Episode 156- My Legacy My Ghost

The other night I sat down with My Legacy My Ghost at Pop's Concert Venue in Sauget, IL.  They brought along some instruments and rocked a few acoustic tracks for the show. On this episode you'll hear live acoustic "Great Pariah" & "Invisible." Closing out the show hear the studio version of their new single "Cherry Blossoms," which is now available at MyLegacyMyGhost.bandcamp.com along with of the rest of their music.

We discussed how the band got started, writing music, inspirations, and their upcoming show. See them LIVE at Pop's Jan 15th for a Local Uplugged/Cover show where they'll be performing a set of some of your favorite Disney songs.

Follow the band on Facebook to keep up to date with them.

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Episode 155- Jackson Howard 2

On this episode I catch up with Jackson Howard to discuss the new record ABOUT LIFE coming out January 2nd at Off Broadway. We're joined on this episode by his band made up of Drew Lance, Marcus Leonard, and Patrick Latour.

We recorded this one at Marcus' studio The Midi Room where the album was recorded. For more information about the studio visit TMRstudio.com.

Listen as we talk about the album and the release party. Hear Jackson play two unreleased songs "Surround You" and "Run with You" and also "Tribute", which appears on ABOUT LIFE, live acoustic. Closing out the show hear the album version of "All The Way Down." It's a turner upper!

Come see Jackson Howard with special guests Hillary Fitz & Emily Wallace at Off Broadway January 2nd.


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Over the weekend I met up with comedian Andrew Topping at the Valley Park Funny Bone to get to talk about his start in comedy, his theater background, SNL & more. Being that it's Christmas Eve we decided to do something fun and Andrew did a reading of Twas The Night Before Christmas to close out the show.

See Andrew Dec 26th at Valley Park Funny Bone for their Best of STL show. You can also catch him there Dec 31st with Lisa Landry for their NYE Party!


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Episode 153- Kevin Gagnepain

Last night I went by The Pageant to talk to Kevin Gagnepain, bass player of El Monstero, Joe Dirt & The Dirty Boys, Whiskey Morning, Stir & Shooting With Annie. We talk about the origins on El Monstero and how's its evolved into their 17th year of the show, and touch on some of his other projects as well.

See Kevin with El Monstero Dec 25, 26 & 27 at the Pageant.

You can see him in his country band Whiskey Morning Dec 30 at Naked Vine in Chesterfield.

Then celebrate New Years Eve Dec 31 with Joe Dirt & The Dirty Boys (Classic Rock covers) and KSHE 95 at the Airport Hilton.

If you don't have a copy of GRAPESTAINS from Shooting With Annie or the STIR albums, you should grab a copy TODAY. They make great last minute gifts or stocking stuffers.



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Episode 152- City Of Parks

The other night I sat with City of Parks from Fenton, Mo to discuss their new album, how they formed and the crazy year they are having. You might have seen these guys at Pointfest or Ink Spot Block Party over the summer, now get to know to them a little better.

Pick up their album DON'T WORRY, I'LL BE FINE on ITunes, CdBaby, listen on Spotify, or pick one up a show. City of Parks will be at Pop's in Sauget, IL Feb 5 for the Road To Pointfest battle show. Tickets are $6.

On this episode you'll hear "Dare to Dream" & "False Hope" from their debut album.

Thanks to my pal Gabe Stroup for hanging out and helping co-host this episode. Check out his band Sky Burnt White. They have a big show in Sullivan, MO Jan 9 with System Slave, Soundtrapp and whole lot more. Check out his album on bandcamp.com.

Also big thanks to John Collier for taking some sweet pictures during the podcast.


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Episode 151- Kenny Kinds

Tuesday I went out to the Funny Bone Westport open mic to watch some of the best upcoming and coming talent in the city like my guest Kenny Kinds. After the mic, we sat at Backstreet Jazz & Blues Club and talked about some of Kenny's comedy, some of favorites in town, him sharing the stage with Hannibal Buress & Dave Chappelle, and getting into the holiday spirit we discuss Kenny's favorite Christmas movie.

Find Kenny on Twitter @SteelyKen

See him at his live story telling show Sorry Please Continue at FOAM Dec 23. Subscribe to the Sorry Please Continue podcast and check out some of their past episodes.

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Episode 150- Jorden Coco Murray

Took a trip over to the Sauget, IL to Pop's to visit with my friend Jorden Coco Murray for this episode. We discuss all things We Are United & local music.

LIKE We Are United on Facebook to keep up to date.

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Episode 149- The Few

On this episode, I get to know St.Louis rockers The Few. We talk about some of their influences, lightsabers, their music video, touring, and new music!

See them LIVE Friday Dec 18 at Fubar with The Winks, Inner Outlines and Little Falcon.

Find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or TheFewOfficial.com


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Episode 148- Driving Wheel 2

A while back I was up in Columbia, MO at Rose Music Hall (formerly Mojo's) to see Devon Allman & Driving Wheel. I recorded interviews with both. We talk a little about some of the amazing people Driving Wheel has shared the stage with, and talk about their show 12/19 at The Blue Note in Columbia, MO.

On this episode you'll also hear two tracks from their album "Sun's Gonna Rise" and "Righteous Man".

Follow Driving Wheel on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Also listen on ITunes, Stitcher & ROCKPAPERPODCAST.com

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Episode 147 with St.Louis folk band The Good Deeds. We sat in Drew's living room to record this episode. The band played 3 live songs for the show "Clementine", "Glass" and "Madhouse." If you like what you hear, come out to see them LIVE Jan 9 at The Demo with Typhoon Jackson & Marie and the Americans. You can also purchase songs from their Bandcamp.com site.


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Episode 146- Brother Lee & The Leather Jackals 2

Sunday night after their Boredom Leads to the Bottle EP listening party at Music Record Shop, I sat with the guys of Brother Lee & The Leather Jackals and The Wilderness to talk. We discussed the new EP and how the sound has changed from their last recordings, recording with Zagk Gibbons at Loud House Studios, and the Release Party this FRIDAY December 11.

Come out to Blueberry Hill in the Duck Room and see Brother Lee & the Leather Jackals with friends The Wilderness, River Kittens, The Maness Brothers, and Blackfoot Gypsies. Doors at 7 shows at 8. $10

If you miss them Friday, you'll have another to catch them like

12/17 The Night Owl (above Tree House) with Old Souls Revival

12/18 Layla take over

12/19 Pitchers with Monkh, Zagk Gibbons and more.

On this episode you'll also hear two new songs from the EP, the title track "Boredom Leads to the Bottle" and "Jesse".

Follow the band on Facebook & Instagram.

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Episode 145- Diamond Back Kings

The night I took a drive out to Washington, MO to talk with the guys of Diamond Back Kings. I first saw these guys play live at Pop's for a Road To Pointfest Show and they blew me away.

On this episode we talk about how band came together, some of their influences, Tencacious D, and upcoming shows. You can also hear some live songs we recorded like "Dear God", "Owen's Song" and "Shores"

Find Diamond Back Kings on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

See them LIVE Dec 5th at Pop's & Dec 20th at Cicero's.

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Episode 144- Phil Wright

Last Wednesday, the night before Thanksgiving, I went out to Halo Bar to sit with Phil Wright before his gig with The Scandaleros. So obviously recording this episode live in the Halo Bar on the biggest party night of the year there's some background noise, but I felt it was still listenable. Guest appearance from Carson Mann of towards the end of the episode.

We talked about his event Phillip-A-Looza, an ALS Benefit, coming up December 5th at Old Rock House. This is the 10th Anniversary of the event. This year Phil is bringing along a bunch of friends of the show like Funky Butt Brass Band, Falling Fences, Big Mike Aguire & the Blu City Allstars. Also appearing will be Jake's Leg, Mom's Kitchen, Vitamen A, Oak, Steel & Lightning, Grass Fed Mule, and Phil will be performing with his band Thunder Biscuit Orchestra. This is a stacked lineup and it benefits a great cause.

Find out more about the event on the Facebook page. Also LIKE Phil's bands Thunder Biscuit Orchestra & The Scandaleros.

Give tickets from Phil or MetroTix.com for December 5th!

On this episode you'll also hear 2 live tracks of Thunder Biscuit Orchestra from May 2015, an original song "City Girls" and a Galactic cover "Never Called You Crazy".


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Episode 143- Joe Murray

On this episode I sat with Joe Murray at his lovely apartment to discuss his comedy, some of our favorite comedians, his start in comedy, Thanksgiving and his upcoming show!

