Ryan Torpea returns to the show! I caught up with Multi-instrumentalist and songwriter at his home to discuss some of the latest projects he's involved in like with L.S. Xprss, Animals in Hindsight and being a front man in Ryan Torpea & The Shakey Hands. We also get into his work with Al Holiday & The East Side Rhythm Band's new album ALL ST.LOUIS REVUE.

On this episode you'll hear:

  • Ryan Torpea "Write The Song"
  • Animals in Hindsight "2516"
  • L.S. Xprss "Swing And A Miss"

See Ryan LIVE

August 10 Al Holiday & the East Side Rhythm Band All St.Louis Revue at Grub N Groove

Follow all of the mentioned bands on Facebook for more dates!

Purchase a copy of Al Holiday & the East Side Rhythm Band All St.Louis Revue now at Gaslight.com or on Vinyl/CD at Gaslight or Al Holiday shows. Featuring songs from Emily Wallace, Neil C. Luke, Big Mike Aguirre, Brian Owens, Roland Johnson, Eugene Johnson, Tommy Halloran, Kenny DeShields & Nathan Jatcko.

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