Shane was able to catch up with Comedian Gabe Kea while he was in town. We talked about Gabe starting comedy in St.Louis, moving to Cincinnati, and Last Comic Standing.


See Gabe at Loser: Game Show at The Heavy Anchor Wedneday 3/25, and Valley Park Funny Bone Thursday- Sunday (3/26-29) with Dan Chopin. Find all other dates and info at Follow Gabe on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

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Episode 55 - Paul Niehaus

This week on the Rock Paper Podcast, we had the pleasure of sitting down with musician Paul Niehaus. On the show Paul discusses playing with Letter to Memphis, his extensive study of music, and learning how to record and produce out of the studio he has in his home. 

You can catch Paul playing with a variety of other musicians around St. Louis including Everett Dean, Denney Renner, the Johnny Cash tribute band called One More Round, and Miss Jubilee and the Humdingers, as well as with Letter to Memphis on March 20th at Schlafly Tap Room in St. Louis.

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Comedian Jeremy Essig sat down with us at the Westport Funnybone where he will be performing all weekend with Keith Cissell and Justin Luke. On the episode we talk about his enjoyment of writing, listening to new music, and how he develops material for his sets.

You can follow Jeremy on Twitter @JerryEssig, and don't be surpised if it comes up as Werewolf Underpants.

Also LIKE his fan page on Facebook.

Keep track of all of the updcoming tour dates for Jeremy on his website

Big thanks to the Westport Funnybone for allowing us to record episode 54 on their stage. The folks there have been nothing but kind and accomodating when we interview our guests there. 

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On this episode Shane was able to sit and talk with Texas singer-songwriter Lincoln Durham before his show at The Bootleg in St.Louis. They discussed new music in 2015, life on the road, and Lincoln's rescue dogs

Find more information about Lincoln Durham at Pick up copies of his 2 albums and keep an eye on his tour dates when he comes by your town.

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Episode 52 - Jon Venegoni

Jon Vengoni who is not only a comedian, but also the bassist for the band The Educated Guess joins us on this episode of the Rock Paper Podcast. On the episode we discuss balancing time between doing comedy and playing in a band, The Eduated Guess's album release show coming up on April 17th, being a featured on the Last In the American League project and the Kickstarter for that and his open mic at Fitz's every thursday night. You can follow Jon on Twitter @JonVenegoni

Jon Vengoni's Upcoming Dates:

  • The Educated Guess's Album Release Party - April 17th at Off Broadway
  • Catch Jon's Open Mic every Thursday at Fitz's in the Loop
  • Jon is doing Standup Saturday night at Rendezvous Cafe in O'Fallon with Joe Murray

Last In The American League Kickstarter

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Episode 51 - Steve Poggi

Episode 51 features comedian Steve Poggi with special guest host Denver Wade Trent. On the episode the guys talk to Steve abouthis comedy, his experiences podcasting, and new video series Pete & Poggi as well as Nintendo 64.

Check out videos, show dates and other cool stuff on Steve's webiste

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We sit down with Samantha Fisher of Play It Foward ~ STL  to discuss this program which helps provide children in St. Louis with the opportunity to discover music. We talk about how the program was formed, how it has grown, and why it is so important to introduce kids to the ability to play a musical instrument. 

There is a show at Pop's on March 13th featuring Well Hungarians and Dr. Zhivegas in which you can donate an instrument to Play it Forward and your ticket isget in free. 

Please Like Play It Forward on Facebook, and if you have any instruments that are collecting dust, please consider contacting Play It Forward or go to your local school and see if their music program is in need of instrumnet donations. 

Finally, thank you for all who have tagged along with the Rock Paper Podcast for these last 50 episodes, we cannot express how much we appreciate it. Remember, if you enjoy the show to please like the Facebook page and subscribe to the podcast. 

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Episode 49 features the cover band Stranger's Almanac who is set to play at Dog Prairie in St. Paul, MO on February 28th. On the show 3 of the members, Chris, Becky and Aaron discuss how the band chooses songs, what they think of music today, and how they discover new music outside of the radio. 

The band played a Bob Dylan cover to open the show, and also hooked us up with a track of some original material they're working on, that you can catch at the end of the show called "Matinee".

If you enjoy the show, please subscribe and Like us on Facebook, for a new episode every Thursday. 

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Episode 48 - Stryker Spurlock

On this week's episode of the Rock Paper Podcast, comedian Stryker Spurlock joins us as we discuss his interest in film making  shorts he makes to promote shows, as well as some of his funny shows stories including one in St. Joseph, Missouri.

Add Stryker Spurlock on Facebook, and you can follow him on Twitter @StrykerSpurlock.