See Joe Murray at Blueberry Hill in the Duck Room 12/12/15 as Mound City Comedy presents: Andrew Frank, Joe Murray, Ryan Dalton, Sarah Bursich, and hosted by Tim Convy. Bring a jar of peanut butter to the show for STL Food bank, and enter a raffle to win tickets to Patton Oswalt or Amy Schumer.


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Episode 142- Isaiah James

Saturday night I went to the Firebird to see Lori's Puppets, Made In Waves, OATM, Formations and Isaiah James & The Chains. It was an incredible show! All the bands sounded great. It was an amazing evening packed full of local talent.

Isaiah James & The Chains came up from Nashville. I first met these guys when they went by Showbaby. I sat with Isaiah James in Snarf's sandwiches and discussed the name change, his adventures working for Little Big Town, when we can expect new music and more.

If you missed their Firebird show, you missed out, but you're in luck! They'll be back 12/12/15 to perform with Fivefold at The Ready Room for the Fivefold album release show. Also on that is New Lingo & Ashland.

Follow Isaiah James & The Chains on Facebook to keep up to date.

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Episode 141- Mark & Dan of Music Record Shop

This is episode is short and sweet. I went down to visit the Music Record Shop and talk with Mark & Dan about some of the events coming up at the shop including Record Store Day 11/27/15. If you're out Black Friday shopping, make sure to swing in Music Record Shop and pick up some new music.

11/27 18andCounting In-Store. DJ Set 10-4

11/28 Rock Paper Podcast Presents: Connor Low w/ Brian Owen and Hands & Feet

12/6 Brother Lee & The Leather Jackals Boredom Leads To The Bottle EP listening party

New Music Listening Party and new records every FRIDAY.

Follow Music Record Shop on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.


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Episode 140- Hobo Empire 2

Episode 140 I sat at Game Trader 2 in St.Charles, MO with the guys of Hobo Empire. They return to update everyone on a few things that they have going on. We discuss the loss of their drummer Harvey who passed away a while back. We also talk about the new album they have coming out Nov 25 at Red Fish Blue Fish. It's a live recorded album, recorded at what happened to be Harvey's last show.

We also introduce everyone to Hobo Empire's new drummer Andy and talk about all kinds of crazy stuff.

On this episode you'll also hear "Too Much Money" and "Meant For California" from their American Nomad EP.


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Episode 139- Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship

Last night I went to meet up with Corey Goodman & Christopher Eilers, better known together as Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship. We had a lot of laughs talking about being snubbed for Sexiest Man Alive yet again, the highly contagious Touch My Butt Fever, songwriting, Mummy balls and more.

See Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship LIVE

11/21/15 at Layla

12/18/15 at Schlafly Tap Room with Town Cars and Celia's Yuletide Express

1/9/16 at Heavy Anchor

Pick up some of their music on their Bandcamp Page, Itunes, or Spotify.

Follow the band on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. All things Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship including Shirts, Stickers and Comicbooks at SuperfunYeahYeahRocketship.com

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Episode 138- Libbie Higgins

The other night I sat with Libbie Higgins in a Denny's and talked about comedy, New Kids on The Block, Howard Stern and more. Check out some of Libbie's videos on her YouTube channel. Follow her on Twitter @TheNeckBrace

Listen on ITunes, Stitcher, YouTube, or ROCKPAPERPODCAST.com. Subscribe/Rate/Review on ITunes if you could. If you enjoy the show, tell a friend. Thanks for listening!

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Episode 137- OATM

Episode 137 with rockers OATM! I took a drive over to Illinois to meet up with Gary, Kory, Tom, Josh, and Jay.

We discussed some of our thoughts on the local scene, time traveling, Alice In Chains, and more!

See these guys LIVE NOV 21st at The Firebird with Lori's Puppets, Made In Waves, and Isiah James & the Chains. You can also catch them at Pop's DEC 5th with Conquer as They Come, Advocating Adam, Sky Burnt White, The Faded Truth & Midnight Hour.

Pick up a copy of their ...To Be Continued EP at shows, or ITunes, Amazon, Spotify and others. On this episode you'll hear "Why" and "Break Down" from that EP.


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Episode 136- Devon Allman

Last night I took a drive up to Columbia, MO to hang out with Devon Allman before his show at the Rose Music Hall with Driving Wheel. We had a nice chat about his Friday Night Blues series at Ameristar's Bottleneck Blues Bar, some of friends around STL music, early music, and new music!

Find all things Devon at DevonAllmanBand.com. See him LIVE 11/13/15 at Ameristar's Bottleneck Blues Bar in St.Charles, MO. Buy RAGGED & DIRTY and TURQUOISE on vinyl!

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Episode 135- Mark Bland

On this episode I talk with The Q Now's Mark Bland about podcasting, Howard Stern, and wrestling. It was a lot of fun to get to know Mark a little better. He also invited me to be a guest on his show The Q Now. After listening to this episode, you should give that episode a listen and hear the conversation continue.

You can find all of Mark's episodes on ITunes, and TheQNow.com. Also follow the show Facebook & Twitter pages.


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Episode 134- Discrepancies

The other night I ran out to Fenton, MO to meet up with the guys of Discrepancies. I had a blast talking with Daniel, Garrett, ATG, and Addison. The guys had some fun stories from tour this summer, coming together as a band, and NEW MUSIC!

See these guys at The Ready Room November 16 with POD and Hollow Point Heroes. Tickets are available here: TICKETS!

Pick up their Get Hype EP on Bandcamp.com, ITunes or shows! Hear two songs, "Breaking Rules" & "Repertoire," from the EP on this episode.

Follow them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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Episode 133- Inimical Drive

On this episode I took a drive to Fairview Heights, IL to Inimical Drive's band practice and hang out with Joel, Dan, Mark & Nick. We talked about their show coming up November 27th at the Demo with Monster Eats Manhattan, Apollo's Daughter, and City of Parks. We also discussed Halloween, the Ink Spot Block Party, being a band for 13 years and NEW MUSIC!

The guys played an unreleased song "Enemy" live acoustic. Stick around til the end of the show for "The Call" from their Signal The Sirens EP.

Pick up some music at InimicalDrive.Bandcamp.com, ITunes, or at the show Nov 27 at the Demo.

Follow the band on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to keep up to date and find out about new music.


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Episode 132- TOK

Joined by the guys of TOK on this episode. We sat at Suburban Pro Studios in St.Louis to record this radio gold for your ears. We talked about some of my favorite TOK songs, their favorite gig, Peeps music videos and more.

TOK is Bryan Basler, Spencer Markowski  and Matt Basler

Hear "Never Let You Go" and "Get It Right" on this episode.

Find all things TOK on Facebook & Twitter. Buy some music on TokandRoll.bandcamp.com.

See TOK live TONIGHT 10/28/15 at The Demo in St.Louis.

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Episode 131- Denver Wade Trent #2

A bit ago I sat with my good friend Denver Wade Trent to catch up and talk about what he's been up to. We talked about being Ninja Turtles, a wedding he played, Playboy, and he played 3 songs live.

Hear him play:

John Mayer "Something About Olivia"

Seether "The Gift"

Zac Maloy "Early Morning Phone Call"

See Denver Wade Trent this week:

10/28 at Everything Wine & Cigar Bar in O'fallon

10/29 at Mustang Sally's in Troy

10/30 at Quintessential in St.Charles

10/31 at Everything Wine & Cigar Bar



Direct download: DenverWadeTrentRPP.mp3
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Episode 130- Sean Canan

Episode 130 I sit with Sean Canan and talk about some of his various projects including The Schwag, Falling Fences, and Sean Canan's Voodoo Players.

You can see Sean almost every Wednesday night at Broadway Oyster Bar with Voodoo Players. This Wednesday 10/21 they'll be playing Van Morrison music. Sean is at McGurk's every Sunday (for the last 7 years) with Falling Fences. 

You can catch him with the Schwag:

Oct 30 at Spookstock 11 at Ozark Outdoor with Aaron Kamm and the One Drops, Clusterpluck and more

Nov 20 at Ballpark Village for the Dead & Co afterparty

Nov 26 at Uptown Theater in Kansas City, MO

Dec 26 at 2720 Cherokee in St.Louis

Head over to Falling-Fences.com and pick up the new record on CD or Double LP Vinyl.

See Falling Fences Oct 22 at The Bootleg with Edward David Anderson and Chicago Farmer.

On this episode you'll hear "Little Ceresi" and "Sittin By The Fire" from the Falling Fences album.



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Episode 129-Cavo

The other night I stopped by Cavo practice to hang out with Chris, Casey & Andy. Brought along good friend Gabe Stroup (of Sky Burnt White) to help co-host. We had a great time talking about Surge, Back To The Future and new music coming out!

