A while back I went to see my buddy Ryan Cheney perform at Red Flag in St.Louis, MO. Opening that show was a singer songwriter named Patrick Baum. I was super impressed with his set. After the show, I introduced myself and invited him on to the show! I had a great time officially meeting Patrick learning a little more about his story of growing up, some early albums that shaped him as an artist, stories behind his songs and even play a couple live acoustic! We talk about a big show he has coming up and some of guys making up the band that evening with him. 


See Patrick Baum LIVE

5/8 at Red Flag with special guests Ryan Cheney, Adam Gaffney & Andrew Ryan. Tickets at RedFlagSTL.com

On this episode you'll hear:

  • "Damage (Live Acoustic)"
  • "All That You Need (Live Acoustic)"
  • End World "Breadcrumbing" 

Find more Patrick Baum music at http://www.patrickbaum.bandcamp.com

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