Top,  his recording studio Redwood Studios and everything in between.


On this episode you'll hear a lot examples of Micheael's work

  • Connibal Road "Goodbye Mother"
  • Forgetting January "The Ballad of Paul Revere"
  • Korey Stewart "Glaze Roll"
  • Macaroini Tree "Butler's Alibi"
  • River City Sound "Waves"
  • The Vondrukes "Garrison's Trip (part 2)
  • Macaroni Tree "Falconhawk"

Follow Michael Bivens Audio Engineer on Facebook for more updates from the studio. Visit Redwoodstudios.net or MBivens.net to contact Michael about recording your next project.

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