Last weekend I stopped by to visit with my buddy Cuvi to talk about the upcoming benefit being held in his honor on July 29th at The Firebird. Special guests on this episode include Erin Shea (We Are United), Nick Maas (The Faded Truth), Andrew Wills, Joe Mayhaus & Trevor Lawerence (Forgetting January) and Jessi McKee (J McKee Photography). We talk about how this benefit came to be, sending Cuvi over to Germany to have his eyes repaired and what to expect Saturday Night!

Come by The Firebird on July 29th and see LIVE

  • Forgetting January
  • Cuvi
  • The Faded Truth
  • Austin Estrada
  • Co-Pilot
  • Facing Infamy

Get tickets from your favorite band or $5 at the door. All proceeds go to getting Cuvi to Germany to fix his sight.

On this episode you'll hear 2 songs

  • Cuvi "It'd Be Neat"
  • Forgetting Janurary "Scrapped Knees"

Follow all of these bands on Facebook!


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