See Cavo Oct 23rd Acoustic at the Pageant with Meg Myers, Yelawolf, and friend of the show Matt Wynn opening. It will be a great night of music for a great cause as this show is a benefit for the USO.

Keep an eye out for BRIDGES the new CAVO record coming in early 2016.

Closing out this episode you can hear "Blame" and "We All Fall Down" from their Bright Nights, Dark Days album.

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Episode 128- Justin Luke

Episode 128 I sat with comedian Justin Luke at his home, and talked about comedy, mental illness, Kanye West, and more. 

See Justin Luke live at The Firebird 10/16 with Geoff Tate. 

You can also see him at his monthly show, Picnic Time, at Art Bar. The next show will be Oct 23. FREE SHOW! 9:30pm doors/10pm show. This month's lineup:
- Sarah Bursich
- Stryker Spurlock
- Ben Johnson
- Matt Monroe
- Ian Douglas Terry
- Zach Reinert

Hosted by: Justin and Andrew Mihalevich

RSVP here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1707065629525521/

Follow Justin on Twitter & Instagram!



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Episode 127- Kenny Bahr

On this episode I met up with photographer Kenny Bahr in Kirkwood at Billy G's for lunch and we talked about our love of The Urge, El Monstero, & Greek Fire and a whole lot more.

Kenny had some very interesting stories about his experiences of shooting photos in Ferguson last year during the Michael Brown riots. He's also shoot some amazing concerts. If you'd like to see more of Kenny's photograph, head over to KFBphotography.com

See The Urge at The Pageant November 20 & 21.

See Greek Fire at The Pageant December 7.

See El Monstero at The Pageant December 18, 19, 23, 25, & 26.

Direct download: KennyBahrRPP.mp3
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Episode 126- Silent Hollow

The other night I stopped by Silent Hollow band practice to catch up with them and talk all things Silent Hollow. I had a great time getting to meet Zach, Drake, Rob, and Brent. We talked about their Connect Lost EP, talked about some of our favorite locals, and they even played live! Hear them play "The Fall" live acoustic on the show, pick up the studio version on their Connection Lost EP.

They are playing October 24th at Pop's with Nervous Pudding, OATM, System Slave, My Legacy My Ghost, Soundtrapp, Ky and The Yodees and more. $6. They've got a Party Bus for the night. If you're looking to party and a ride to Pop's, hit them up on Facebook and join the fun!

Pick up Connection Lost EP on SilentHollowMusic.Bandcamp.com

Follow the band on Facebook & Twitter.


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Episode 125- Nothing Set In Stone

On this episode I hang out with St.Charles, MO rockers Nothing Set In Stone. We introduce the world to their new lead singer Justin, talk about new tunes, Coldcock Whiskey, and their big weekend coming up.

See Nothing Set In Stone LIVE

Oct 10 at Pop's for We Are United Presents: Divide the Empire Album Release Party with Divine Sorrow, Pirate Signal and Midnight Reville

Oct 11 at Cicero's with Saul, As Each Second Fades, Nervous Pudding, and One Day

You can hear new songs, and download them at NothingSetInStone.bandcamp.com. 

Check out their 6 song ARISE EP available on Bandcamp, Itunes, Spotify and NothingSetInStone.com.


Direct download: NothingSetInStoneRPP.mp3
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Episode 124- Connor Low Returns

On this episode I get to hang out with 15 year old guitarist Connor Low for his 2nd appearance on Rock Paper Podcast. He's an incredible young man, a gifted guitar player and even better person. We talk about some of Connor experiences this summer touring with his School Of Rock All-Stars band, playing with some legends, and he even plays a few songs live on the show. 

You'll hear his finger style arrangements of "Goodbye Blue Sky" & "Wish You Were Here" from Pink Floyd, and he also does a Beatles medley.

You can find all things Connor Low at ConnorLowMusic.com. Follow his Facebook fan page, Connor Low Music, and he's also on Twitter. Go head over to YouTube and subscribe to his channel to see some of videos.

Closing the episode you'll hear "Could You Be Loved" a Bob Marley cover from Connor and School of Rock student Race Simmons. If you like it, you can purchase a copy of ITunes for 99 cents!

Direct download: ConnorLowRPP.mp3
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Episode 123- Monkh

The other day I was scrolling through my Facebook and stumbled upon a video of this guy playing guitar with some loop pedals named Monkh, and I was blown away! I was able to contact him and booked him on the show. 

I sat with him at Doorway studios. We talked about his HEADLINES EP, his work with Hero Inside foundation, musical influences, and new Monkh music!

Follow Monkh on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or find everything on Monkh.us 


Direct download: MonkhRPP.mp3
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Episode 122- Divide The Empire

Last week I stopped by Divide The Empire's practice to catch up with them and talk about the release of their new album Three Winters Vol 1. They're throwing a big party Oct 10, We Are United Presents: Divide The Empire with Special Guests Divine Sorrow, Pirate Signal, Midnight Reveille, and Nothing Set In Stone at Pop's.

The new record is great! You can hear a few songs right now at DivideTheEmpire.com. Closing out this episode you'll hear the single "Don't Know Anything." You can also hear an acoustic Rock Paper Podcast exclusive version of "Bridges" currently unreleased. 

Visit the guys on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Tell them what you think of the music and the show. Ask them for a ticket to the show Oct 10 while you're there to save some money.

Direct download: DivideTheEmpireRPP.mp3
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Episode 121- Karl Grable

The other night I met up with The Urge bassist, original member, Karl Grable. We sat at Llewellyn's Pub in Webster Groves and discussed the Urge Beer coming soon, 20th Anniversary of Receiving The Gift of Flavor, talked Apple vs. Android, Ketchup vs Mustard, and all sorts of stuff.

See The Urge at The Pageant November 20 & 21, 2 sets both nights. Join them as they turn The Pageant into Mississippi Nights for the evening.

Public House Brewing Company & the Urge's "The Gift of Flavor" beer will be available in October. Get yourself a bottle, and don't forget my pickle!

Follow the Urge on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. TheUrge.net. Pick up a copy of the LIVE Receiving The Gift of Flavor at the November shows. 


Direct download: KarlGrableRPP.mp3
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Episode 120- Matt Wynn & Tim Bauer Return

Matt Wynn & Tim Bauer return to tell me all about what they've been up to the last year. They play 3 live songs! On this episode you'll hear "Am I Wrong?", "She's My Muse" and "It Ain't About Time".

Check out more Matt Wynn music at MattWynnMusic.com. Buy and Listen to his other record there, to hold you over til the new one comes out later this year. LIKE him on Facebook at Matt Wynn Music to see when he's coming to your town.

See Matt & Tim LIVE

Oct 1 at Ameristar Casino's Bottleneck Blues Bar in St.Charles, MO w/ Drew Baldridge

Oct 10 at Walk On for Autism Speaks in Forrest Park 

Oct 11 at Looking For An Angel Benefit at Moose Lodge St.Charles, MO w/ Wrath of Khan, Patrick White, Stacey Collins Band and more.

Listen to Rock Paper Podcast on ITUNES, STITCHER, RockpaperPodcast.com and NOW YOUTUBE. Subscribe to keep up!


Direct download: MattWynnRPP.mp3
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Episode 119- Through The Scope

Today on the show is St.Louis Metal band Through The Scope. I had a whole lot of fun getting to sit and talk with these guys about their upcoming record, some influences, sharing the stage with Howard Jones, how Craigslist brought them together and quoted about 150 of our favorite movies. 

See Through The Scope at Pop's Oct 3rd with Discrepancies, Noesis & Post Primal for their Center Mass album release party! You can get tickets through the band or ThroughTheScopeband.com/shop. If you purchase online before Friday 9/25 you can get an instant download of the digital album.

Follow the band on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. ThroughTheScopeBand.com for more details.

Direct download: ThroughTheScopeRPP.mp3
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Episode 118- Hands and Feet

The other night I took a drive to South City to hang out with Stephen Favazza of Hands And Feet and Caitlin Funston that does all the visuals for the Hands And Feet shows. 

We had a great time talking about the 1 year Anniversary of his album Sour Times, vinyl, our friends CaveofswordS, and new music! 

I got to meet Caitlin, and she set up her computer and showed me a little of the video projection that she does during a Hands And Feet show, and explains some of the creation process of putting it together. 

You can see them live September 25 at The Luminary for Far Fetched presents Brave New World with Hands and Feet, Mathias & The Pirates, Super Hero Killer, Blank Generation, Loren D, and whole lot more.

