Episode 121- Karl Grable

The other night I met up with The Urge bassist, original member, Karl Grable. We sat at Llewellyn's Pub in Webster Groves and discussed the Urge Beer coming soon, 20th Anniversary of Receiving The Gift of Flavor, talked Apple vs. Android, Ketchup vs Mustard, and all sorts of stuff.

See The Urge at The Pageant November 20 & 21, 2 sets both nights. Join them as they turn The Pageant into Mississippi Nights for the evening.

Public House Brewing Company & the Urge's "The Gift of Flavor" beer will be available in October. Get yourself a bottle, and don't forget my pickle!

Follow the Urge on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. TheUrge.net. Pick up a copy of the LIVE Receiving The Gift of Flavor at the November shows. 


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Episode 120- Matt Wynn & Tim Bauer Return

Matt Wynn & Tim Bauer return to tell me all about what they've been up to the last year. They play 3 live songs! On this episode you'll hear "Am I Wrong?", "She's My Muse" and "It Ain't About Time".

Check out more Matt Wynn music at MattWynnMusic.com. Buy and Listen to his other record there, to hold you over til the new one comes out later this year. LIKE him on Facebook at Matt Wynn Music to see when he's coming to your town.

See Matt & Tim LIVE

Oct 1 at Ameristar Casino's Bottleneck Blues Bar in St.Charles, MO w/ Drew Baldridge

Oct 10 at Walk On for Autism Speaks in Forrest Park 

Oct 11 at Looking For An Angel Benefit at Moose Lodge St.Charles, MO w/ Wrath of Khan, Patrick White, Stacey Collins Band and more.

Listen to Rock Paper Podcast on ITUNES, STITCHER, RockpaperPodcast.com and NOW YOUTUBE. Subscribe to keep up!


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Episode 119- Through The Scope

Today on the show is St.Louis Metal band Through The Scope. I had a whole lot of fun getting to sit and talk with these guys about their upcoming record, some influences, sharing the stage with Howard Jones, how Craigslist brought them together and quoted about 150 of our favorite movies. 

See Through The Scope at Pop's Oct 3rd with Discrepancies, Noesis & Post Primal for their Center Mass album release party! You can get tickets through the band or ThroughTheScopeband.com/shop. If you purchase online before Friday 9/25 you can get an instant download of the digital album.

Follow the band on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. ThroughTheScopeBand.com for more details.

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Episode 118- Hands and Feet

The other night I took a drive to South City to hang out with Stephen Favazza of Hands And Feet and Caitlin Funston that does all the visuals for the Hands And Feet shows. 

We had a great time talking about the 1 year Anniversary of his album Sour Times, vinyl, our friends CaveofswordS, and new music! 

I got to meet Caitlin, and she set up her computer and showed me a little of the video projection that she does during a Hands And Feet show, and explains some of the creation process of putting it together. 

You can see them live September 25 at The Luminary for Far Fetched presents Brave New World with Hands and Feet, Mathias & The Pirates, Super Hero Killer, Blank Generation, Loren D, and whole lot more.

You can also catch Hands and Feet live at The Demo with CaveofswordS on Oct 30.

Hands and Feet performed 2 songs live on the show. 

Buy some music at HandsandFeet.bandcamp.com or support your local record stores like Music Record Shop, Euclid Records, and Vintage Vinyl. Follow Hands and Feet on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram.

Listen to the show on ITunes, Stitcher or Rockpaperpodcast.com. 

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Episode 117- Chris Cyr

Sat with comedian Chris Cyr outside of Westport Plaza's Drunken Fish for an hour discussing comedy, his start, his first joke, Kevin Smith, and conventions. 

You can see Chris at his monthly show at The Crack Fox called Impolite Company. Follow the Facebook page. The next show is Oct 16 with Jon Venegoni, Tim Convy, JC Sibala, Christian Lawerence, Aaron Sawyer & Stryker Spurlock. RSVP Here!

You can also catch his weekly show Wild Card Wednesdays at The Crow's Nest, an open mic that he co-hosts with JC Sibala. Like the Facebook page to keep up with them.


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Episode 116- Charlie Brumley & Jon Venegoni of The Educated Guess

On this episode I get to hang out with Charlie Brumley & Jon Venegoni of The Educated Guess. We had an absolute blast sitting around drinking a few Busch beers and talking about The Educated Guess, old music, Jack N The Box, 90's Nickelodeon shows and new music. 

Closing out the episode you can hear "Get You Girl" from their self titled ablum that came out in April '15. Buy a copy today at TheEducated.com/releases. Follow the band on Facebook & Twitter.

We also talked about Jon's Thursday Night Open Mic show that he hosts every Thursday Fitz's in the Loop. This Thursday (Today) is the 4th Anniversary of the show, making it one of the longest running independant open mics. Follow them on Twitter & Facebook.

Listen on Itunes, Stitcher or Rockpaperpodcast.com. Share with a friend. Take a moment to Rate/Review/Subscribe on ITunes. Follow the show on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram. Thanks for listening!

