JB Anderson RETURNS! This was such a fun conversation and covered a lot of ground. I caught up with JB in the new warehouse space at Gaslight and we talked about upcoming releases from some of my favorites like Elliott Pearson & The Passing Lane, Allie Vogler, The Maness Brothers, Al Holiday & more. We also talk new food at Gaslight, Open Mic, videos, and everything else happening in and around Gaslight!

On this episode you'll hear:

  • Elliott Pearson & The Passing Lane "Lucky"
  • The Maness Brothers "Drive Me (and my Soul)"
  • Exclusive sneak peak at Al Holiday's All St.Louis Revue album

Don't miss Al Holiday's All St.Louis Revue release party at Off Broadway on June 28 & 29th featuring the talents of Neil C. Luke, Brian Owens, Emily Wallace, Big Mike, Kenny DeSheilds, Roland Johnson, Eugene Johnson, Tommy Halloran & more

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