You can also catch Hands and Feet live at The Demo with CaveofswordS on Oct 30.

Hands and Feet performed 2 songs live on the show. 

Buy some music at HandsandFeet.bandcamp.com or support your local record stores like Music Record Shop, Euclid Records, and Vintage Vinyl. Follow Hands and Feet on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram.

Listen to the show on ITunes, Stitcher or Rockpaperpodcast.com. 

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Episode 117- Chris Cyr

Sat with comedian Chris Cyr outside of Westport Plaza's Drunken Fish for an hour discussing comedy, his start, his first joke, Kevin Smith, and conventions. 

You can see Chris at his monthly show at The Crack Fox called Impolite Company. Follow the Facebook page. The next show is Oct 16 with Jon Venegoni, Tim Convy, JC Sibala, Christian Lawerence, Aaron Sawyer & Stryker Spurlock. RSVP Here!

You can also catch his weekly show Wild Card Wednesdays at The Crow's Nest, an open mic that he co-hosts with JC Sibala. Like the Facebook page to keep up with them.


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Episode 116- Charlie Brumley & Jon Venegoni of The Educated Guess

On this episode I get to hang out with Charlie Brumley & Jon Venegoni of The Educated Guess. We had an absolute blast sitting around drinking a few Busch beers and talking about The Educated Guess, old music, Jack N The Box, 90's Nickelodeon shows and new music. 

Closing out the episode you can hear "Get You Girl" from their self titled ablum that came out in April '15. Buy a copy today at TheEducated.com/releases. Follow the band on Facebook & Twitter.

We also talked about Jon's Thursday Night Open Mic show that he hosts every Thursday Fitz's in the Loop. This Thursday (Today) is the 4th Anniversary of the show, making it one of the longest running independant open mics. Follow them on Twitter & Facebook.

Listen on Itunes, Stitcher or Rockpaperpodcast.com. Share with a friend. Take a moment to Rate/Review/Subscribe on ITunes. Follow the show on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram. Thanks for listening!

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Episode 115- Hannah Aldridge

Over the weekend I was able to catch up with singer songwriter Hannah Aldridge. We talked about some of her expirences with living in Nashville, touring, and new album! On this episode you'll hear her play "Razor Wire" from the album of the same name, and she plays a new song "Aftermath" from her upcoming album expected out early next year.

Follow Hannah on Faceboook, Twitter & Instagram. Hannah-Aldridge.com for dates and more info.


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Episode 114- Pat Gibson, Korey Smith & Gabe Stroup

If you were thinking I wonder how Shane spent his Labor Day weekend? We'll you're in luck! I recorded this new episode over the holiday weekend in Troy, MO.

Shortly after the Ink Spot Block Party, I made a post inviting Pat Gibson of Copperview on the show. That in turn led to Gabe Stroup of Sky Burnt White wanting to join us. Then Korey Smith of Apollo's Daughter. So we set it up! 

Pat hosted this crazy idea that we dubbed "Shitshow 2015." We did some Barbecuing and cracked open a few cold beers. Those beers led into a bottle of Jim Beam Apple which helped us live up to the show title. 

On this episode you'll hear some new music from all 3 guys bands.




This episode we also created a brand new show theme song, let me know what you think of it!

Direct download: PatGabeKoreyRPP.mp3
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Episode 113- Shaun Arredando

Last week I sat down with comic Shaun Arredondo at Rendezvous Cafe in O'Fallon, MO to discuss Shaun's comedy career, O'Fallon Out Loud, and some of our favorite comedians. 

Check out Shaun's O'Fallon Out Loud at Rendezvous Cafe 9/11 & 9/12 with Charlie Winfrey, Tim Convy, Ryan Dalton, and Jeremy Hellwig. Shows at 8:30pm. Follow the page on Facebook to keep up to date with all the great shows coming up.

Next month, Oct 17 Andrew Frank, Sean O'Brien, and Kenny Kinds. 

If you aren't familiar with these names, You can hear Charlie, Ryan, Tim, Andrew, Sean, and Kenny on the show. Go listen and then come see them live!


Direct download: ShaunArredandoRPP.mp3
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Episode 112- Unifyah

Friday night I ran down to The Bootleg at Atomic Cowboy to see Aaron Kamm and The One Drops perform outside on the patio, and then Unifyah was jamming inside for the after party. I was able to record with Unifyah for a few minutes before they took the stage to rock the place. We talked about their Battle At Busch Finals coming up Sept 22. See the band for some discounted tickets! We also discussed their new record Heavyasstone now available everywhere. 

On this episode you can hear "Stay Away" & "Out Of This World" from the new record. Get a copy today!

Follow the band on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Direct download: UnifyahRPP.mp3
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Episode 111- Bobby Jaycox

The other night I sat in a Taco Bell (second podcast in a Taco Bell if you're keeping track at home) with Bobby Jaycox to catch up with my buddy. Bobby has been crushing it lately in comedy. He's performing all over the place, he's writing and performing on STL Up Late, as well as at the Improv Shop in town. He's even has his own short film Dad Kiss featured in the Sham Film Festival coming up. 

Please check out STL Up Late if you haven't done so, it's a great show creating loads of great content. They're looking to try and take their show to television and you can help by getting involved at STLUpLate.com or their Kickstarter page.

Follow Bobby Jaycox on Twitter & Instagram @bobbyjaycox

Direct download: BobbyJaycox2RPP.mp3
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Episode 110- Matt Amelung & Matt Benne

Episode 110 I catch up with my pals from Fivefold Matt Amelung & Matt Benne. Matt Amelung has been working in St.Louis music for a long time, from playing music to recording/producing/mixing/engineering records at Encapsulated. He's worked with everyone from Fivefold, Clockwork, Greek Fire, New Lingo, and Story of the Year to name a few. Matt Benne has been guitarist for Fivefold since the band formed in 2007. Matt Amelung joined the band in 2014. 

On this episode we crack open a few Pumpkin Beers and talk about how Fivefold rocked the Ink Spot Block Party again, biscuits and gravy, and new Fivefold music. 

Hear "Room To Breathe" and "Just Close Your Eyes" on this episode. 


Direct download: MattBenneMattAmelungRPP.mp3
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Episode 109- Les Gruff and The Billy Goat

Went downtown and met up with Les Gruff & The Billy Goat at practice. I had a absolute blast hanging out with Billy, Tony, Scotti, Dylan and Sean. This episode you'll hear them play "Nashville" live acoustic, and from the album "No Trail Home" opening the show and "Shiny Chevy" closing the show. 

We had a great time talking about Casey's pizza, some of our favorite St.louis musicians, how the band came together, and their release party. 

See Les Gruff & The Billy Goat Sept 26 for their Self Titled Album Release Show at Off Broadway with special guests Cara Louise Band, Marie and The Americans, and Ayesirowl and hosted by Andrew Frank. $10. 

Before that, you can catch them at the Cree Fest Sept 6 at Off Broadway in St.Louis. 

Check out some of their Loft Sessions videos on YouTube. 

Follow the band on Facebook & Twitter. 

Direct download: lesgruffRPP.mp3
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Episode 108- Midnight Hour

This week I went for a little roadtrip down to Cuba, MO to hang out with the guys of Midnight Hour. We discussed their new music, Shania Twain, and their show coming up with Mushroomhead & Hed PE. See Midnight Hour LIVE at Pop's with Mushroomhead, Hed PE, Fear Don't Scare, Unsaid Fate, and Discrepancies September 4th. Get a hold of the band for tickets, or Popsrocks.com.

You can go to MidnightHour.Bandcamp.com right now and download their new single "Back To Life" for FREE!

Direct download: MidnightHourRPP.mp3
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Episode 107- Shaman's Harvest

Last Saturday I went out to Troy, MO for the 6th Annual Ink Spot Block Party and got to catch up with my pals Nathan Hunt & Josh Hamler of Shaman's Harvest. We talked about their new record Smokin' Hearts & Broken Guns (NOW available on VINYL) and their show September 11, 2015 at The Duck Room in Blueberry Hill in St.Louis, MO. 

Pick up their new record if you haven't done so, and grab a ticket to see them live. They kicked some serious ass Saturday night!

Hear their "Dirty Diana" cover and "Country As Fuck" on this episode. 

Thanks guys for hanging out!


Direct download: ShamansHarvestRPP.mp3
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Episode 106- Miss Molly Simms

Last week I caught up with Miss Molly Simms to talk about all the amazing things she has coming up. She's gearing up to release her 2nd solo release, One Way Ticket, September 4, 2015 at Off Broadway. She'll have special guests Tortuga & The Feed with her that night. On this episode you'll hear her sing "One Way Ticket" live acoustic. Opening the show hear "Can't You See" & closing out the show "Piss Away The Years" from the upcoming record. 

