On December 11th I invited members of The Defeated County Langen Neubacher, Irene Allen, Devon Cahill & Jeremy Essig to join me at Naked Vine. The four of them sat on stools and played their songs live acoustic and shared stories around the songs. 

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See them LIVE

3/16 at Schlafly Tap Room with Prairie Rehab & Sunset Over Houma

Thanks again to Naked Vine for having us out and their continued support!


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The other night I stopped by to visit my friend Irene Allen at her home. She sat at the piano and played a few songs live for us! Hope you enjoy! 

See her LIVE

12/29 at Yaquis with Maness Brothers & Chris Powers

12/30 at Yaquis with Eric McSpadden

On this episode you'll hear:

  • “Favorite Pain Killer” (live)
  • “Sorry” (live)
  • The Barn Mice “Take Heart”
  • “The Sweet Spot” (live)
  • “Fuck You” (recorded Live at Off Broadway)

Everything else at TheIreneAllen.com

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