Saturday afternoon I went to hang out with my buddy Bryan over at Naked Vine. I love what he has created there! I just wanted to do something to help and be a part of what he's doing, so I invited him on the podcast to tell his story! We get into how he started Naked Vine, he's love of music, why there is a broken door on the stage and so much more.

Visit Bryan at Naked Vine Tuesday-Saturday. Grab a wine, whiskey or craft beer and enjoy the show!

Coming up:

5/31 Billy Croghan (Les Gruff & The Billy Goat)

6/1 Beth Bombara

6/2 Grass Fed Mule

6/12 Rock Paper Podcast presents Singer Songwriter Storytelling night with Joe Bizelli, Seth Brand & Tyler Lewis

6/16 Beth Lee & The Breakups

Full calendar at Be sure to follow Naked Vine on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. 


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