You can also catch Molly in Halo Bar after Father John Misty plays The Pageant on October 7th.

Check out her music video for "Can't You See" on YouTube.

Miss Molly Simms is also the lead vocalist for Bible Belt Sinners. We discussed how they were featured on the Last In The American League on vinyl & cd. It's a fantastic compilation of St.Louis Musicians paired with St.Louis artists. Buy a copy HERE.

You can see Bible Belt Sinners live August 29, 2015 at FOAM with Blackwater '64 & Brother Lee and The Leather Jackals in St.Louis, MO. 



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Episode 105- Sky Burnt White 2

The other night I was able to catch up with my buddies Gabe, Jayk, and Mario of Sky Burnt White for their return to Rock Paper Podcast. We had a great time talking about the Ink Spot Block Party (8/22 in Troy, MO), their new album coming in October, and about dinosaurs & dragons.

On this episode you'll hear "Smoke", "Isn't It?" and "Trivial Pursuits." Pick these up & all the new Sky Burnt White tunes on SkyBurntWhite.bandcamp.com 

See the guys at the 6th Annual Ink Spot Block Party in Troy, MO 8/22. You can also catch them in St.Clair, MO at Blondie's on Saturday 8/29. 


Direct download: SkyBurntWhite2RPP.mp3
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Episode 104- Shark Dad

Last week I sat down with Shark Dad at Steve's Hot Dogs Tower Grove after their album listening party for A Bigger Boat at Tick Tock Tavern. Jason, Shawn, Paul and Erik tell you all about the new album, recording it in their new recording studio, and some of the inspiration behind the songs. 

Opening the show you'll hear "OK Soda", and closing out the show stick around to hear "I Wrote A Letter to Juliana Hatfield in 1996 and Have Yet to Receive a Letter Back" and "Hold All My Calls" all from the A Bigger Boat album. Pick up the album on ITunes, Amazon or wearesharkdad.bandcamp.com

See Shark Dad live August 29 at the Firebird with B&E.

Direct download: SharkDadRPP.mp3
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Episode 103- The Brothers Reed

The other day I had the opportunity to sit and chat with Philip & Aaron, better known together as The Brothers Reed. They stopped at Hwy40 Brews in Wentzville while in town for Aaron's wedding (Congrats man!). We were able to discuss their new album SICK AS FOLK, songwriting, and even play a few new tunes live acoustic. Hear The Brothers Reed play ANNA, MONSTER IN MY HEAD, & Mr.DOUGH on the show. 

You can also hear TENNESSEE from their SICK AS FOLK album now available on ITunes, CdBaby, and TheBrothersReed.com.


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Episode 102- Brookroyal

*Warning* This episode was recorded live while other bands were rehearsing down the hall, so there is some bass coming through that effected the mic at parts. I apologize.

Episode 102 with the guys of Brookroyal. I was able to catch up with Jack, Bon, Dave and Jason of Brookroyal at their rehersal the other night to discuss their upcoming appearance at the 6th Annual Ink Spot Block Party in Troy, Mo. 

Free Show with a Ticket to see


Story of The Year

Shaman's Harvest



Hollow Point Heroes

Apollo's Daughter

Sky Burnt White

The Hush List and many more....

Also on this episode you'll hear "There Was A Time" from Brookroyal's There Was A Time EP and "Crown The Youth". Pick up their lastest album Cycles of Life & Sound if you haven't done so.

Direct download: BrookroyalRPP.mp3
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Episode 101- Joe Marlotti

Episode 101 I'm joined by Joe Marlotti Professional Comedian. We met up at Khaldi's Coffee in Chesterfield and had a great time. We discussed the St.Louis comedy scene, his band The Blue Plate Specials, and how he got the nickname "Crowbar" Marlotti.

See Joe Marlotti at the Valley Park Funny Bone Aug 27-30. You can also catch him at Westport Funny Bone Sept 3-6.

Closing out the show you can hear "Workin The Blues" from Joe's band The Blue Plate Specials.



Direct download: JoeMarlottiRPP2.mp3
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EPISODE 100 Steve Ewing

I can't believe we've made it everyone! 100 episodes! These is an extra special episode, first 2 part episode. The beginging of the show is my intereview my friend Steve Ewing of The Urge and Steve's Hot Dogs. We discuss the 20th Anniversary of Recieving The Gift of Flavor, Steve's Hot Dogs success, and recap the Rock Paper Podcast 1 Year Anniversary acoustic brunch. 

Check out the Urge's Pledge Music campaign and get some cool perks. See Steve & Adam acoustic at Old Rock House 8/14 with the Unifyah Release Party

Keep an eye for the "Gift of Flavor" Urge beer coming soon. 

Thanks Steve for continuing to support this show!

Part 2 we're joined by co-founder of Rock Paper Podcast Chris Bumeter. I thought it'd be a lot of fun to celebrate this milestone with my buddy just like the way it started. 

If you enjoy the show, please share with a friend! Check out all the past episodes on ITunes, Stitcher, and as always rockpaperpodcast.com.

Follow Chris on Twitter @CBumeter & his Blog.


Direct download: SteveEwing2.mp3
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What a fun show this one is! Episode 99 Tyler Stokes of Delta Sol Revival stops by to talk and a few tunes. We talk about the upcoming release of WITNESS EP (which will be available soon on CD & Vinyl), working with Devon Allman, and tell some of the stories behind writing the songs.

Tyler plays a couple of songs live solo for the show. You can hear "When I Found Love" & "The River" on this episode. You can also hear 2 studio tracks "Music Is My Wife" opening the show, and "Witness" closing the show. Head over to KingPeanut.net or DeltaSolRevival.com and pre-order WITNESS EP

See Tyler & Delta Sol Revival LIVE

Aug 7 at the Angry Beaver in St.Louis

Aug 28 at Bottleneck Blues Bar (Ameristar Casino) with Devon Allman Band & Catfish Willie. 

Follow DSR on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram.

Direct download: TylerStokesRPP.mp3
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Episode 98 I'm joined by the multi-talented Tim Convy. You may remember Tim as the keyboardist of Ludo, you may have seen him performing at the St.Louis Funny Bone, or even at Kim Vu's eating dinner. 

We chat about a bit about Ludo, Tim's start in comedy, Nikki Glaser, and T-Shirts. 

Follow Tim on Twitter @TimConvy

Instagram at @TshirtProblems & @TimConvy


This episode is sponsored by Music Recorc Shop in St.Louis, MO.


Direct download: TimConvyRPP.mp3
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Episode 97- Jon Maddy & Jake Ashlock

On this episode of Rock Paper Podcast, I got to get to know two of the finalist in this years St.Louis Funny Bone Comedy Competition, Jon Maddy & Jake Ashlock. 

This one is super silly and packed full of laughs. We talk about their start in comedy, influences, Jake does his spot on Fonzie impression, and discuss Space Jam 2. 

See Jon & Jake Friday 7/31 at American's Tavern. Comedy Throwdown with Shon Don, Max Price & Nathan Orton vs. Andrew Frank, Stryker Spurlock, & Matt Rose. 9pm. 

Subscribe/Rate/Review on Itunes. Keep telling your friends about Rock Paper Podcast. Thank you for all the support!



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Episode 96- It's A Hard Rock Life

Really fun episode! I sat down with the star of It's A Hard Rock Life, Bryan Chappell & Paul Schaffrin of Divine Sorrow, Keith Dickerson of Pedaling To Stop Pushing, and filmmaker Ken Calcaterra. 

Closing out the episode you'll hear "Everything" from Divine Sorrow's TALES OF DESCENSION. 

See Divine Sorrow September 16 at Pop's with Ace Frehley of KISS

Check out the Pedaling To Stop Pushing & It's A Hard Rock Life Facebook pages for more information. 


Direct download: HardRockLIfeRPP.mp3
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Episode 95- Joshua Powell

Last week Joshua Powell came through St.Louis on his solo tour. Before his set at Mangia Italiano that evening, I got to sit and discuss the Joshua Powell & The Great Train Robbery ALYOSHA with him. He also played 3 live acoustic songs for the show.

Joshua performed Gunfighter Ballad of the 21st Century & Birth Control which will appear on ALYOSHA available in Ocotber. He also performed Principles of Salt from their COMMONWEALTH EP.

