This week I stopped by Schwag Headquarters and talked to Jimmy Tebeau, vocals/bass for The Schwag. I brought a long my cousin Jolene to sit in on this episode with me as a special guest co-host. We had a such a great time hanging out with Jimmy!


We talk about his early days in music, forming The Schwag, Schwagstocks, going to prison and so much more! Jimmy also jammed a few acoustic tunes.

On this episode you'll hear

  • Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash cover)
  • Shanty (Jonathan Edwards cover)

See Jimmy with The Schwag

5/28 at Ballpark Village Schwagfest FREE SHOW with The Wandering Madman, Hidenburg Project (Led Zepplin tribute), Miles Over Mountains Bluegrass Band. 30+ Vendors & more

6/16 at Bagnell Dam for Dam Jam with Aaron Kamm & The One Drops and more

7/14 at Atomic Cowboy

7/20 at Stagger Inn

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