The other night I sat down with Mathias, DJ Mahf & Black Patrick of Earthworms! This was a real treat for me. I've been friends with Mathias & Mahf for a while, and both have been on this show. I wasn't sure if I'd ever have them on together talking Earthworms stories. We had a great time recording this episode. We get into a lot of the backstory, talk about their albums, Intellect MC & much more.

See them LIVE

4/12 Mathias, Black Patrick & DJ Mahf along with many others will be Intellect MC's memorial show at Way Out Club

4/26 Mathias & Black Patrick with DJ VThom at The Monocle for James Wavey/Capo Vinyl Release Party

Be sure to follow Earthworms on Facebook. Catch DJ Mahf scratching all over town or with his band My Posse In Effect- Tribute to the Beastie Boys Check out Mathias & The Pirates! Keep an eye out for Black Patrick solo album coming soon.


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