Today's episode features The Belief Cycle! The group is comprised of Drew Mantia (Vocals/Guitar/Drums) & Ryan Marquez (Vocals/Keys/Bass). We get to talking about how these came to be working together, their new album CELEBRATE, share some stories behind a few of these songs & much more. 

Visit today and pick up a copy of CELEBRATE

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On this episode you'll hear:

  • Celebrate ft Probcause
  • Boogie Tonight
  • Toothbrush
  • Same Key

Also available wherever you get your digital music!


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EPISODE 800! First off, wow! 800 of these.

Today's episode is with a man I've known 32 years now, my Uncle Dennis O'Loughlin. Dennis isn't a musician or comedian but I really wanted to have him a part of this show. Dennis has a heart of gold and has always been there for me. We caught up at home while maintaining our social distancing. We had a fun conversation including some talk of his early days in radio, Head East, Chuck Berry & much more. 

Hope you enjoy the show, here's to at least 800 more!

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Back in December, I invited my talented friends Alexander Ruwe, Caroline Steinkamp & Jackson Stokes to join me at Naked Vine for my Singer Songwriter Storytelling Showcase. Listen in as these three take the stage to share their songs acoustically & the stories behind them. 

Please support these wonderful people by downloading some music and follow along on Facebook & Instagram!


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Back in November, I invited a few of my buddies to join me at Naked Vine for my Singer Songwriter Storytelling Showcase. This show features Josh Whitt of Spillie Nelson along with Brad Millaway & Joe Foerster of Tree One Four. Recorded Live on 11.12.19

Be sure to check out Spillie Nelson & Tree One Four on Facebook & Instagram!


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St.Louis rapper Retro Champ returns to the show to talk about his upcoming EP, his new single "Lawd Have Mercy", gaming, wrestling and everything else he's been up to during quarantine!

On this episode you'll hear:

  • "Level Up"
  • "Lawd Have Mercy" (Live)
  • NandoSTL "Outside"

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Rick Wagner joins me to talk about his work as an audio engineer at Gaslight & being a musician. We talk about his work with Jordan Suter & his new band The Screechin' Halts.

Follow along with The Screechin' Halts on Facebook & Instagram!

Special guest Matt Maher stops by to do some live pickin with Rick on the show. You'll hear:

  • Beaumont Rag
  • Salt Creek


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Singer songwriter Joseph Belsher stops by to talk about his band Stoker, their new EP, upcoming vinyl release, stories behind some of the songs and play a few live acoustic!

On this episode you'll hear:

  • How It Is (Live Acoustic)
  • All Along
  • Birdcage (Live Acoustic)
  • Tell Me Why (Live Acoustic)

Find the Stoker HOW IT IS EP on

Follow along on Facebook for upcoming dates & more info.


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St.Louis Comedians Jimmy Day & Jack Schurk stop by the show to talk about their new podcast The Day at Night. It's a fun late night talk show formatted podcast so we discuss some of our favorite podcasts, late night talk shows, comedy and everything else in between.

Subscribe to their podcast wherever you are listening to Podcasts! Follow along with the show on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.



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 A while back, I invited my talented friends Erin Jo Paddlefoot (of The Dead Roses), Jeff Nations (of JB Crockett, Various Hands) and Doug Byrkit (of Odds Lane) to join me at Naked Vine for my monthly Singer Songwriter Storytelling Showcase. This is the live audio recorded that evening! Recorded 10.8.19 at Naked Vine.

Get out and support their original music. Pick up an album. Follow them on Facebook & Instagram! 

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Jordan Phoenix, host of the Jordan Phoenix show, stops by to talk about some of his work creating music videos, his podcast, playing in bands, comedians & much more.

Find the Jordan Phoenix show wherever you are listening to podcasts! Follow along on Facebook & Instagram!


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Tyler Dale returns to the show to discuss his brand new solo tunes and catch up! We talk about his latest single "Another Taste" that came out in February, more new music, some of the people he's recording with & play a live acoustic version of "Colorado Kiss" in the living room.

You'll hear:

  • Colorado Kiss
  • Another Taste

Find more Tyler Dale wherever you get your digital music! Follow along on Instagram!

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Singer songwriter Hunter Peebles returns to the show!! I caught up with him at his home. We spent the afternoon watching Rick & Morty, eating jambalaya and talking music. We talk about the big party his a part of this weekend with Andrew & The Dolls album release party! We also talk about him working on his debut EP and give you a preview of what some of those songs might be with some live acoustic living room jams. 

