Episode 218- The Cinema Story

A bit ago I hung out with the guys of The Cinema Story in a Denny's to get to know them a little better. We talked about some of their influences, working on new music, answer questions from the fans and more.

See them LIVE

5/27 with My Legacy My Ghost, Conman Economy, Calloway Circus & Cuvi at the Demo

Closing out the episode you can hear "The Opening Scene" form their first EP. Keep a look out for a new EP later this year.

Also keep an eye for a date for Notes for Hope this Fall.

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Episode 217- The Fade

The other day I took a drive to Belleville, IL to hang out with The Fade. I had an incredible time hanging out with them at their studio. We talked about their upcoming shows, their EP, influences & sound and jammed 2 live songs.

On this episode you'll hear "Stealing The Moon (Live)", "Light on The Mast (Studio)" and "Better of Us (Live)." All three songs are available on their Selft Titled EP now available on ITunes, Bandcamp, Spotify, TheFadeMusic.com or any live show.

See them LIVE

5/20 at America's Tavern

5/27 at Melt

Follow the band on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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