Buy some Joshua Powell & The Great Train Robbery music and find all of his tour dates at JoshuaPowellMusic.com

Be sure to follow him on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Direct download: JoshuaPowellRPP.mp3
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Episode 94- John Henry

Episode 94 I get to sit and chat for an hour with one of my favorites, long time friend, John Henry. I've been following John around for several years now. It was a lot of fun to have an intimate chat about all the things going on in his life right now musical & professionally. We discuss John's upcoming record he's been working on, becoming a father, and his work on the Open Highway Music Festival.

Closing out the show, hear John's latest single "Broken City" from his upcoming album.


See John Henry live Friday July 24 at The Ready Room in St.Louis with Robert Earl Keen. 

Also be sure to catch the Open Highway Music Festival going on Aug 5-9 at Off Broadway in St.Louis. 


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Episode 93- Cree Rider

The other night I had the opportunity to catch up with singer songwriter Cree Rider of the Cree Rider Family Band. We sat in Dunaway Books in Tower Grove and played a few songs. On this episode you'll hear live acoustic performances of:

"You're Always Leaving" & "If You're Gonna Cheat Me" from One Night Stand album

"Lonesome When I'm Gone" from the upcoming Let The River Rise album

"One More Thing" a Mississippi Mike cover

Closing out the show you'll hear the studio version of "Family Band" from the upcoming Let The River Rise Album. You can pick up that album August 15 at Focal Point in Maplewood, MO at the Cree Rider Family Band CD Release show. TICKETS HERE

You can also catch CRFB at the New Town Amphitheatre on July 25th

And don't miss Cree Fest 3 at Off Broadway on Sept 6.

All other dates on CreeRider.com or follow the band on Facebook & Twitter


Direct download: CreeRiderRPP.mp3
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Episode 92- Rek & Chris from The Hush List

Episode 92 joined by long time friends Rek & Chris of The Hush List. We talked about the recent release of their EP, how much of a bad ass Dave Grohl is, and Chris even plays an acoustic tune for us "For The Birds."

You can see The Hush List live August 8 at Blueberry Hill in the Duck Room with Highly Suspect for $10.57.

Pick up a copy of their EP on Bandcamp.com or TheHushListBand.com

Follow the band on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to keep up with them.

Direct download: HushListRPP.mp3
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Episode 91- Matt Newlin with Sham Film Festival

The other night I caught up with new friend Matt Newlin of the 2nd Annual Sham Film Festival to get to know a little bit more about what it's all about. We discussed some of the big summer movies coming out, the amazing Kung Fury trailer, and the Film Festival.

We recorded this episode live inside of a St.Louis Bread Co so disregard the bit of background noise.

Come check out the 2nd Annual Sham Film Festival Sept 25 & 26 at Winfred Moore Auditorium at Webster University. All information can be found on ShamFilmFestival.com. Follow them on Facebook & Twitter as well. 

There is also a preview weekend coming up August 1, where you have an oppurtunity to preview some of the films and get some discounted tickets. This event is happening at Art Bar on Cherokee. RSVP here


Direct download: MattNewlinRPP.mp3
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Episode 90- J Boozer

Woo! This is a wild one! Episode 90 with J Boozer, self proclaimed "World's Drunkest Band" joins Rock Paper Pocast to discuss his grand return to St.Louis. J Boozer is not a one man band, he's a band with one man! This is the first time on the podcast that I did some drinking. Notice the picture I shared with this post, that bottle of Captain Morgan was almost full when J and myself set down to record this episode. We had some help finishing the bottle as a few fans stopped by and guest appearance by Anthony Sasser.

See J Boozer with Alient Ant Farm July 17 at the Firebird

Big THANKS to Walter at CD Warehouse for putting up with us and allowing us to record in his place. Go see him and pick up a copy of J Boozer's PISSING LIFE AWAY album. 

On this episode you'll hear "Heather" and "Smoke A Joint" from Pissing Life Away, and "When Saturday Night Turns Into Sunday Morning". 

Follow J Boozer on Facebook & Twitter. Subscribe to his YouTube channel.




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Episode 89- Jack Grelle

Episode 89 I stopped by to visit with Jack Grelle. We discuessed his upcoming European tour, his album STEERING ME AWAY, and he even performed 2 new unreleased songs "Know When To Run" & "Not Taking After Me"

See Jack Grelle and his band, along with the Yellow Bellied Sap Suckers, Jack Klatt, and The Bottlesnakes at Off Broadway July 25th. This will be Jack's last show in town til the Fall. You can also see him in Kansas City July 31st with St.Louis' own Pokey LaFarge.

Pick up a copy of Jack's album STEERING ME AWAY on CD or Vinyl from his site JackGrelle.com, ITunes, Bandcamp.com or Music Record Shop on Manchester in St.Louis. 


Direct download: JackGrelleRPP.mp3
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Episode 88- Jeff Nations #2

Over the weekend I stopped by and caught up with friend of the show Jeff Nations. You might remember Jeff from Episode 6 last year. We talked about his upcoming show with his band Various Hands, being named RFT's Cover Band of the Year for 2015 with The Town Drunks, and his summer tour.

See Various Hands on the LEARN TO DANCE TOUR

7/18 at Blueberry Hill in the Duck Room with Brother Lee & The Leather Jackals, Vanilla Beans, and CITIZEN8

7/19 Nashville, TN

7/20 Springfield, MO

7/21 Norman, OK

7/22 Wichita, KS

7/23 Des Moines, IA

7/24 Cherry Valley, IL

more information on  VariousHandsmusic.com/tour

Follow Various Hands on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

And follow Jeff's cover band The Town Drunk on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Buy a copy of Hypoluxo EP on ITunes, Bandcamp.com or pick up a copy at the shows. Hear "R.M.A." from the EP at the end of this episode, and Jeff also plays "The Fleeting Starlight" live acoustic on the show.



Direct download: jeffnationsRPP.mp3
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Episode 87- CaveofswordS

I was able to sit and talk with Sunyatta, Kevin, and Eric of CaveofswordS the other night. We discussed their sound, the new record SIGILS, and dreaming.

Pick up CaveofswordS latest albumSIGILS on cd or vinyl at Music Record Shop in St.Louis, or ITunes. On this episode hear two tracks from the album "Aviation Administration" and "Datura". 

See them live

7/30 at The Heavy Anchor w/ Search Parties & Curse of Cassandra

8/15 Rock The Hops Festival Alton, IL

8/15 at The Demo 

9/26 Strange Folk Festival at Union Station

Find all dates on CaveofswordS.com. Find them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram



Direct download: CaveofswordsRPP.mp3
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Episode 86- Chris Ward

Joined by the multi-talented Chris Ward. We hung out for an hour in a Taco Bell in St.Louis to discuss his radio show loudQUIETloud on KDHX, Party Bear, Taco Bell and all kinds of other stuff.

Check out Chris Monday nights 11pm on KDHX 88.1FM in St.Louis, TuneIn app, or KDHX.org. Follow his show loudQUIETloud on Facebook and Twitter.

Closing out this episode hear a song from Chris' band Acorns To Oaks "Sing Out Ya Sinners". Find out more info on their Facebook or Bandcamp.com.

If you haven't done so yet, feel free to go on ITunes and RATE & REVIEW the show. Might as well SUBSCRIBE while you're there. Find Rock Paper Podcast all over the internet on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Podomatic, Stitcher, ITunes, and rockpaperpodcast.com 

Thanks for listening!



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Episode  85- Tasi

Over the weekend I stopped in to hang out with Tasi at their band practice. We talked about the Brand New EP, the release party last month at The Bootleg, and their upcoming show July 10th at Ballpark Village with The Urge. It was a lot of fun hanging out at practice, the guys even played me a new song they're working on. It sound fantastic! The word is they're working on recording it now and should release it as a single soon. 

Pick up a copy of Tasi's Brand New EP on ITunes or at a show. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. All other info at Tasimusic.com.

See them live July 10 with The Urge TICKETS HERE

Direct download: TasiRPP.mp3
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Episode 84- Zach Noe Towers

My friend Zach Noe Towers flew into town from LA for a few things this weekend, and obviously to record this amazing new episode of Rock Paper Podcast! You can catch Zach Friday 6/26 at PRIDE Fest STL in Solider Memorial Park he's doing a stand up set 8:30-9p. More info here. He also wrote a short film, Killer Friends, and having a showing of it at Washington University Emerson Auditorium. More info here.

This episode was a lot of fun as Zach and Myself discuss comedy, Killer Friends, and the new Pizza Hut Hot Dog Stuffed Crust pizza. (hoping for some more sponsor $$$)

Follow Zach on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Follow Killer Friends on Facebook

Take a second to Rate/Review/Subscribe on ITunes if you haven't done so, it really helps out the show to get us recommended to other podcast listeners. Thanks for all the support! You're the best!

