The other day I stopped in at Steve's Hot Dogs on The Hill to meet up with some friends Gary Johnston Jr, Tom Williams & Brett Taylor. They are all helping in put on the 1st Annual IKANDU Acoustic Charity Show.

Left to Right: Gary Johnston Jr (OATM & Verba Stellae), Tom Williams (OATM) & Brett Taylor (Verba Stellae)

We talk about IKANDU and their services they've been providing for autistic children around Mascoutah, and all of the bands appearing such as...

  • Sky Burnt White
  • System Slave
  • Divide The Empire
  • Verba Stellae
  • OATM
  • Robby Kallery

On this episode you'll hear

  • System Slave "Road Less Traveled On"
  • Robby Kallery "Texas or Tennessee" (Lucero cover)
  • Divide The Empire "Carnival Ride"
  • Sky Burnt White "Parades"
  • OATM "Watching the Embers Fade (Live Acoustic)"
  • Verba Stellae "This Skin (Live Acoustic)"

See all of them LIVE

10/7 at Mascoutah Vistors Center

Buy your tickets TODAY! Tickets include drinks & appetizers.  Click HERE! 

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