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Episode 115- Hannah Aldridge

Over the weekend I was able to catch up with singer songwriter Hannah Aldridge. We talked about some of her expirences with living in Nashville, touring, and new album! On this episode you'll hear her play "Razor Wire" from the album of the same name, and she plays a new song "Aftermath" from her upcoming album expected out early next year.

Follow Hannah on Faceboook, Twitter & Instagram. Hannah-Aldridge.com for dates and more info.


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Episode 114- Pat Gibson, Korey Smith & Gabe Stroup

If you were thinking I wonder how Shane spent his Labor Day weekend? We'll you're in luck! I recorded this new episode over the holiday weekend in Troy, MO.

Shortly after the Ink Spot Block Party, I made a post inviting Pat Gibson of Copperview on the show. That in turn led to Gabe Stroup of Sky Burnt White wanting to join us. Then Korey Smith of Apollo's Daughter. So we set it up! 

Pat hosted this crazy idea that we dubbed "Shitshow 2015." We did some Barbecuing and cracked open a few cold beers. Those beers led into a bottle of Jim Beam Apple which helped us live up to the show title. 

On this episode you'll hear some new music from all 3 guys bands.




This episode we also created a brand new show theme song, let me know what you think of it!

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Episode 113- Shaun Arredando

Last week I sat down with comic Shaun Arredondo at Rendezvous Cafe in O'Fallon, MO to discuss Shaun's comedy career, O'Fallon Out Loud, and some of our favorite comedians. 

Check out Shaun's O'Fallon Out Loud at Rendezvous Cafe 9/11 & 9/12 with Charlie Winfrey, Tim Convy, Ryan Dalton, and Jeremy Hellwig. Shows at 8:30pm. Follow the page on Facebook to keep up to date with all the great shows coming up.

Next month, Oct 17 Andrew Frank, Sean O'Brien, and Kenny Kinds. 

If you aren't familiar with these names, You can hear Charlie, Ryan, Tim, Andrew, Sean, and Kenny on the show. Go listen and then come see them live!


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Episode 112- Unifyah

Friday night I ran down to The Bootleg at Atomic Cowboy to see Aaron Kamm and The One Drops perform outside on the patio, and then Unifyah was jamming inside for the after party. I was able to record with Unifyah for a few minutes before they took the stage to rock the place. We talked about their Battle At Busch Finals coming up Sept 22. See the band for some discounted tickets! We also discussed their new record Heavyasstone now available everywhere. 

On this episode you can hear "Stay Away" & "Out Of This World" from the new record. Get a copy today!

Follow the band on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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Episode 111- Bobby Jaycox

The other night I sat in a Taco Bell (second podcast in a Taco Bell if you're keeping track at home) with Bobby Jaycox to catch up with my buddy. Bobby has been crushing it lately in comedy. He's performing all over the place, he's writing and performing on STL Up Late, as well as at the Improv Shop in town. He's even has his own short film Dad Kiss featured in the Sham Film Festival coming up. 

Please check out STL Up Late if you haven't done so, it's a great show creating loads of great content. They're looking to try and take their show to television and you can help by getting involved at STLUpLate.com or their Kickstarter page.

Follow Bobby Jaycox on Twitter & Instagram @bobbyjaycox

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Episode 110- Matt Amelung & Matt Benne

Episode 110 I catch up with my pals from Fivefold Matt Amelung & Matt Benne. Matt Amelung has been working in St.Louis music for a long time, from playing music to recording/producing/mixing/engineering records at Encapsulated. He's worked with everyone from Fivefold, Clockwork, Greek Fire, New Lingo, and Story of the Year to name a few. Matt Benne has been guitarist for Fivefold since the band formed in 2007. Matt Amelung joined the band in 2014. 

On this episode we crack open a few Pumpkin Beers and talk about how Fivefold rocked the Ink Spot Block Party again, biscuits and gravy, and new Fivefold music. 

Hear "Room To Breathe" and "Just Close Your Eyes" on this episode. 


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Episode 109- Les Gruff and The Billy Goat

Went downtown and met up with Les Gruff & The Billy Goat at practice. I had a absolute blast hanging out with Billy, Tony, Scotti, Dylan and Sean. This episode you'll hear them play "Nashville" live acoustic, and from the album "No Trail Home" opening the show and "Shiny Chevy" closing the show. 

We had a great time talking about Casey's pizza, some of our favorite St.louis musicians, how the band came together, and their release party. 

See Les Gruff & The Billy Goat Sept 26 for their Self Titled Album Release Show at Off Broadway with special guests Cara Louise Band, Marie and The Americans, and Ayesirowl and hosted by Andrew Frank. $10. 

Before that, you can catch them at the Cree Fest Sept 6 at Off Broadway in St.Louis. 

Check out some of their Loft Sessions videos on YouTube. 

Follow the band on Facebook & Twitter. 

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