Episode 226- Fivefold 2

Fivefold returns! Fair warning this episode is not the best recording but it's way too good not to share with you. I had an incredible time hanging out with Ryan, Matt A, Matt B, Derrick & CoCo or more commonly known together as Fivefold. We sat inside the their touring Sprinter in Wentzville, MO to record this one.

We discussed their new record Open Letter and the work that went to pulling that album off, answer questions from the fans, and have some serious debates over muffins vs cupcakes.

Find all things Fivefold at FivefoldBand.com including shirts, hats, stickers and music. Follow the band on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Find the tunes on Spotify, ITunes, and Amazon. Buy all of their albums! On this episode you'll hear a clip of "Darker Side of Me" and closing out the show "Room To Breathe"

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Thanks to Music Record Shop in St.Louis, MO for sponsoring the show. Go grab some records from them in the Grove.

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