The other night I stopped in at The Royale to talk with Michael Tomko about the yearly party he throws known as An Under Cover Weekend. We get into some of his favorite moments of the last 11 years of putting on this show. We also discuss what you can expect from the lineup AUCW has enstore for you this year!

August 24 The 80's

  • Theresa Payne as Chaka Khan
  • Tortuga as Dolly Parton with Kenny Rogers
  • Paige Alyssa as Janet Jackson
  • Too Deep as Madonna
  • Tenement Ruth as Stevie Nicks

August 25 The 90's

  • Fivefold as Third Eye Blind
  • Blank Generation as Outkast
  • Katarra and the Sofolkz as Lauryn Hill
  • Les Gruff and the Billy Goat as Counting Crows
  • Ramona Deflowered as The Offspring

August 26 The 2000's

  • The Daisy Ad w/ Insane Analog & River Kittens as Gorillaz
  • The Fade as Justin Timberlake
  • Aida Ade as Erykah Badu
  • School of Rock as Amy Winehouse
  • We Should Leave THis Tree as Death Cab For Cutie

3 Nights of amazing music from 15 bands, only at Delmar Hall! Grab tickets TODAY at

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