Episode 110- Matt Amelung & Matt Benne

Episode 110 I catch up with my pals from Fivefold Matt Amelung & Matt Benne. Matt Amelung has been working in St.Louis music for a long time, from playing music to recording/producing/mixing/engineering records at Encapsulated. He's worked with everyone from Fivefold, Clockwork, Greek Fire, New Lingo, and Story of the Year to name a few. Matt Benne has been guitarist for Fivefold since the band formed in 2007. Matt Amelung joined the band in 2014. 

On this episode we crack open a few Pumpkin Beers and talk about how Fivefold rocked the Ink Spot Block Party again, biscuits and gravy, and new Fivefold music. 

Hear "Room To Breathe" and "Just Close Your Eyes" on this episode. 


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