Welcome back to the show City Of Parks! These guys just released a brand new cd titled FIND YOUR VOICE EP. On this episode we talk about some of the songs, recording with Matt Amelung, hittiing the road & much more.

Grab yourself a copy of their FIND YOUR VOICE EP on ITunes or stream on Spotify. Pick up a physical copy at any of their shows!! On this episode you'll hear:

  • No One Else
  • Hurricane
  • Trimmed In Red

See them LIVE

3/25 at Delmar Hall with Fivefold & Welcome Home

3/31 at The Firebird for an Akaline Trio tribute set

4/29 at Royal Skate in Chicago with Disguise The Limit, Ashland, New Lingo, A Semester Abroad, Revolt Coda & The Red Line.

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Over the weekend I stopped in at Encapsulated Studios to talk with my friend recording engineer & producer Matthew Amelung. We dive into it talking about some of the latest projects he's help work on including albums from Discrepancies, Ashland, City of Parks, New Lingo, The Hush List and more.


Come see Matt with his band Fivefold SATURDAY NIGHT 3/25/17 at Delmar Hall with special guests Welcome Home & City of Parks. $15. Available from band members or Ticketmaster.com


On this episode you'll hear:

  • Discrepancies "Not Alone"
  • City Of Parks "Trimmed in Red"
  • Fivefold "Anything But Lonely"
  • Ashland "Lights Out"
  • New Lingo "Part of Me"

All of these songs are available on all of your digital music is sold including ITunes & Spotify. Follow these bands & Matthew Amelung- Producer/Engineer on Facebook for more information. MatthewAmelung.com

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