Episode 212- Middle Class Fashion

Last week I went out to Steinway Pianos in Maryland Heights to meet up with Middle Class Fashion to discuss their brand new album, music video, how they formed and more.

On this episode you'll hear "Don't Stop It" & "86" from their new record title III (3). It will be available everywhere on May 20th including their Album Release show at Off Broadway in St.Louis, MO with Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship.

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Episode 211- The Old Souls Revival

On this episode I met up with The Old Souls Revival on Sunday right after Record Store Day at Foam in St.Louis, MO, so there is some background noise on the audio. We ended up talking about their brand new album, The Shake Weight, upcoming shows, Saturday Night Live, and even played a live acoustic tune.

Special guest Zack Sloan sat in on this episode.

You can pick up their new studio record I Will Let You In on Bandcamp.com. Closing out the you'll hear "Move" from the album. Neil was cool enough to play a solo acoustic version of "Atlantic City" from Bruce Springsteen (or The Band) for the show by request.

They also recorded a live album the night of their release party. The live album includes 3 tracks a piece from Brother Lee and The Leather Jackals & The Wilderness. Currently available from the bands or at Music Record Shop.

See the Old Souls Revival LIVE

4/30 at ITAP Chesterfield then ITAP CWE

5/7 at Cinco De Mayo on Cherokee

5/13 at Gaslight

5/28 at Art Outside

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Last night I caught up with Alonzo Townsend. We talked all about his Father, the Blues, the National Blues Museum, and all the events Alonzo is a part of this year.

You can see Alonzo at The National Blues Museum on Saturday 4/30 at 2pm. He's part of the Sons & Fathers: A Panel Discussion.  Alonzo (son of Henry Townsend), Eric Luther Ingram (Son of Luther Ingram) & Lou Thime (Son of DJ Lou "Fatha" Thime) will all be telling stories.

Also mark your calendar for Killer Blues on June 12th at Broadway Oyster Bar.

Closing out this show you can hear "Ciaro Blues" by Alonzo's father Henry Townsend. Grab some of his music, and pick up a copy of his book.

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Episode 209- The Shamless Pursuit

A little bit ago I was contacted by The Shameless Pursuit's Jeff Means, he was telling me he was on his way to St.Louis from Kansas City and wanted to be a part of the podcast. I was flattered and said "Come on over!"

On this episode we get to know The Shameless Pursuit talking about influences, their sound, STL foods & beer, and play live acoustic.

You'll hear a live acoustic version of "Fight or Flight" and the studio version of "Sing Louder" from their Fail It Forward EP which is available on ITunes, Spotify, Bandcamp as well as locally at Music Record Shop, Vintage Vinyl & Dead Wax.

Follow the band on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. TheShamelessPursuit.com

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Episode 208- Davey Vaughn of This Is Our Dance

On this episode I went over to Davey's home, we sat and talked about everything from upcoming shows, how he started, tattoos, his music, Wizard of Oz, MySpace, and everything in between.

Closing out the show you can hear a This Is Our Dance song "Beyond The Horizon" available for free download on Reverbnation.com.

You can see This is Our Dance LIVE

Friday 4/22 at Cicero's performing an Owl City cover set

Saturday 5/7 at Elk's Lodge in Afton, MO for Floor Fest

Follow This Is Our Dance on Facebook & Twitter to keep up with everything.

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Episode 207- Matt Kennon

Last week I caught up with my friend singer songwriter Matt Kennon. We sat inside of Victorian Gardens retirement home in Eureka, MO right after his gig there. Matt played a couple live acoustic tunes including some older favorites and 2 new ones he's working on. Keep an eye out for a new record coming this summer.

On this episode you'll hear "You Had to Pick on Me" from his 77 album.  Along with live acoustic snippets of "The Call", "Faithfully" & "Old Rock n Roll" and closing out the show with "Tell me Something I Don't Know"

You can see Matt Kennon live:

May 6 at Kilderkins Pub

May 13 at JP's Corner

June 11 at Ballwin Days

Sept 10 at Eureka Days

Sept 24 at Brookdale Farms for Concert In The Corn with Craig Cambell

Keep up with Matt on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Bandsintown. MattKennon.com. Be sure to go listen and buy some of his music on Amazon, ITunes or where ever you get your music.

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Episode 206- River Kittens

The other night I sat with The River Kittens in the same studio space where they recorded their debut album. We had a lot of laughs, and Stag, talking about their tour, some crazy stories about bathrooms, their album, Lo-Fi Cherokee and so much more.

See them live at Off Broadway in St.Louis, MO 4/23 with Cara Louise Band & 4th City Rag. While there, be sure to pick up a copy of their brand new album.

On this episode you can hear them play a live acoustic version of "Illinois Boy" and then a studio version of "Dressin On The Side"

Follow The River Kittens on Facebook & Instagram. All other information at RiverKittens.com.

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Episode 202- The Driftaways

Last week I went to hang out with the guys of The Driftaways at band practice for an hour. I had a great time getting to know these guys. We discussed the possibilities of them becoming a Creed Tribute band, some of their summer festival plans, what its like for a 7 member band to tour and much more.

They even jammed some acoustic tunes to close out the show. You can hear an acoustic version of "Burn Down Babylon" along with a few others.

I also added the studio version of "Pistol" from their album Sun Shining to the end. Give it a listen and go pick up your copy of the album.

See them LIVE

4/21 at Cicero's with Ocean Disco

4/30 at MoRoots

5/7 at The Demo

5/14 at 2720 Cherokee

5/20 at Red Fish Blue Fish (St.Charles, MO)

5/21 at Utopia Studios

5/26 at Cosmic Reunion (Astral Valley)

Follow the band on Facebook, Twitter, Bandsintown & Instagram.

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Episode 204- Guerrilla Theory

Check out Episode 204 with Reggae rockers Guerrilla Theory. I met up with these guys at their practice in St.Charles, MO to get to know them a little better. We talked about how the band formed, new Guerrilla Theory music, influences, playing with POD & Hed PE, seeing the Urge in Columbia and almost getting in a fight and so much more.

See these guys LIVE

4/16 at Red Fish Blue Fish for Record Store Day with Hobo Empire

4/29 at MoRoots Festival at Bass River Resort

5/12 at Lloyd & Harry's for their Music Video Shoot

Closing out the show the guys gave me a live basement demo of "Don't Stop" to give you a taste of what to expect.

Follow the band on Facebook for more dates.

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Episode 203- Andrew Frank & Dan Frigolette

Last night I sat in a Denny's with two comics, and this is what happened.

Check out Dan Frigolette on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Snapchat. DanFrigolette.com

See Andrew & Dan LIVE at

4/15 at Blueberry Hill in the Elvis room for Make Me Laugh St.Louis Semi-Finals

Tickets here!

4/16 at Jefferson Ballroom

Also follow their tour Comedy's Best Kept Secret Tour on Facebook or ComedysBestKeptSecret.com 

Listen on ITunes, Stitcher or RockPaperPodcast.com

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