Episode 158- Nick Vatterott 2

Nick Vatterott returns to the podcast! Nick and Myself discuss Trump being president, alt comedy, and his love for Lion's Choice.

Follow Nick on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Keep an eye on his tour dates at NickVatterott.com. Grab his album from Comedy Central records FOR AMUSEMENT ONLY today!

 Also check out Nick's podcast, The Nick Vatterott show on Itunes or Soundcloud.com

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Episode 157- Ellesa Vec

Took a drive out to Collinsville, IL to sit and talk with Ellesa Vec of Advocating Adam. We talked about his start in music, early influences, songwriting and more. He performs full band and as a solo artist. On this episode you can hear a little of both sides of Ellesa Vec. Opening the show hear Advocating Adam's "Halo" and then at the end of the show "Holy of Holies" by Ellesa Vec. If you'd like to hear more songs, you can hear them on Soundcloud.com at the Advocating Adam & Ellesa Vec pages.

Follow the band Facebook page to keep up to date with them. Keep an eye out for tour dates in 2016!

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