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Mike and Bryan of the band Exit 714 joined us this week on the Rock Paper Podcast to promote their upcoming shows at the Mad Magician. On the show, the guys also discuss throwing their own shows, opening for Slash and wrap the show up with a pretty hilarious prank phone call. Catch Exit 714 at the shows below coming up:

February 28th at the Mad Magician with Hollow Point Heroes, Silent Hollow and Trip 2

April 12 at The Mad Magician with [HED] P.E., Alien Ant Farm and Hollow Point Heroes. 

If you enjoyed the show then go Like Exit 714 on Facebook and leave the show a review on iTunes, Stitcher or any other podcasting service, and make sure you subscribe to get every new episode!

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Episode 46 - Big Mike Aguirre

Big Mike Aguirre joins us this week on the Rock Paper Podcast. Shane had a great chat including discussing some blues history, the National Blues Museum opening in St.Louis soon, and the delicious duck confit crepe at Herbie's Vintage 72. Big "Thank You" to Herbie's for having us out and allowing us to record there. Its a wonderful place, go check it out!

Also on this episode you can hear 2 original Big Mike songs "Free Yourself" and "My Dog'', and you can see Mike live every Sunday at Beale on Broadway, Sat Feb 14 2:30-4:30 at Beale, Herbie's Vintage 72 Feb 26, and March 1st at BB's Cause For Paws.

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Episode 45 - Apollo's Daughter

Episode 45 features Apollo's Daughter who joined us this week for the Rock, Paper, Podcast with Chris and Shane. Not only were they kind enough to play 3 songs for us, but we had a great discussion about the band's formation, how they write songs and how they think it's important to be able to take criticism within and outside of the band. You can catch Apollo's Daughter at The Firebird on February 10th with Johnny Craig, Kyle Lucas, Captain Midnite and Allen Gates.

Song List:

  • Kurt Russell's Muscles (00:15)

  •  Light Years (36:02)

  • Advice From A Caterpillar (1:11:00)

Apollo's Daughter Facebook

Apollo's Daughter Twitter

Please take time to review the show and let us know what you think. Who would you like to see come on the Rock Paper Podcast? Leave a review with suggestions and we'll see if we can get them on! 

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Episode 44 features musician Steven Wooley. Our good friend Emily also guest hosts again to fill in for Chris. Had a lot of fun discussing the new upcoming album, the stories behind the songs and his upcoming show at The Dubliner 1/30.


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Our guest this week on the Rock Paper Podcast is 14-year-old guitarist Connor Low who has not only played with El Monstero, but also attends the School of Rock in Ballwin and jams with his own band Irie Son.

Follow Connor Low at all of these spots below:





Thank you for an amazing month so far, we have set a new show record for monthly downloads, and we cannot thank you enough for all of your support. Continue to share the show with your friends not for us, but for the amazing artists who we feature each week on our show. 

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Tattoo artists Big Dave Canoy and Robby Kallery of the Ink Spot tattoo shop in Troy, Missouri join us to discuss tattooing, their idea and work for an upcoming tattoo reality show, and their Ink Spot Block Party which is a concert the have put on for the last couple of years that has been growing and growing. 

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Episode 41 - Driving Wheel

Episode 41 features Jeremy who plays bass for the band Driving Wheel. On the episode Shane and Jeremy discuss Driving Wheel's upcoming show on January 23rd at the Moonshine Blues Bar, as well as the work on their upcoming full album and blues music. You can also hear a couple of their songs on the show "30 Miles to Houston" and "Full Grown." 



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On this week's episode of the Rock Paper Podcast we welcome musician Jeremiah Johnson. On the show we discuss his album Grind, what he learned in the studio recording with Devon Allman, and the hard work that he does behind the scenes for his music. Jeremiah also performed his song Simple Things for the beginning of the show. We apologize for a small technical issue in the song, it was something with our setup not his performance. 

Hangout after the show to hear his song "So Damn Good" off of his album Grind

You can download his album Grind on iTunes and for all upcoming dates check out


If you enjoy the show, please leave us a review on iTunes and subscribe for all of the new episode of the Rock Paper Podcast. 

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Comedians Max Fitzgerald and Ben Johnson are our guests on this hilarious episode of the Rock Paper Podcast. The guys talk about their standup careers, video games, porn and times in history when hiding was considered "for fun." 


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Episode 38 - Andrew Frank

Happy New Year! On the first episode of 2015 we welcome comedian Andrew Frank who discusses how he decided to start doing standup, how he improves his act and what he learned from working at the Funny Bone and observing other comedians.

If you enjoy the show please rate us and leave a review on iTunes, and subscribe. A new every episode is released every Thursday!

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