Episode 96- It's A Hard Rock Life

Really fun episode! I sat down with the star of It's A Hard Rock Life, Bryan Chappell & Paul Schaffrin of Divine Sorrow, Keith Dickerson of Pedaling To Stop Pushing, and filmmaker Ken Calcaterra. 

Closing out the episode you'll hear "Everything" from Divine Sorrow's TALES OF DESCENSION. 

See Divine Sorrow September 16 at Pop's with Ace Frehley of KISS

Check out the Pedaling To Stop Pushing & It's A Hard Rock Life Facebook pages for more information. 


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Episode 95- Joshua Powell

Last week Joshua Powell came through St.Louis on his solo tour. Before his set at Mangia Italiano that evening, I got to sit and discuss the Joshua Powell & The Great Train Robbery ALYOSHA with him. He also played 3 live acoustic songs for the show.

Joshua performed Gunfighter Ballad of the 21st Century & Birth Control which will appear on ALYOSHA available in Ocotber. He also performed Principles of Salt from their COMMONWEALTH EP.

Buy some Joshua Powell & The Great Train Robbery music and find all of his tour dates at JoshuaPowellMusic.com

Be sure to follow him on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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