This past weekend I caught up with Brad Jackson of The Fighting Side and the River City Opry. We talk about what he's been up to with the RCO and some plans to make it continue to grow, some of the upcoming shows, and Creefest! 

On this episode you'll hear:

  • Zack Sloan "Conspiracy Minded (Live acoustic on Rock Paper Podcast)"
  • Les Gruff & The Billy Goat "Punched Your Ticket"
  • The Fighting Side "Can't Help Myself"

All songs available for download on Bandcamp

Come out to the River City Opry at Off Broadway

3/18 with Elliot Pearson and The Passing Lane, Mattie Schell, Zack Sloan, Lexy Schlemer, Les Gruff And the Billy Goat, Missouri Dave Maness & Opera Bell Band

4/22 with Allie Vogler, The Fighting Side, Fred Fiction, Opera Bell Band, Trigger 5 & more

6/23 Creefest 

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