Gabe Stroup & James Dill (RPP debut) join me to talk about their new single "Parades", recording, and we get excited about this weekends Ink Spot Block Party!!

On this episode you'll hear

  • Parades

Pick up their album EXIT STRATEGIES if you haven't done so!

See Sky Burnt White LIVE

9/9 at 8th Annual Ink Spot Block Party with Fivefold, The Hush List, Inimical Drive, City of Parks, Discrepancies, Ashland, Hollow Point Heroes, OATM, Divide The Empire, Soundtrapp, Common Jones, Guerrilla Theory, Denver Wade Trent, The Weapon & Sneaky Tree

10/7 at IKANDU's Acoustic benefit for Autism with System Slave, OATM, Verba Stellae, Divide the Empire & Robby Kallery

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