Episode 90- J Boozer

Woo! This is a wild one! Episode 90 with J Boozer, self proclaimed "World's Drunkest Band" joins Rock Paper Pocast to discuss his grand return to St.Louis. J Boozer is not a one man band, he's a band with one man! This is the first time on the podcast that I did some drinking. Notice the picture I shared with this post, that bottle of Captain Morgan was almost full when J and myself set down to record this episode. We had some help finishing the bottle as a few fans stopped by and guest appearance by Anthony Sasser.

See J Boozer with Alient Ant Farm July 17 at the Firebird

Big THANKS to Walter at CD Warehouse for putting up with us and allowing us to record in his place. Go see him and pick up a copy of J Boozer's PISSING LIFE AWAY album. 

On this episode you'll hear "Heather" and "Smoke A Joint" from Pissing Life Away, and "When Saturday Night Turns Into Sunday Morning". 

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