Episode 182- Ruth Acuff

A few months ago I went down to Off Broadway for a show with Letter To Memphis, The Good Deeds & Ruth Acuff. It was an incredible show from beginning to end. That was that first time I saw Ruth & Jeff play. I was blown away. I've been to many shows, but that was the first time there was someone playing a Harp on stage. Naturally, I was intrigued and after the show I mentioned the show to her and asked if we could record an episode together soon....here's that episode.

It was a real treat to not only get to hang out and talk with Ruth and Drew Lance, but they play also played three songs live for for the show. Hear live versions of "We Do", "Right Now" & "Cocoon". "Right Now" & "Cocoon" are available for purchase on her album This Is The Dream which is available for purchase at RuthAcuff.com or RuthAcuff.bandcamp.com.

We get into talking about how Ruth started on the Harp, some of the stories behind the songs, coming from a musical family and more. Listen on ITunes, Stitcher or Rockpaperpodcast.com

Follow her on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Find all her dates RuthAcuff.com


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Episode 181- Media Outlaws

The other night I sat with Matt, Nick & Brad of Media Outlaws to discuss their show The Loft Sessions. We talked about how they started together, some guests that they've recorded and some dream guests. I had a wonderful time getting to know these guys.

Be sure to check out their videos on LoftSessions.Tv & MediaOutlaws.com for all the videos and more information. Subscribe on YouTube and then follow the show on Facebook to keep up to date.


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Episode 180- Queens Blvd

Today's episode I'm joined by Queens Blvd! I had a great time talking to these guys about their song selection & upcoming shows. We answer questions from the fans and even played Journey's "Anyway You Like It" live acoustic.

Follow them on Facebook & Twitter.

See Queens Blvd LIVE this weekend

2/26 at River City Casino- Judy's Velvet Lounge

2/27 at Ameristar Casino St.Charles- Bottleneck Blues Bar

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Episode 179- Sean O'Brien 2

Comedian Sean O'Brien returns to the program to hang out. We discuss everything from Saved By The Bell, late night talk shows, how Sean photobombed Greg Warren's picture with Seth Meyers, SNL, and everything in between.

Follow Sean on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with dates. He's a regular at the Westport Funny Bone in St.Louis.


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Episode 178- David "Cornbread" Brown

Sunday night I was invited by Cornbread of 105.7 The Point to join him on the air for his Sunday Night Local show. Before we went on the air I recorded about 25 minutes with him. On this episode you'll hear that interview and then all of our on air segments.

Listen to the Cornbread's local show every Sunday 9-10pm.

Listen to Rock Paper Podcast on ITunes, Stitcher or ROCKPAPERPODCAST.com

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Episode 177- Dave Chapman

Check out this new episode with Dave Chapman of Sky Burnt White, Crabby Travvy and The Blue Electric and The Goodtime Enginners. Special guest co-host Steven Woolley. Listen as we get to know Dave a little better. We talk about he started on bass, early influences, some GTE stories, and then he plays "Wynonna's Big Brown Beaver (Primus cover)" live on the show.

Opening up the show you can hear Dave playing bass with his band on Sky Burnt White's "Song and Dance" now available on their Exit Strategies album. SkyBurntWhite.bandcamp.com

You can see Dave live:

2/21 on Sunday Night Local Show with Cornbread (105.7 the Point) with Sky Burnt White

2/26 at America's Tavern with Sky Burnt White, Crabby Travvy and the Blue Electric and The Faded Truth. Music video shoot for "Smoke"

4/9 at Pop's with Sky Burnt White and The Faded Truth

Follow Sky Burnt White, Crabby Travvy and The Blue Electric and The Goodtime Enginners on Facebook to keep up with dates. Keep an eye out for a GTE reunion show in October.


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Episode 176- Monkh & friends

Monkh returns to the show with a few special guests Nick Adamson & Matt McElwrath. Nick & Matt both work on The Loft Sessions together, and Nick also plays Mandolin for Cara Louise Band.

I catch up with Monkh and talk about how things are now that he moved to Portland, new music, Space Jam, Super Bowl, and a story about his flight home you have to hear.

Pick up some Monkh music at Monkh.us or Monkh.bandcamp.com. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. See him live Saturday 2/20 at The Boxing Turtle Saloon in Belleville, IL.

Follow The Loft Sessions on Facebook & Twitter. Subscribe on YouTube.

See the Cara Louis Band with Erica Blinn on Saturday 2/13 at Mangia Italiano on Cherokee.

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Episode 175- Jeff Faulkner

Took a drive over to Schlafly Bottleworks in Maplewood, MO to meet up with guitarist & vocalist Jeff Faulkner of Vote For Pedro and 3 Pedros. I had a great time getting to know him, discussing his journey in music, some of his favorite restaurants, where he went to high school and more. We talk also talked about Howard Stern show as we recorded this on the day it was announced that Crackhead Bob died.

Check out Jeff's bands Vote for Pedro & 3 Pedros. You can hear their covers of Pure Prairie League's "Aimee" and Duran Duran's "Ordinary World" on this episode. Follow them on Facebook to keep up with dates.


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Episode 174- Drew Jameson

Drew Jameson stops by to talk about some of his professional career and some of his music. We talk about what Drew has been working on with working at The Bootleg at Atomic Cowboy including LouGrass Thursdays bringing in some of the biggest Local, Regional & National bluegrass acts. We talk about Marley Gras that is going on this Saturday for Bob Marley's Birthday & Mardi Gras. We talk about some of Drew's music with Acoustics Anonymous, their last show coming up in March, and his new project Grass Fed Mule.

Drew played a couple of live acoustic tunes he wrote "Drive Your Own Car" & "Wild Violets." You can also hear an Acoustics Anonymous song Drew wrote opening the show called "It'll Be Alright" from their HONEST & WILD album.


Marley Gras is 2/6 at The Bootleg Mardi Gras Tent (10th & Geyer) $25 with Unifyah, Non-Stop Reggae, Murder City 5 & DJ Michael Kuelker

See Drew with Grass Fed Mule 2/27 at Broadway Oyster Bar for their Album Release party. See the last Acoustics Anonymous show 3/3 at The Bootleg at Atomic Cowboy.

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Episode 173- Letter To Memphis

Episode 173 I'm joined by folk group Letter To Memphis to discuss their brand new album COME ON HOME. We talk about touring, home shows, take questions from the fans, recording the new album and their upcoming show.

You can see Letter to Memphis LIVE 2/14 at The Stage at KDHX for their album release party with special guests Hazel Ra & John Donovan.

Still time to pre-order the new record with great perks at PledgeMusic.com.

Find more information & dates at LetterToMemphis.net, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.



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Episode 172- JD Hughes

Sunday I sat down with JD Hughes at the lovely Shanti Yoga Studio in Maplewood, MO to get to know him a little better. We talk about his introduction into music, playing guitar & song writing, and he even plays a live acoustic song "All That I Am"

Stick around, at the end of the show hear the studio version of his song "Whole New Way." Find more information and dates at JDHughes.net

You can see JD LIVE:

2/3 at Broadway Oyster Bar with Sean Canan's Voodoo Players playing 2 sets of Bob Marley songs for Bob's Birthday

2/26 at Old Rock House with Unifyah, The Grooveliner and JD Hughes & The Fuze

Listen on Itunes, Stitcher, YouTube or Rockpaperpodcast.com

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