You'll hear:

  • Southern Illinois 
  • Songwriting Man
  • Until I Find My Home
  • Tribulation

Follow along with Hunter Peebles on Facebook & Instagram!

See him live!

March 7th at The Ready Room with Andrew & The Dolls and Boxcar

May 12th at Naked Vine for Singer Songwriter Storytelling Showcase


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Singer songwriter Colleen Duhart joins me today on the show! She brought along special guest, her father & musical sidekick Dean Duhart. They can be seen around town performing under Duhart. We deep dive into a some of Colleen's early days of discovering she could sing, her songwriting, stories behind these songs, new music on the way, recording her debut, and perform some live acoustic tunes. 

Thanks to Lotown Studios for letting us hang out and record this episode. Visit

Colleen is a part of a special show coming up called This Is My Brave happening on April 16th at Kirkwood Community Center. We discuss that in more detail during the show. 

Find all dates at 

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On this episode you'll hear:

  • Porchlight (Live acoustic)
  • Cold Feet (Live acoustic)


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I caught up with rockers Crystal Lady at band practice the other night to discuss some of their history as a group, new music, upcoming shows, their podcast & everything in between!

On this episode you'll hear:

  • Whiskey & Cigarettes 
  • Hurricane (Exclusive Sneak Peek)

See them LIVE

Feb 29 at Blueberry Hill Duck Room with Q Street & Ground Control

March 28 at Bottle and Barrel with Steve Ewing & The Dead Roses

1st & 3rd Wednesday at Scarlett's Wine Bar

Follow them on YouTube for the Crystal Lady Podcast

Find their first album wherever you get digital music! Follow along on Facebook & Instagram!

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I had a great time hanging out with Jesus Christ Supercar the other day. We discussed the brand new EP coming soon, release party, upcoming shows, some history of the band & much more. 

See them LIVE: 

2/27 Schlafly Tap Room with O'Ivy & North By North

3/27 The Ready Room with Of Montreal & Locate S,1

5/16 Alpha Brewing Company EP Release Party with Sister Wizzard, The Free Years & DJ Donnie Fandago

On this episode you'll hear:

  • I4NI
  • Self Destruct

Available on Spotify or

Follow along with them on Facebook & Instagram!



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Meet brand new funky trio Spankonya! I caught up with Philip Manaois aka Spanky & Bill Newmann the other day to discuss their brand new new band. 

Do not miss their DEBUT 

2/27 at Old Rock House with Joslyn & The Sweet Compression

Follow along on Facebook &

Pick up a Spankonya shirt while you're at the show!


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Country singer songwriter Tim Allen joins me today! We caught up a bit ago to talk about some of his start in music, stories behind his songs, recording with some legends & played a live acoustic tune.

On this episode you'll hear:

  • Who Am I To Say (Live Acoustic)
  • Lifetime On The Road
  • Two Silver Stars

See him LIVE

Feb 20 Southbound Bar & Grill Springfield, MO

Feb 21 Main Street Bar & Grill Old Monroe, MO

Feb 22 Goodfellas Vandalia, MO

Feb 28 Double TT's Steakhouse Drexel, MO

Feb 29 Loose Brick Bar & Grill Shelbina, MO

Everything including shirts, hats, CDs & tour dates at


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Last night I caught up with friend of the show Justin Brown (Dock Ellis Band) and his lovely wife Deanna Brown at their home to discuss Band Scramble 2020. We go over some of the details of this event, some prizes and even play a live acoustic tune for you!

Band Scramble is a benefit for Renee Irby who was diagnosed with brain cancer. She's a mother of 5. We're trying to throw this party and raise some funds to help them out. 

So if you Sing or play and want to have some fun for a good cause, sign up today! 

Open signs up going on Jan 30 - Feb 5, email 

Feb 6 Band Drawing at Livery Company

Feb 29th Band Scramble 2020 at South Broadway Athletic Club

Follow Band Scramble on Facebook for more info!


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Singer Songwriter Jordan Suter & Kyle Ray join me to discuss his brand new debut TUMBLEWEED EP. We share some of the stories behind these songs, recording at Gaslight & much more.

