Meet the guys of Outrun The Fall! These veterans of the St.Louis local rock scene (most of them from Hollow Point Heroes) recently debuted this brand new band, and then dropped a three song EP! 

We get into some of the stories of recording the debut EP with Matt Amelung at Encapsulated Studios, upcoming live shows, what is a wolf tiger and what to else to expect from Outrun The Fall. We also talk snack cakes as I brought along some Little Debbie's (Please sponsor my show Little Debbie!).

On this episode you'll hear a preview of their EP

  • Crazy
  • Wolf Tiger

Download the EP on or stream on Spotify!

Follow Outrun The Fall on Facebook for more dates!

See them LIVE

6/23 at Pop's for Mental Fixation Album Release Party with Outrun The Fall, Verba Stellae, Shots Fired & Disguise The Limit

7/21 at The Babylon for Rock University Festival

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