The other night I stopped in at Blue Lotus studio in St.Louis, MO to visit with my buddy Paul Niehaus & Jeff Chapman aka Brother Jefferson. We dive into some of Jeff's background, early days, working with Paul, his album REFLECTIONS, International Blues Challenge, Brother Jeff & Big Rich Duo & even play a live acoustic tune for us!

On this episode you'll hear:

  • Hey Hey Pretty Mama from REFLECTIONS
  • The Mirror from Brother Jeff & Big Rich Duo
  • Watchin' The World Go By (Live Acoustic)

Find more Brother Jefferson at or wherever you get digital music!

See Him LIVE

1/24 at Off Broadway with Bob Kamoske & Jake Curtis Blues Band 

3/27 at Wildey Theater with Jeremiah Johnson Band

Follow along with Brother Jefferson & Brother Jeff & Big Rich Duo on Facebook for more info. 

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