Direct download: ZachNoeTowersRPP.mp3
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Episode 83- "Radio" Rich Dalton

Today I was able to sit down and chat with broadcasting legend "Radio" Rich Dalton. He's been on the St.Louis airwaves nearly 45 years. It was an absolute honor to talk with him and learn a little something about broadcasting and hear some great Rock N Roll stories. Rich tells about being able to see The Who play in '71, playing pinball with Stevie Nicks, and his latest project with OurMusicalRoots.com or TheRoots.fm. You can grab the free app for Our Musical Roots on your Apple or Android device, or stream music through the site 24/7. 

Be sure to also catch Rich Dalton withi his band, The Fourth Row at The Sheldon Concert Hall August 28th. 

Follow Our Musical Roots on Facebook.

Direct download: RadioRichRPP.mp3
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Episode 82- Sally Brooks

This weekend I was able to catch up with my friend Sally Brooks, who was in town headlining the Valley Park Funny Bone. We talked about her moving to New York soon, some start into comedy, and her album coming out this fall on Rooftop Comedy. I met Sally through past guest and friend of the show Jeremy Essig about 2 years ago, when she was featuring in clubs, since then Sally's career has really been talking off.

Keep an eye on her tour dates at SallyBrooksComedy.com to catch her coming to your town. Follow Her on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Check out some more of her videos on YouTube 


Direct download: SallyBrooksRPP.mp3
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Episode 81- Ryan Dalton & Friends

The other day I stopped by to visit with local comic Ryan Dalton. We were then joined by Ryan's roommate Andrew Mihalevich, and two Chicago comics visiting Mike Knish & Jason Melton. We had a great time discussing stand up vs sketch, Comedy Central, and early influences. 

Follow them on Twitter:

Ryan Dalton @NotThatRyanD

Andrew Mihalevich @AndrewMihal

Mike Knish @MikeKnish69

Jason Melton @CaptainJMelton

Catch Ryan with Bare Knuck Comedy @BareKnuckleHaHa 

Some bonus content on this episode as all 5 of us wage off in an epic drum battle in the basement. 

Thanks to Music Record Shop for sponsoring this episode of the show. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram or MusicRecordShop.com. Located in The Grove right between The Demo & The Ready Room on Machester Ave.



Direct download: RyanDaltonRPP.mp3
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Episode 80- Maness Brothers

Caught up with the Maness Brothers this week. We sat at Trailhead in St.Charles, MO to discuss the Maness Brothers album coming soon, influences, and their upcoming Whiskey War Festival August 22 in St.Charles, MO at VFW Post 2866 RSVP HERE

Get a copy of the Maness Brothers EP "Grief Factory" on Bandcamp.com to hold you over til the new album comes out. Included on this episode are 2 new songs, live recordings from The Demo "Shamefully Waiting on the Mercy of Gods Hand" and "End of Me".  

You can also catch the Maness Brothers at Red Fish, Blue Fish in St.Charles, MO with Hobo Empire, Fat Tramp Food Stamp, The Flood Brothers, The Barn Mice, and more for the Whiskey War Festival Preview July 25

Follow them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

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Episode 79- Charlie Winfrey & Frankie Chubb

I read it was National Best Friend day last week, so I called up two guys that happen to be best friends, Charlie Winfrey & Frankie Chubb, for Episode 79. They stopped by (in matching shirts) to discuss their latest project the Free Money Podcast. We also discuss their stand up comedy,  and movies.

You can see them regularly at the Funny Bone and other various comedy shows around town. Listen to them on the Free Money Podcast. http://freemoney.libsyn.com/

Follow them on Twitter @CharlieWinfrey & @FrankieChubb or Frankie's Fan Page on Facebook


Strap in for a super silly episode!

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Episode 78- Lern

Last Friday I went down to the Loop and met up with local broadcaster Lern from KSHE 95. We talked for like an hour and half at Blueberry Hill. It was a great conversation. Listen in as we discuss her start in radio, The Local Produce Section, some of our favorite Rock show moments. It was an absolute honor that she chose Rock Paper Podcast to make her podcast debut.

Listen to the show on ITunes, Stitcher, Podomatic, or rockpaperpodcast.com

Listen to Lern mornings and middays on KSHE 95. Follow her on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. Check out friends of the podcast Various Hands, Fivefold & Logos on the Local Produce Section with Lern. 


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Episode 77- Jackson Howard, Drew Lance & Anthony Doria

Episode 77 I get to hang with some seriously talented young musicians Jackson Howard, Drew Lance & Anthony Doria. Special guest appereance by Roy Butler. Anthony & Roy play in You, Me & Dougie together. Follow them on Facebook & Instagram.

You can see them live:

6/11 Nick's Pub

6/12 Flannery's Pub 5-8

       612 Kitchen & Cocktails 9:30-1

6/13 Winfield's Gathering Place

6/14 Sonny's in Soulard


Jackson Howard is an emerging singer songwriter from the St.Louis area. Check out his A Place To Cross EP on CDBaby & Itunes. Follow him on Facebook & Twitter.

See Jackson Howard & Drew live:

6/11 Howard's in Soulard

6/12 Winfield's Gathering Place



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Episode 76- Letter To Memphis

Episode 76 joined by RFT Music Showcase nominated Folk band Letter To Memphis. I had a great time hanging out with Devon, Gene & Paul to discuss their latest album "Phases", some upcoming shows, and some of our favorite local spots.

Pick up "Phases" on ITunes, Bandcamp.com, Music Record Shop, Stl-Style House, or lettertomemphis.net

Hear two songs from the album "Rest Your Head" & the title track "Phases" on today's show.

See them live:

6/20 at Handlebar

6/24 at Magpie's in St.Charles (Trio)

7/15 at Magpie's in St.Charles (Trio)

7/25 at The Duck Room at Blueberry Hill- Fog Lights Album Release Party

Follow them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

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Episode 75 I'm joined by Singer Songwriter Joe Bizelli. I had a great time hanging out with Joe (and Ziggy) talking songwriting, his upcoming show New Melle Festival, and his side project Faded & The Biz. Joe played 6 songs for us on the show. Let him know what you think. You can find him on Facebook & Reverbnation.com.

See Joe live

6/10 Cedar Lake Cellars

6/11 Katie's Pizza

6/12 Cedar Lake Cellars

6/13 Cicero's 

6/20 NEW MELLE FESTIVAL w/ Denver Wade Trent, Courtland Zelle, Faded & The Biz, & Joe Griffey

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Episode 74- Brother Lee & The Leather Jackals

Met up with Sean, Danny and Josh better known as Brother Lee & The Leather Jackals. My buddy Jim sat in again to handle co-hosting duties. We discuss the 1 year anniversary of their South City Blues EP, evolution of the band, new music and some upcoming shows. 

Pick up South City Blues EP on ITunes or Bandcamp.com

See Brother Lee & The Leather Jackals live

Saturday 6/6 at Mangia Italiano

Thursday 6/11 at Shlafly Tap Room w/ Andy Cook FREE 

Thursday 6/18 at FOAM

Saturday 6/20 at The Gramophone 10pm for RFT Music Showcase


Follow them on Facebook & Instagram


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Episode 73- Hobo Empire

Met up with Hobo Empire this week. Had a lot of fun talking about some crazy stories from shows, how the band came to be, and their American Nomad EP. Pick up their EP at any live shows, like May 29 at Red Fish Blue Fish or the 1st Friday of every month at RT Weiler's. 

Find more information at HoboEmpire.com & follow them on Facebook

Thanks Jimi for helping out again!

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Episode 72- NYCE

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend. I stopped by to visit my friend Devaron Davis aka Nyce to discuss his upcoming release party for his Greenhouse Effect Mixtape, Saturday Night at Cicero's. We also talk about this TV series he's working on Efflictim, which they are currently working on Season 2 . 

After the episode hear "High Tide" his new single!

Check out NyceGoHard.com for more infromation, follow him on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

See him live with his full band at Cicero's Saturday 5/30. Doors at 9. $10. Also appearing Asia Major, Shotta G, Wan Mann, and DJ Pharaoh. 

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Episode 71- ClusterPluck

This week I took a drive out to Collinsville, IL. My first trip across the river for a podcast interview. I met up with ClusterPluck, well 3/5 of the band. My Co-Host Jimi, Chris, Matt, Derek and myself had a lot of laughs in the is episode. The guys had some great stories of touring, how the band developed, and then play live on the show "Find My Way" from their new EP. 

