Episode 143- Joe Murray

On this episode I sat with Joe Murray at his lovely apartment to discuss his comedy, some of our favorite comedians, his start in comedy, Thanksgiving and his upcoming show!

See Joe Murray at Blueberry Hill in the Duck Room 12/12/15 as Mound City Comedy presents: Andrew Frank, Joe Murray, Ryan Dalton, Sarah Bursich, and hosted by Tim Convy. Bring a jar of peanut butter to the show for STL Food bank, and enter a raffle to win tickets to Patton Oswalt or Amy Schumer.


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Episode 142- Isaiah James

Saturday night I went to the Firebird to see Lori's Puppets, Made In Waves, OATM, Formations and Isaiah James & The Chains. It was an incredible show! All the bands sounded great. It was an amazing evening packed full of local talent.

Isaiah James & The Chains came up from Nashville. I first met these guys when they went by Showbaby. I sat with Isaiah James in Snarf's sandwiches and discussed the name change, his adventures working for Little Big Town, when we can expect new music and more.

If you missed their Firebird show, you missed out, but you're in luck! They'll be back 12/12/15 to perform with Fivefold at The Ready Room for the Fivefold album release show. Also on that is New Lingo & Ashland.

Follow Isaiah James & The Chains on Facebook to keep up to date.

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Episode 141- Mark & Dan of Music Record Shop

This is episode is short and sweet. I went down to visit the Music Record Shop and talk with Mark & Dan about some of the events coming up at the shop including Record Store Day 11/27/15. If you're out Black Friday shopping, make sure to swing in Music Record Shop and pick up some new music.

11/27 18andCounting In-Store. DJ Set 10-4

11/28 Rock Paper Podcast Presents: Connor Low w/ Brian Owen and Hands & Feet

12/6 Brother Lee & The Leather Jackals Boredom Leads To The Bottle EP listening party

New Music Listening Party and new records every FRIDAY.

Follow Music Record Shop on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.


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Episode 140- Hobo Empire 2

Episode 140 I sat at Game Trader 2 in St.Charles, MO with the guys of Hobo Empire. They return to update everyone on a few things that they have going on. We discuss the loss of their drummer Harvey who passed away a while back. We also talk about the new album they have coming out Nov 25 at Red Fish Blue Fish. It's a live recorded album, recorded at what happened to be Harvey's last show.

We also introduce everyone to Hobo Empire's new drummer Andy and talk about all kinds of crazy stuff.

On this episode you'll also hear "Too Much Money" and "Meant For California" from their American Nomad EP.


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Episode 139- Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship

Last night I went to meet up with Corey Goodman & Christopher Eilers, better known together as Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship. We had a lot of laughs talking about being snubbed for Sexiest Man Alive yet again, the highly contagious Touch My Butt Fever, songwriting, Mummy balls and more.

See Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship LIVE

11/21/15 at Layla

12/18/15 at Schlafly Tap Room with Town Cars and Celia's Yuletide Express

1/9/16 at Heavy Anchor

Pick up some of their music on their Bandcamp Page, Itunes, or Spotify.

Follow the band on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. All things Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship including Shirts, Stickers and Comicbooks at SuperfunYeahYeahRocketship.com

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Episode 138- Libbie Higgins

The other night I sat with Libbie Higgins in a Denny's and talked about comedy, New Kids on The Block, Howard Stern and more. Check out some of Libbie's videos on her YouTube channel. Follow her on Twitter @TheNeckBrace

Listen on ITunes, Stitcher, YouTube, or ROCKPAPERPODCAST.com. Subscribe/Rate/Review on ITunes if you could. If you enjoy the show, tell a friend. Thanks for listening!

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Episode 137- OATM

Episode 137 with rockers OATM! I took a drive over to Illinois to meet up with Gary, Kory, Tom, Josh, and Jay.

We discussed some of our thoughts on the local scene, time traveling, Alice In Chains, and more!

See these guys LIVE NOV 21st at The Firebird with Lori's Puppets, Made In Waves, and Isiah James & the Chains. You can also catch them at Pop's DEC 5th with Conquer as They Come, Advocating Adam, Sky Burnt White, The Faded Truth & Midnight Hour.

Pick up a copy of their ...To Be Continued EP at shows, or ITunes, Amazon, Spotify and others. On this episode you'll hear "Why" and "Break Down" from that EP.


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Episode 136- Devon Allman

Last night I took a drive up to Columbia, MO to hang out with Devon Allman before his show at the Rose Music Hall with Driving Wheel. We had a nice chat about his Friday Night Blues series at Ameristar's Bottleneck Blues Bar, some of friends around STL music, early music, and new music!

Find all things Devon at DevonAllmanBand.com. See him LIVE 11/13/15 at Ameristar's Bottleneck Blues Bar in St.Charles, MO. Buy RAGGED & DIRTY and TURQUOISE on vinyl!

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Episode 135- Mark Bland

On this episode I talk with The Q Now's Mark Bland about podcasting, Howard Stern, and wrestling. It was a lot of fun to get to know Mark a little better. He also invited me to be a guest on his show The Q Now. After listening to this episode, you should give that episode a listen and hear the conversation continue.

You can find all of Mark's episodes on ITunes, and TheQNow.com. Also follow the show Facebook & Twitter pages.


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Episode 134- Discrepancies

The other night I ran out to Fenton, MO to meet up with the guys of Discrepancies. I had a blast talking with Daniel, Garrett, ATG, and Addison. The guys had some fun stories from tour this summer, coming together as a band, and NEW MUSIC!

See these guys at The Ready Room November 16 with POD and Hollow Point Heroes. Tickets are available here: TICKETS!

Pick up their Get Hype EP on Bandcamp.com, ITunes or shows! Hear two songs, "Breaking Rules" & "Repertoire," from the EP on this episode.

Follow them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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Episode 133- Inimical Drive

On this episode I took a drive to Fairview Heights, IL to Inimical Drive's band practice and hang out with Joel, Dan, Mark & Nick. We talked about their show coming up November 27th at the Demo with Monster Eats Manhattan, Apollo's Daughter, and City of Parks. We also discussed Halloween, the Ink Spot Block Party, being a band for 13 years and NEW MUSIC!

The guys played an unreleased song "Enemy" live acoustic. Stick around til the end of the show for "The Call" from their Signal The Sirens EP.

Pick up some music at InimicalDrive.Bandcamp.com, ITunes, or at the show Nov 27 at the Demo.

Follow the band on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to keep up to date and find out about new music.


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