Episode 159- 2015 Wrap up with Joe, Gabe & Korey

Warning: Not safe for work, and not for the easily offended.

Jan 1st I took a drive to Potosi, MO to sit and talk with Joe Glenk of New Lingo, Gabe Stroup of Sky Burnt White and Korey Smith of Apollo's Daughter.

As you can imagine, the show derailed pretty early. We just drank some Keystone Light and rambled on about a bunch of stuff including encounters with the law, best & worst shows and some of our biggest moments of 2015.

Through out the show you can hear some of the guys music.

- New Lingo "Blood Thinners"

- Sky Burnt White "Song & Dance"

- Apollo's Daughter "Kurt Russell's Muscles"

If you enjoy the music, buy it on ITunes or a CD. Support local music!

LIKE their band pages on Facebook to keep up to date when they are playing in your town.

See Sky Burnt White Jan 9th in Sullivan, MO for the Winter Mayhem with System Slave, One Day, Midnight Hour, Maximus, Soundtrapp & more at Wedding Bells venue.

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