Oh yeah! Bruiser Queen returns! I caught up with Morgan & Jason of Bruiser Queen the other night at band practice to discuss their new album HEAVY HIGH that is due out soon. We talk about their Release Party, vinyl, recording the album, Crushed Out, tour life and so much more.

Head over to PledgeMusic.com/BruiserQueen to pre-order your copy of HEAVY HIGH today! You can also get Jason to wash your dishes, or Morgan to babysit or order a copy of the vinyl!

On this episode you'll hear

  • Here Lies My Heart
  • Have Fun (Live Acoustic)
  • Sugar High (Live Acoustic)
  • The Way I Love You

See Bruiser Queen on their HEAVY HIGH TOUR now all dates at BruiserQueen.com

See them in St.Louis

11/22 at Off Broadway for their Release Party with The Fuck Off & Dies, Hounds & Brian McClelland

Follow the band on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to keep up with them on tour! SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube channel for more of their music videos.

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