See ClusterPluck live 5/27 at The Demo with Fruition & 5/30 at Old Rock House

Pick up their albums, and see more dates & information at Cluckpluck.org

Follow them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

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Episode 70- Jordan Heimburger

Episode 70 I was able to catch up with Jordan Heimburger, Music Director for the School of Rock St.Louis. We sat and chat about the amazing young talented kids of School of Rock, their upcoming programs, and some of Jordan's music. 

See the kids of both STL schools, Kirkwood & Ballwin, perfoming live at The Pageant May 31, 2015. This show is also a fundraiser for Play It Forward & The Rock School Scholarship. RSVP here.

Follow the School of Rock on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

You can see Jordan performing with Street Fighting Band: A Rolling Stones Tribute at the Old Rock House May 29, 2015. He'll also be with The Feed June 6, 2015 at the Firebird, and with The Incurables May 22, 2015 at Off Broadway


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Episode 69- Bob Biggerstaff

This week I was able to catch up with my friend Comedian Bob Biggerstaff. We discuss his start in comedy, his podcast Enjoy Guys!, and his experiences on TV and Last Comic Standing. 

Follow Bob on Twitter & Facebook. Check out BobBiggerstaff.com for all other information. Listen to his podcast and pick up his album!

Thanks again to Jimi for sitting in and helping co-host.

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Episode 68- Courtland Zelle

Episode 68 we're joined by Courtland Zelle of Exit 714 and special guest host Jimi Ballesteros. This episode we did a little bit of a Storytellers show, Courtland played 3 songs and tells some of the stories around the songs. We talk about his band Exit 714's latest album Bear Dog & opening for Slash. Get to know Courtland and see him live at Steve's Hot Dogs Tower Grove June 7th at the Rock Paper Podcast Birthday Party Acoustic Brunch. 


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Episode 67- Jack Wiese from Brookroyal

Today's show I'm joined by Brookroyal's Jack Wiese and guest co-host Lance Lingle. We had a fun chat discussing Brookroyal's 2013 release Cycles of Life & Sound, which is available everywhere online music is sold, or you can always pick up a physical copy from Walter at CD Warehouse. We also discuss some of the collaborations of the album including Sully Erna, Dan Marsala & Clint Lowery. Jack tells the story how Brookroyal landed a deal with the St.Louis Blues recording "Bleed Blue" for the Playoffs. 

After the show stick around to hear "It's Already Over" from Cycles of Life & Sound. Keep an eye out for some Brookroyal shows late Summer or Fall. Follow them on Facebook & Twitter

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Episode 66- Tony Campanella & Nick Collico

Episode 66 Shane was able to sit and talk with one of the baddest guitar slingers in St.Louis Tony Campanella. We recorded this outside of Charlack Pub so there's some background noise from the band, the crowd and the bikes. Tony brought along the bass player from Tony Campanella band, Nick Collico, who also happens to be his nephew. Tony shared a few great stories about learning to play guitar, being a big fan Mike Zito, and the origins of the year Stevie Ray Vaughn Tribute show TCB is a part of at the Pageant. 

See Tony & Nick live with the Tony Campanella Band at 1860 Saloon in Soulard, MO Saturday 5/9/15. You can also catch them with Mike Zito at Ameristar's Bottleneck Blues Bar in St.Charles, MO 5/15/15.

This episode you'll hear "One Foot In The Blues" and "Pack It Up" from TCB. 

Find more information follow the band on Facebook & Twitter.

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Episode 65 - Eric Christensen

Eric Christensen, host of the show STL Up Late joins us this week on the Rock Paper Podcast as we discuss the show, how it formed as well as Eric's study in to tv production and how it helped him with the show. Purchase tickets to see STL Up Late's next show May 9th on their website www.STLUpLate.com.

You can also follow the Eric on Twitter @ETCinSTL  and the show @STLUpLate. Also go and like the show on Facebook to get all of the latest updates on shows and news regarding STLUpLate. 

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Episode 64 - Hillary Fitz

Episode 64 we talk with singer songwriter Hillary Fitz & Drew Lance and special guest Cody Henry (of Sophisticated Babies).

This episode we did a bit of a storytelling episode. Hillary played some songs and tells the stories behind the songs. We talked about rollerblading, influences, and her upcoming trip to the spend the summer in the jungle.

See Hillary Fitz Friday night at The Bootleg at Atomic Cowboy. Keep up to date with her on her Facebook fan page.

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Episode 63 - John Pessoni

John Pessoni, member of The Urge, Joe Dirt and the Dirty Boys, Celebration Day and El Monstero joins us this week as we discuss some cool stories recording with the Urge, the music industry today versus the past, and playing in El Monstero and Celebration day. 

You can follow John on Twitter @JohnPessoni and stay tuned at the end of the episode to hear the song Standing In Line off of the Urge's newest record Galvanized

You can catch The Urge May 8th in Springfield, MO at the Outland Ballrom and May 9th at the Grenada in Lawrence, KS.

If you enjoy the show, make sure to follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook, and as always please leave us a review and subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher. 

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Today we're joined by Mathias James of Mathias & The Pirates, with special guest host Jimi Ballesteros. The guys chat about Mathias & The Pirates new EP Caveman Barnacles, sharing the stage with The Urge last October, and Mathias's discussed some of his experiences with past groups the Earthworms & Jive Turkey.

See The Pirates at The Bootleg at Atomic Cowboy April 29 with Abstract Rude& Jah Orah. They'll be back at The Bootleg on May 9th also for the Death & Taxes album release party. Stay tuned after the episode for "Panic Button" from Caveman Barnacles. Pick up a physical copy at shows or digital copies on wherever you get your music.


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Chris and Shane reunite for a new episode of the Rock Paper Podcast. On the episode the guys discuss their invitation to be guest DJs at Vintage Vinyl for their Record Store Day on April 18th. They also discuss some upcoming blockbusters, Netflix and Shane's attempt at eating a huge amount of biscuits and gravy. 

Catch the Rock Paper Podcast at Vintage Vinyl guest DJing for their Record Store Day on April 18th from 2:30-3:30. Also make sure to get there early so you can enjoy some free food. 

If you enjoy the show then please leave us some feedback and subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher. 

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Episode 60- Sophisticated Babies

Episode 60 we're joined by St.Louis' premier Tuba & Ukulele duo, Cody Henry and Adam Hucke, better known together as Sophisticated Babies. Chris got the night off to celebrate his birthday with his wife at the Blues hockey game, so Shane tried to hold his own on this episode. We had a great chat about the picking a setlist, Weird Al, and 90's TV shows. Sophisticated Babies also played 3 songs live for the show, 1st "Instanbul (Not Constantinople)" originally by The Four Lads, 2nd "Telelphone Line" originally by ELO, 3rd "Song For The Dumped" originally by Ben Folds. 

Lastly Rock Paper Podcast would like to extend a big congratulations to Cody Henry and his wife on the birth of their 2nd child yesterday. Born the same day as bandmate Adam Hucke. Happy Birthday yesterday Adam! 



Follow Sophisticated Babies on Facebook & Reverbnation. Keep an eye out for them at Broadway Oyster Bar soon. 

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Episode 59- Bill Reiter

PTMFUS! This week we're joined by Bill Reiter (Saxophone/Keyboards) of The Urge and El Monstero. We had a great chat about Bill's experiences in both bands, talked movies, and even got to the believed origins of PTMFUS!

Pick up a copy of The Urge's latest album Galvanized on TheUrge.net, or wherever music is sold. At the end of the show you can hear the track "Hollywood Ending" from Galvanized. 

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Episode 58- Kevin Bilchik

Episode 58 we're joined by Kevin Bilchik (Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist) of the Kevin Bilchik Band. Kevin & Shane discuss Kevin's new record Thirteen Stories Tall. 


See Kevin and the band at the record release show June 5, 2015 at Stone Spiral Coffee shop in Maplewood, Mo. You can also catch them at Focal Point August 21, 2015. You can buy the record and see all other dates at KevinBilchik.com 

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Episode 57 - Jake Elking

Musician Jake Elking stopped by and chatting with Chris on this episode of the Rock Paper Podcast. Jake plays in El Monstero, Shooting with Annie and Buz, and discuss growing up learning piano, how he became a member of El Monstero and Chris and Jake's strong dislike for the Chicago Blackhawks. 


Shooting With Annie - Off Broadway on April 4th

Buz - Cosmic Reunion on May 22nd at Astro Valley

You can also follow Jake Elking on Twitter @J_Elking

If you enjoy the Rock Paper Podcast, please show us your support by subscibing to the podcast and following us and liking us on Facebook. 

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