Gavin M returns to the show to talk about what he's been up to including a solo Gavin M EP and an EP with his band The Daisy Ad. Both of them being recorded at Gaslight in St.Louis, MO. We also get into some of the stories behind the songs, upcoming shows, some really great recent shows he's played as well as being a part of the 11th annual An Under Cover Weekend.

See The Daisy Ad LIVE as Gorillaz at AUCW at Delmar Hall on August 26th

Full weekend of incredible talent playing your favorite songs. Get tickets TODAY at

You can also catch The Daisy Ad at Old Rock House on August 30th with Miles Nielsen & The Rusted Hearts

On this episode you'll hear 3 exclusive new songs

  • Gavin M "Hope I Never Lose This"
  • The Daisy Ad "Jump Up & Shout"
  • The Daisy Ad "Existential"

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