On this episode you'll hear:

  • Tumbleweed
  • Against the Glass
  • Long Black Veil
  • Jefferson County

See Jordan LIVE

Jan 28 at Gaslight

Feb 1 at Game 6 Honky Tonk Joint

March 25 at Songbird Cafe with Cara Louise, Lacie Williams & Matt O'Toole

Find everything at 

Follow along with him on Facebook & Instagram

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The other night I stopped in at Blue Lotus studio in St.Louis, MO to visit with my buddy Paul Niehaus & Jeff Chapman aka Brother Jefferson. We dive into some of Jeff's background, early days, working with Paul, his album REFLECTIONS, International Blues Challenge, Brother Jeff & Big Rich Duo & even play a live acoustic tune for us!

On this episode you'll hear:

  • Hey Hey Pretty Mama from REFLECTIONS
  • The Mirror from Brother Jeff & Big Rich Duo
  • Watchin' The World Go By (Live Acoustic)

Find more Brother Jefferson at or wherever you get digital music!

See Him LIVE

1/24 at Off Broadway with Bob Kamoske & Jake Curtis Blues Band 

3/27 at Wildey Theater with Jeremiah Johnson Band

Follow along with Brother Jefferson & Brother Jeff & Big Rich Duo on Facebook for more info. 

Visit for all your recording needs!


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Singer songwriter Haley Woolbright joins me to discuss her debut album HINDSIGHT, recording with Chris Turnbaugh at Sawhorse Studios, stories behind some of her songs & plays one live acoustic!

See her LIVE

1/31 at Rendezvous Cafe in O'Fallon, MO

Follow her on Facebook & Instagram.

Find her album wherever you get digital music or

On this episode you'll hear:

  • Boxcar
  • Blue Eyes
  • Found A Home In You


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The other night I took a trip to Belleville, IL to Empire Barbershop to meet up with the guys of The Fade Podcast. We had a great chat discussing how they came to meet, how the podcast idea started, the barbershop, new live shows & much more!

Click subscribe to their YouTube channel for more updates! Follow along with them on Facebook!


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Comedian Sam Lyons stops by to talk about growing up, some of his travels, finding comedy, podcasting, country music, he teaches me how to dance & so much more.

See Sam LIVE

1/10-1/12 at Funny Bone St.Louis with JR Brow

1/31 at Coffee Break with Yale Hollander at Gaslight Theater

Follow him on Instagram!


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The other night I caught up with my friends Ethan Leinwand & Nick Pence, better known as The Bottlesnakes! We talk about how the group came to be, their debut album CANDY SHOPPE, stories behind these songs, upcoming shows & so much more.

On this episode you'll hear:

  • Bottlesnake Blues
  • Candy Shoppe
  • East St.Louis

See them LIVE

1/11 at The Focal Point

1/30 at Champaign Urbana Winter Folk Festival

First Friday's at Schlafly Bottleworks

Follow along on Facebook!

Pick up a copy of CANDY SHOPPE at Euclid Records in St.Louis, MO, wherever you get digital music or CD's available at any upcoming shows.


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My friend Thomas Isaac Walton of Seeing Seven & Blue Creek Productions joins me for today's episode! We dive into some of his early days of music, songwriting, play some live acoustic, talk about new music coming soon & his production work. 

On this episode you'll hear: 

  • A Pulse And A Blindside (Acoustic)
  • Not A Love Song (Acoustic)
  • Something Better (Acoustic)

You can find "A Pulse And A Blindside" wherever you get digital music. "Not A Love Song" due out 1/11 on all platforms!

You can also find the Seeing Seven music digitally everywhere!


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Back in August 2019, I invited my friends The Brothers Reed & Tim Lloyd of The Western States to join me at Naked Vine for my monthly Singer Songwriter Storytelling Showcase. This is the audio recorded that evening. Be sure to support these wonderful people! Buy an album, go see them live, follow them on Facebook & Instagram, it all helps.

Thanks again to Naked Vine for giving this showcase a home. We'll be back out there January 14th, 2020 with Ethan Jones, Lisa Houdei & Chris Curd. 7pm.


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The other day I took drive out to Benton, IL to meet with Jonathon Walters. Jonathon is a professional photographer, podcast host, motivational speaker, teacher & more! He has some amazing stories of his journey to share. 

Please click Subscribe to his podcast The Mindset Matrix wherever you are listening to this show.

Follow JWalt Photography on Facebook & Instagram


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