A bit ago I stopped in at Steve's Hot Dogs in Tower Grove to talk with Melwheezy of Geekly Podcast. We talk about his show, Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War and a bunch of other geek talk. 

Thanks to Steve's for letting us hang out and record! 

Be sure to check out Geekly Podcast on ITunes or Soundcloud. Follow the show on Facebook & Twitter!

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The other night I caught up with rapper Altayzie at his home and talked about his upcoming album DREAMSCAPE, early influences, mental health, and even do a little live rap!

Altayzie breaks down the whole record track by track. Get a sneak peak at DREAMSCAPE. You'll hear:

  • Sleep Paralysis
  • The Woods
  • Duct Tape

See Altayzie LIVE

4/20 at Schalfly Tap Room for this ALBUM RELEASE PARTY also performing LIVE Zues Rebel Waters, Bo Dean, CieJ & Loutribe Jigg

Follow Altayzie on Facebook, Instagram & YouTube.


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Good friend of the show ATG of Discrepancies stops by to talk about his new solo album he's working on. We talk about some of the stories behind the album, debut a brand new track and more. ATG brought along his friend Gorilla J. I had a great time getting to know him a little better. They even did a little freestyle rapping for the show!

On this episode you'll hear

  • Got 5 On It Freestyle
  • Blessed
  • Fragile (ft Dub Flow & Gorilla J)
  • No Limit Freestyle
  • Wu-Tang

Head over to ITunes, Google Play or Spotify and pick up the single "Blessed" from ATG today!

Follow him on Facebook, Instagram & YouTube!

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The other night I stopped in at Encapsulated Studios and meet with up with rockers The Disappeared. We talk about some of the bands history, how they formed, crazy tour stories, new music, their return to the stage and more!

See them LIVE for the first time in 2.5 years!

4/14 at The Sinkhole with Breakmouth Annie, Better Days and Shitstorm 

Follow them on Facebook & Instagram for more information and more dates

On this episode you'll hear

  • Directions
  • City of Neighborhoods
  • Sometimes Days Just End

Find more music from The Disappeared on Bandcamp, ITunes or Spotify!

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Pirate Signal RETURNS! They have a brand new EP, a release party and so much to talk about. We also talk about their trip to SXSW, recording the EP, stories behind the songs and more. 

Head over to PirateSignalMusic.com today and grab a copy of the new Abolition EP

See them LIVE

3/30 at Blueberry Hill Duck Room with Hounds, The Mercs & Kodek

tickets available at Ticketmaster.com or Blueberry Hill box office

Follow Pirate Signal on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

On this episode you'll get a sneak peek at the EP

  • Abolition
  • Mr.Grey
  • Problem Solver

Keep an eye for a music video for Mr.Grey this coming week from Matt Basler!

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Phillip Russo returns to the show to talk about some of the new projects he's working on including his tap dance band MoSTLy Tap, solo albums and play some live acoustic. He also invited Matthew & Tom of Hitchcock & The Hitmen to join us and talk about some of the exciting shows they have coming up!

See Phillip LIVE

Every Wednesday Open Mic at Irish Corner Pub 9-12

March 24 Hitchcock & The Hitmen at Alpha Brewing Company Grand Opening 4-7

March 30 MoSTLy Tap at The Monocle 8p

April 6 & 7 at 2720 Cherokee for Wonderland

On this episode you'll hear:

  • The Reaper (Live Acoustic)
  • Break Free (Live Acoustic)
  • House of The Rising Sun (Animals Cover)(Live Acoustic)

Follow MoSTLy Tap & Hitchcock & The Hitmen on Facebook for more dates!

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Meet Silvi, Silvi! Brand new group from St.Louis, MO! We get in to talking about how this group formed, their debut show coming up, their sound and even jammed some live acoustic in the living room.

See them LIVE

4/14 at Schlafly Tap Room. Free show! with The Young Arm 9pm

Follow them on Facebook & Instagram for more updates and videos. 


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Long time friend Chris Curd returns to the show! Chris last appeared on the show with his band The Hush List. This time around we wanted to talk about his new solo project Kodek! We also get into him being a new father and a bunch of other stuff as we catch up. 

See Kodek LIVE

3/30 at Blueberry Hill for Pirate Signal Album Release Party! with Pirate Signal, Hounds, Kodek & The Mercs

Tickets available at the box office or ticketmaster.com

On this episode you'l hear 2 live acoustic songs

  • Days Change
  • I Can't Even

Follow Chris on Instagram for more videos & updates.


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A bit ago I sat down with two of the hardest working guys in St.Louis Music, Paul Niehaus of Blue Lotus Studio & Jeremy Segel-Moss of St.Louis Blues Society. I love what these two are doing for our community, especially the St.Louis Blues.

We get in right in to talking about this years St.Louis Blues Society compilation 17 in 17. This collection features 17 original songs from artists currently performing in St.Louis. Now available at StLouisBluesSociety.org, The National Blues Museum, Vintage Vinyl or any of the artist on the compilation.

Get a sneak peek at some of the greatness on this album on today's episode! You'll hear:

  • Alonzo Townsend "A Letter To My City"
  • Marcell Strong and The Apostles "I Got To Find My Baby"
  • Kim Massie "Little Girl Lost"
  • Matt "The Rattlesnake" Lesch "Rattlin'"
  • Teec'a Easby "How Do You Like Your Blues?"
  • Brian Owens "Lord Knows (Ain't Personal)"

You can also be come a member of St.Louis Blues Society and receive a copy as well as other great perks. Sign up today at StLouisBluesSociety.org

Be sure to follow Blue Lotus & St.Louis Blues Society on Facebook!

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This past weekend I caught up with Brad Jackson of The Fighting Side and the River City Opry. We talk about what he's been up to with the RCO and some plans to make it continue to grow, some of the upcoming shows, and Creefest! 

On this episode you'll hear:

  • Zack Sloan "Conspiracy Minded (Live acoustic on Rock Paper Podcast)"
  • Les Gruff & The Billy Goat "Punched Your Ticket"
  • The Fighting Side "Can't Help Myself"

All songs available for download on Bandcamp

Come out to the River City Opry at Off Broadway

3/18 with Elliot Pearson and The Passing Lane, Mattie Schell, Zack Sloan, Lexy Schlemer, Les Gruff And the Billy Goat, Missouri Dave Maness & Opera Bell Band

4/22 with Allie Vogler, The Fighting Side, Fred Fiction, Opera Bell Band, Trigger 5 & more

6/23 Creefest 

Follow River City Opry & The Fighting Side on Facebook & Instagram. 

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