Sean Canan returns to the show to talk about some of the big shows he's working on with Sean Canan's Voodoo Players, the new Bockman EP, Falling Fences upcoming record, and much more!

On this episode you'll hear a Bockman tune & Sean play 2 live acoustic songs

  • Bockman "The Hold"
  • "The Shape I'm In" (The Band)
  • "Good To Be King" (Tom Petty)


11/22 Voodoo Hendrix at Broadway Oyster Bar

11/24 Voodoo Last Waltz at The Blue Note (Columbia)

11/25 Voodoo Last Waltz at Delmar Hall

11/29 Voodoo Beatles at Broadway Oyster Bar

12/20 Voodoo Led Zeppelin at Broadway Oyster Bar

12/22 Voodoo Tom Petty at Delmar Hall

12/31 Voodoo Michael Jackson at Off Broadway NYE

1/13 The Mighty Pines & Falling Fences at Off Broadway

Every Sunday catch Falling Fences at McGurks!

Find more dates on the Voodoo Players Facebook page!!

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