The other night I had the privilege of hanging out with my friends Neil C. Luke & Drew Sheafor of L.S Xprss. I just pressed record and let them do their thing. We talked about a little of everything, played some live acoustic and had a lot of laughs. 

Neil C. Luke (Left) & Drew Sheafor (Right) of L.S Xprss

See them LIVE

4/13 Jamapolooza at Livery Company

4/14 at Lo-Fi Cherokee 11a

4/29 at Sinkhole with Thee Oswalds

5/12 at Venice Cafe

6/2 at Cantonn Inn

6/16 & 17 at RFT Showcase in The Grove

6/23 at Creefest at Off Broadway

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On this episode you'll hear

  • "I Had To Face It" 
  • "Mama" (River Kittens cover)
  • "Rock N Roll Milkshake"
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